Fan Fiction

Fry's Story
By LaurenSmiles1

What's up guys, Fry here. This time I'm going to tell you about what happened when I became the chosen one, not the chosen one as in Nibbler but the chosen one where the whole world is counting on you...

I had been married to Leela for about forteen years and we had a thirteen year old son called Josh, he was like any other kid, he didn't like his parents around when he was with his friends. He thought it was uncool and we could embarress him at any moment, so me and Leela stayed away from him when his friends came round. One day he was at school and me and Leela were walking to work hand in hand, when out of no where I felt something hit me on the back of my head and I everything went black. I awoke a hour later to Leela looking over me, she smiled when she saw me move.


''What happened? Why does my head hurt?''

''I don't know what happened but you just collapsed in the middle of the street, I called Bender and he helped bring you over here.''

I went to sit up but Leela stopped me.

''Just stay lying down, the doctor should be here any moment.''

''Please don't say it's doctor Zoidberg!''

Leela laughed and shook her head.

''Don't worry, I'm not letting Zoidberg anywhere near my superman.''

''I wouldn't call me superman, I don't wisk you off your feet or save anyone.''

I saw Leela lean in closer, then kissed me.

''I wouldn't say that.''

I smiled and she sat beside me, waiting for the doctor to walk through the door. When he did, she rose from her feet and greeted him.

''So this must be Mr Fry. How are you feeling?''

''Alright, though my head does hurt.''

The doctor just nodded and done doctor stuff, I still had no clue what he done to this very day but I'm glad he done it. When he'd gone Leela looked at me, smiling.

''Well your all clear. Are you ready for the delivery?''

I nodded and we all went to the ship, we all sat in our usual spots and Leela took off.

''Where are we going?''

''To the Nimbus to deliver more weapons, hopefully Zapp won't be there.''

''Has he still not got the fact that you've been with me for fourteen years?''

Leela shook her head and I looked out the window at all the stars, I saw Leela look at me out the corner of my eyes, I didn't want to meet her gaze because I wanted to know how long she would stare.

''It's beautiful isn't.''

''Not as beautiful as you.''

I rose out my seat and walked over to her, I placed my arms over her shoulders and started to kiss her neck. She relaxed into it and I swear I heard her give out a little moan.

''Fry, we really shouldn't be doing this. Especially when I'm driving.''

I pulled my hand from under her tank top but still kept my arms around her neck, we both heard the sound of metal walking in.

''Well, well, well. What do we have here? Are you two going to be shooting DNA at each other? If so I can come back later.''

''Bender! Don't be stupid, Leela's flying the ship and I was just talking to her.''

''Sure you were skintube, is that why you've got a surprise in your pants.''

I looked down and I saw what Bender meant but I just laughed.

''Oh my god Bender, no. Infact I don't know what it is...''

I remember pulling out a pair of folded up socks, then laughing.

''Leela why do you keep putting socks in my pants?''

She didn't say anything she just kept smiling.

''You humans and your emotions.''

''Boys we'll be arriving at the Nimbus soon and I want you both to behave please.''

''Don't worry about me Leels I don't go around stealing off people.''

I look at Bender who was slowly backing out the room. When we arrived at the Nimbus, we deliver the package and were about to walk back to the ship until we heard a voice behind us.

''Why if it isn't the sexylicious Leela. Come to join my crew and by my crew I mean my bed?''

I saw Leela shudder, then I saw her fist tighten. She was ready to punch him, I had to do something.

''Leela calm down, he's not worth it.''

I whispered to her and she nodded.

''Zapp how many time do I need to tell you that I'm with Fry and I have been for the last fourteen years.''

''Ah yeah but eventually you'll never get to resist the Zapper.''

Leela let out a sigh and pulled me close to her, she give me a passionate kiss right infront of Zapp. I thought it could go on for a while longer so I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist, I saw Zapp see red. I place Leela back down and she looks towards Zapp.

