Fan Fiction

Disasters Occurring
By LaurenSmiles1

Sitting at home, Fry found himself doing the one he would never do... reading. Fry is so waiting for Leela to come home, when he saw her favourite book arm of the chair, he picked it up keeping her page and started to read. A short while later, Leela came walking through the door with Ben, carrying some shopping bags. Ben ran to his room and Leela placed the bags in the kitchen. ''Fry can you help me please?

''Sure two minutes.''

Leela wondered what he was doing that was so important that he would five up the chance to help her. Fry came rushing through a couple of minutes later and started to help with the remaining shopping. ''What was so special that you didn't want to help me with the shopping?'' Fry started to put the things in the cubboard. ''It's your book, I tried reading it when you were out because I bored out my mind.''

''Wait you were reading? You better of kept my page.''

''Relax I have, where's Ben ran off to?''

''To his room, he's got homework.''

''Well you just relax and I'll help him with it, you've been run off your feet all day, I'll make you a coffee then help Ben.''

Leela was sitting on the couch and Fry was sitting next to Ben's desk helping him with maths homework. Every since Fry got surgery on his brain, he's been smarter and more willing to help around with things he would never of done. ''Am I still getting looked after by Amy tonight dad?''

''Sshh, you can't tell your mum. You haven't mentioned anything to her have you?

Ben shook his head and they continued with the homework. In the living room Leela was reading her book, wondering if Fry actually enjoyed reading it. Some times she wonders if Fry would act the same as he is now, if he didn't get surgery. She got interrupted by Fry walking into the room. ''I'm popping out for a bit, will you be ok with Ben?''

''What sort of question is that? Of course I will, have fun?''

Fry leaned over and gave Leela a kiss then left the house.

Fry was gone for a couple of hours he was busy planning something big. It was Leela's and his anniversary, 5 years today since they were married. Leela was sitting on the couch when there was a knock at the door, getting up she answered and saw Amy standing there. ''Amy what are you doing here?''

''I thought that we can go out.''

''I can't, Ben's playing in his room and I can't leave him here.''

''Relax, he can come to.''

Before Leela could say anything Amy had already shouted of Ben...

The three of them were sitting at a café and Ben was playing his new hand held console, the PSP 5000, which Amy had bought him. While Leela and Amy were chatting. They had been talking for another ten minutes before some waiters started to sing, Leela thought that this is strange, this was her favourite café and she's never heard them sing before, she comes here almost everyday.

When the waiters were nearly on the chorus, people from a near by table started to join in, now Leela thought that this is strange but continued to enjoy the show. She looked at Amy who was dancing along with the music and smiling, then at Ben who had put his hand held console down to watch the entertainment. One waiter came up to the table that they were sitting at and grabbed Leela's hand, dragging her off in the direction of the mall elevators, where people came dancing and singing out. They then guided her outside where we saw a huge crowd of people, clapping and singing. Then being led to the road, she got placed in the middle, that's when she saw the horse and carriage. As it stopped infront of her, Amy, Lababara and Munda came rushing towards her. Then the boys walked out, Morris, Hermes, Kif and Ben. She started chatting with the girls when the music changed, everyone looked towards the carriage, when Fry walked out in a suit and walked towards Leela, the boys following. Fry stopped a couple of steps infront of Leela and the boys stopped behind him, two either side, someone passed him a mic and the music stopped. ''Leela you've always said that if you had the chance you would marry me again, well this is this chance. Will you marry me?...again.''

Leela was crying tears of joy and amazement and she could just manage to nod her head. Everyone cheered as Fry walked back and joined the boys in a formation, the music started again and the boys started to dance simultaneously. Leela was looking on amazed as Ben managed to remember all these moves, Fry then motioned Ben to the middle and he started to 'bust' soem moves. As he was doing this, the girls started to put a wedding dress on Leela and when done, Fry held out his arm and she took it. He then led her down a red carpet, past crowds of people and towards the alter...

''Ladies and gentlement, please give a round of applause for Mr and Mrs Fry!''

The whole crowd cheered as the couple kissed, then Fry motioned Leela to look towards the darkened sky to watch the fireworks, which spelled out the words 'Happy Aniversary'. He looked at Leela who was crying, he placed his arms around her shoulders and Ben joined the two of them so Fry picked him up.