''I love Fry and nothing is going to change that.''

Suddenly without warning I felt a punch straight to my jaw, then Leela scream. I wasn't on the floor for long, I stood up, wiping the blood from the corner of my mouth and walked up to him.

''You shouldn't of done that.''

I punch him in the chest and he goes flying to the other side of the ship, I look at my hand which was shining a weird blue colour.

''What's going on Fry?''

''I don't know, I don't feel any different.''

Zapp tries to brake for it but some how I manage to teleport right infront of him.

''Just where do you think you are going?''

He tries to run again but I grab his shoulder pulling him back, he turns around and goes to punch me, I see it coming and grab his hand, gripping it tightly and braking some bones. He screams out in pain and I leave go, he looks at me.

''What the hell are you?''

''Your worst nightmare.''

I pick him up and throw him across the room, leaving him unconcious and everything went black after that again. I remember waking up on the couch in the Planet Express ship, Leela was driving the ship and I sat up.

''What happened?''

Leela looked at my direction, worried. She then placed the autopilot on and rushed over to me, hugging me as tightly as possible.

''I don't know Phil but you scared me, I thought I lost you when you collapsed.''

I returned her hug and I could feel my shoulder starting to get wet.

''It's ok, I'm here but please don't ask me what happened because I don't really know myself. It's like I'm a different person now.''

Leela pulled away from the hug and gave me a kiss.

''What was that for?''

''I told you were my superman.''

I smiled and pulled her closer.

''I love you Phil.''

''I love you too Leels.''

''But how long for?''

''For ever and ever babe.''

She smiles and we kiss. When ever she tells me she loves me, it always has to end with 'for ever and ever babe' just so she knows how much I care for her.

When we arrive at Planet Express Bender walks off the ship to be greated with Hermes.

''Bender mon, de professor needs ya in his room.''

''Why? I've got some hooker bots waiting and I can't leave then standing can I?''

''Too bad, de professor wants ya now!''

Bender sighs and walks off towards the professors room, Leela and I start to walk down the stairs, we see Hermes and I know that I'm in alot of trouble.

''What's dis I hear about Zapp quitin' from de DOOP?''

I look at Leela and she's smiling.

''Look Hermes, I can explain. I didn't know what I could do and I might of seen red, then broke his wrist and knocked him out.''

''I don't care what you done, all I care about is that de package got delivered. It did though right?''

Leela nodded and Hermes smiled.

''Alright, you two can have de rest of de day off.''

''Wow thanks Hermes.''

I put my arms around Leela's shoulders and we walk out, we were on our way home when Leela pulls me into a allyway.

''What else can you do?''


''Those powers or whatever they are, how did you get them? What other ones can you do?''

''I don't know, hold on let me try and think.''

I started to think and I saw Leela back away and start to get smaller.

''Leela. Why are you getting smaller?''

''Fry, your flying!''

I look down at myself and I am infact floating, I stop thinking and I fall straight to the floor.

''What did you think about?''

''I just thought about about you and how much I love you. Wait!...''

I pick Leela up in my arms and smile at her.

'' Phil there are people watching. What are you doing?''

''You always said I was your superman.''

I start to think of Leela and we start to float, I see people taking pictures and I fly Leela all the way home. I land infront of the door to out house and we both go inside laughing.

''Oh my god, that is so much faster then walking.''

Leela looks at the clock and looks at Fry slyly.

''We've still got hours until Josh comes home from school. What do you want to do till then?''

I smile and Leela starts to draw circles on my chest, I pick her back up and carry her upstairs to the bedroom and... well you don't need to know what went on but I did get lucky.

About three hours later Josh came in from school with his two friends and they went straight into the back with the football. He comes back in a couple of minutes later and finds me and Leela sitting on the couch.

''Dad, the ball is stuck in the tree. Can you get it for us please?''

''Sure. Do you want something to eat? I'm sure your mam will make it for you.''

He laughs and runs out the room before Leela could slap him, Josh follows him outside. They both walk over to the tree and Josh points to where the ball has landed.

''I would climb up myself but the tree branches are too high and I can't reach them.''

''Relax son, your old man has got this.''

I bend my knees and jump, the boys look at me amazed as I reach the first branch with ease. I then start climbing through the tree and grab the ball, instead of jumping back down I go to the edge of the tree and do a backflip off it.

''Here you go, your ball.''

''How did you do that dad!''

''Easy. Do you want to see a magic trick?''

The boys nodded.

''Alright I need someone to lie on the floor.''

Josh's best friend lies on the floor and I started to moves my hands over him, he starts to float on Josh and Liam look on amazed. Once I put Karl back down he stands up.

''Did you feel anything?''

Karl shook his head and walked back over to Josh.

''Josh, your dad is amazing. How is he doing the magic tricks.''

''I don't know. Dad?''

''Yes son.''

''Why is your hand glowing blue?''

I look down at my hand and it was glowing blue, suddenly I could hear someone scream.

''Did you just hear someone scream?''

The boys shook their head and I looked in the direction of the scream, then back at the boys.

''Josh tell your mam I might be late for lunch, someone is in trouble.''

I could tell Josh was going to say something but I started to fly away, Leela came out shortly after.

''Dinner is ready boys. Where's your father?''

''He just flew off, he said he heard someone scream and he just flew off.''

I was flying over the city until I found the women who screamed, getting robbed in a alleyway. I hovered over them and smiled.

''You shouldn't do that sir.''

The robber looked around confused.

''Who said that?''

''Up here dingbat.''

He looked up and started to back away, he quickly pulled the purse out of the womans hand and started to run. I quickly flew down and grab him before he could get in his car.

''Now, where are your maners?''

''Get off me!''

''Give the woman back her purse and say sorry.''

The guy shook his head and people started to form a crowd, I lifted the guy up in the air, dropped him a little bit but caught his foot. He was hanging upside down above the pavement, he was trembling.

''Alright I'll give it back to her, just don't drop me.''

I lower back to the ground and lead him over to the woman, he hands the bag back to the woman and say's sorry, I then hand him to the police standing by.

''Here you go officers, I think he belongs in a cell.''

''Yes of course.''

They place him in the car and drive off, people cheer around me and the woman hugs me.

''Thank you so much. What's your name?''

''Philip Fry.''

I go to walk away but reporters come up to me, I ignor them and fly off home. When I get there I see everyone sitting on the couch eating, Leela turns to me.

''Dinner is in the oven.''

''Your not mad?''

''Why would I be? If you can hear people scream, then you can save them for whatever need they may be in.''

''Your making me sound like superman.''

''Dad you are!''

Josh turned around from the couch.

''No other parent can fly dad, you freaked out my mates.''

I smiled and I looked at Leela.

''I forgot your present.''

I walk up to her and put my hand behind her ear and pull out bunch of flowers, she looks shocked.

''I know I haven't had a bath in two days but I didn't know I had a forest behind my ear.''

They turned back to the TV when the news came on, I went to grab my dinner and came back just in time to hear about myself.

''Well Morbo, we have a amazing story for all you New, New Yorkers. By some miracle someone we have a real life super hero, here is some footage of him saving a women.''

The footage plays and Fry is just sitting there smiling.

''Morbo thinks little human is no match for my alien race, I would like to see him try and fight a tiger.''

''Oh Morbo. Anyway, we do have his name which is Philip Fry. He currently works at Planet Express delivery company thanks to doctor John Zoidberg, thank you for coming in John.''

''It's a pleasure Linda, since you offered me food I couldn't really resist.''

Suddenly my smile disappeared.

''I'm going to kill that freaking lobster!''

We go back to the news.

''I suspect since everyone now knows where Fry works, there will be people crowding round the building tomorrow waiting for him.''

''Probably but if anything happens to Phil, I'll be standing by.''