At the house Leela was just bringing Fry into the bedroom, Amy had suggested that she looekd after Ben tonight and Leela agreed as she wanted to give Fry something special. ''Fry you've giving me the best anniversary ever. Ther's me thinking that you've forgotten again.''

''Ever since I forgot last year, I knew I had to do something to make up for it. I was also scared that this didn't work or you didn't like it.''

''It's the best thing anyone has done for me. I love you so much.''

The next morning Fry was up first and he decided on making Leela breakfast in bed, which was just basic pancakes and orange juice. He walked towards the bedroom carrying the tray of contents, when he heard movement in the bedroom, he walked in and saw Leela already sitting up. ''Stay right where you are don't move a muscle.'' This causes Leela to look towards the door and see Fry standing there with a smile planted on his face. ''Fry, what are you doing?''

He walked towards the bed and placed the tray on her lap. ''I think it's called breakfast in bed.'' Leela laughed and took a bite out the pancakes, then let out a moan indicating that she likes them. ''You stay in bed, I'll drop Ben off at school and clean the house. You've got your book, TV and food so today is all about you.'' Before Leela could say anything, Fry kisses her and then leaves.

Later on during the day, Fry and Ben walked in through the door and Ben sits on the couch, playing his hand held device. While Fry goes back towards the bedroom and finds Leela asleep with the book on her stomach. He moves over to her side and takes the book off her, keeping her page. She moands slightly and turns on her side but she stays asleep.

Back in the living room Ben has turned on the TV, when Fry walks in and see's the news. ''Ben leave this on!'' Fry shouted as he ran towards the couch.

''This is an emergency broadcast, there is going to be a series of events happening to planet Earth. This starts tomorrow with an earthquake, we are uncertain how bad the earthquake is and how many there with be. Please take this time to get somehwere safe.''

Fry looks at Ben who looks scared. ''Everything is going to be alright, I'll go and wake you mother.'' After rushing into their bedroom, he wakes Leela and tells her the news. ''We'll take the Planet Express ship and head to a different planet...''

''Or not.'' Leela said as they were all staring at an empty hanger. ''Where's the ship gone mum?'' Ben asked. ''I don't know sweetie, I think the crew might of taken it.'' Leela went and sat at the conference table, Fry and Ben joined her. ''Do you want to go to your parents?''

''Yeah, can we see grandma and grandpa please?''

Leela stood up smiling. ''Sure, let's go.''

They arrived at her parents house ten minutes later, to the sound of screaming. Morris and Munda both ran out the house and bumped into Fry, which knocked him to the ground. ''Mam? Dad? What's wrong?''

''We've just seen the legendary creature, it's actually real!'' Morris replied standing up, he then helped Munda up and Fry was left lying on the ground. ''Dad?''

Ben said looking over his father still lying on the ground with his eyes closed, Leela went and knelt beside him. ''Fry? C'mon wake up, stop messing about.''

''We're so sorry.'' Munda replied before Leela got a chance to say anything a loud roar came from around the house, Leela turned to where the roar came from. Ben moved closer to his mother, scared. ''What's that mum?''

''Something extremely bad. We need to move your father somewhere safe. Dad, can you help me please?'' Leela asked and she started to drag Fry.

A couple of seconds later she turned around and saw Morris just standing there. ''Dad?'' Leela asked, both Munda and Morris walked over but instead of helping with Fry, they moved Leela and Ben away from him. As they done so, the creature came into view. It had huge horns at the top of it's head, it was walking on all fours, scaly skin (like a dinosaur) and a long tail. It was just like the creature she used to read about as a child in the Orphanarium. It was heading towards them. ''What are you doing? Let me go, I need to move Fry!''

''We're so sorry sweetie.''

As the creature came near, Ben was getting more scared and Leela was getting more fustrated. When the creature reached everyone, it spend two minutes staring at the group then picked Fry up with his front paw and walked away on it's hind legs. Leela wanted to chase after it to help Fry but her parents weren't letting go of her, until the creature was out of view. When they let her go she fell to her knee's crying, Ben came over to her and she brought him into a hug. ''Where's dad gone?''

''I don't know sweetie but I'm going to find him...''

''We'll look after Ben for you.'' Munda said, Leela looked towards her, narrowed eyed. ''You just ruined the 'to be continued' moment! Besides I don't want you to do anything!'' Ben looked at his mother. ''What was the 'to be continued' thing you wanted to do mum?''

Leela looked at him then at the camera. ''I'm going to save Fry!''

To be continued...