''Thank you John, that's all we have time for tonight. Please enjoy this episode of Hypnotoad which is on next.''

The TV turns off and Josh is smiling.

''I have a famous dad!''

He hugs me and Leela looks at me.

''You're my superman alright.''


I remember a couple of days after the word got out that I posses powers, me waking up one morning and finding a note in Leela spot. I pick it up and it read...

Dear Mr Fry,

If you ever want to see your precious wife and son again, meet me at the abandoned warehouse located five blocks from your house. You have until noon to meet me or your wife and son will no longer excist.


Your worst nightmare Zapp!

I quickly get changed, placed the note in my pocket and rush down to the warehouse. When I arrive there were people standing looking towards the building, when they see me, they step to the side to let me walk to the front gates. I hear people whispering all sorts but one person stopped me from walking in and wished me luck. I enter the building and find it pitch black, I take a couple more steps forward when the light comes on and I'm standing in a open room. Suddenly a cage starts getting lowered from the roof and I see Leela and Josh, I rush over to them.



I grab their hands.

''I'm here now, everything is going to be alright.''

Zapp walks up behind me and I turn around from hearing his shoes, also he's clapping.

''You actually came, I never thought you would.''

''Of course I would, you kidnapped my family!''

I felt punch go into my stomach and I fall to the ground in pain, either I've gotten weak or he's gotten stronger. I stand back up, still holding my stomach, when I talk my voice is croaky.

''Let my family go please. I'm asking you nicely.''

''And I'm not being nice. You make a fool out of me infront of the soldiers, what makes you think that I would let you off lightly.''

He punches me in the jaw and I fall to the floor again but I don't stay down for long, I stand back up and tasted blood, I spat and sure enough there was blood.

''So you want to fight do you? We'll see about that.''

I swing a punch at him and he blocks it, he swings at me but I block it aswell. We carry on punching and kicking each other when two of Zapps men grabbed my arms stopped me from hitting him, which was too late because I already punched him in the stomach and in the jaw.

''Now, what would you think if I said that it wasn't just your family I had. What would you say if I had your co-workers and friends aswell.''

I turn my head when I see another cage getting lowered done, I suddenly lash out, head butting one guy and punching the other, then punching Zapp.

''Let them all go!''

Zapp laughs and stands back up, wiping the blood from the side of his face.

''Why would I let them go?''

I thought about it for a second, looked at Leela and gave off a sad smile, then turned back to Zapp.

''If you let them go... I'll... let you kill me.''

I heard Leela shout from the cage and Zapp look at me, then at everyone else.

''Tie him up until I know what to do.''

A third goon comes over and ties my hands together, Zapp walks over to the cage.

''Take the prisioners outside.''

''Yes sir.''

He let's them out the cage and leads them outside, the other two goons get up and help. I'm kneeling on the ground with my hands tied behind my back, I look up when I see everyone walk past, Leela looks at me and I give her a wink.

''Now what should I do with you?''

''Anything you want, you've won.''

''Damn right I have!... wait what?''

''I give up Zapp, you took my family away from me. If I can't protect them well enough I might as well be gone.''

Zapp kneels down to my eye level and I look at him.

''Your bluffing.''

''Why would I bluff Zapp? You've tied my hands together, there's nothing I can do to save myself.''

Zapp stands up and brings me to a stand as well, he then pushes me outside where I can see everyone looking towards us.

''You see this people, this is what you call a coward...''

He pushes me back to the floor.

''...a weakling! This is someone who can't protect their family and he thinks he should die!''

Everyone is upset and bringing there hands to their mouths, Zapp walks infront of me and carries on talking. I easily slip the rope from around my wrist and stand up, I put one arm around Zapp neck while kneeing him in the back, he falls to his knees and people cheer.

''You see this people, this is what happens when you turn your back on your worst nightmare!''

I pick Zapp up and start to fly in the air, when I get to a certain point I drop him and the whole crowd gasps. Just as Zapp is about to hit the floor, he stops and hovers.

''You didn't realize that I have the same powers as you Fry! This fight is going to be even.''

We fly about fighting, it lasted for about a hour before we both landed back down, trying to catch our breath. I had a cut above my eye and a popped lip, Zapp had about the same. I see Zapp lying on the ground and I slowly walk over to Leela and Josh, they both hug me as tight as they can, I'm also trying to ignore the pain that going all over my body. Zapp get's up slowly and I turn around, all I saw was something silver come flying towards me and land in my chest, everyone screams, I collapse and Leela comes to my side, shouting for a doctor. Zapp is standing back laughing, well until Bender comes up from behind and knocks him out cold.

I'm still on the ground bleeding badly, while Leela is by my side. I grab her hand and look in her eyes...

''No matter where I am, I'll always be in your heart.''

''You sure will baby. I love you for ever and ever.''

''I love you too,''

Leela leans over and gives me a kiss, I feel her tears splashing down on my face before my eyes close and my heart slows down. A medic comes running over and everyone crowds around, Bender comes up beside Leela to comfort her. The doctors put me on a stretcher and take me to the hospital, Leela is left standing and with Josh crying into her.

''Bender look after Josh, I'm going to go with Fry.''


Leela get's on the ambulance and holds my hand, still tearing up.

Once at the hospital I get put in a room and Leela is asked to wait outside, they get busy operating trying to take the knife out and stop the bleeding. Shortly after I started getting wheeled to the recovery room and a doctor walked out to Leela, she came in moments later crying tears of joy.

''I'm so glad your alright.''

I smile and bring her into a hug but wince at the pain.


I manage to weeze out some words.

''It's fine, it was my fault. Where's Zapp?''

''I'm not sure, I came with you to the hospital.''

A lock of hair fell infront of her eye, I moved my hand up to her face and moved it out of the way. She then rested her head on my head, closing her eyes, tears were still running down it.

''So, am I still your superman?''

Leela opened her eye and leaned in to kiss me.

''No matter what happens, you'll always be my special superman.''

She then kisses me and when she pulls away, I have a huge smile on my face. About ten minutes later Josh and everyone came through the door, I smile when I see them.


Josh comes running up to me and diving in for a hug, again I moan out in pain.

''Josh, don't dive in like that. Your dad has just had surgary to take the knife out and to stop the bleeding.''

''Sorry mom, I'm just happy that he's alright.''

The group all stand around me and Bender pats me on the shoulder.

''You done good buddy.''

''Yeah mon, you didn't need to save our lives.''

I looked at them.

''Your my friends and my co-workers, of course I did. I'm not going to let one man ruin my life for me or anyone else.''

Suddenly I started to get pains in my chest and the heart monitor going crazy, I start struggling to breath and Leela get's worried. Amy runs out to get a doctor and they both come running back in.

''I'm sorry folks but your going to have to leave.''

''What!? No, I want to stay.''

''Sorry ma'am but he's having a fit, you're going to have to leave.''

Bender and Amy help her out of the room and her and Josh are sat tear up outside the door.

''Is he going to be alright mom?''

''I don't know sweetie, I don't know.''


It had been a month since all that happened, right now I still can't do anything physical just yet but I'm taking one step at a time. It's Christmas and everyone has came round for their dinner, which Leela is cooking and I should be down their helping her, so I'm going to end this story here.

In conclusion alot of things has happened lately, I've nearly lost the love of my life and my son, along with my co-workers and friends, I've nearly died because of trying to be someone who I'm not. Anyway, I better go Leela is called me for lunch...

The camera zooms out on Fry leaving the room and then it focuses on the desk, showing the book and the final page closing but not for long. Fry comes back in opening the book and writing one more thing.

This may be the end of the book but not the end of a chapter, everyone has a story to tell and I've just told mine.

He then closes the book but opens the front cover and writes in the opening page... To the love of my life Leela and my son, Josh. Love you both so much.