Fan Fiction

The Disaster on Earth
By LaurenSmiles1

Fry was walking down the street with his hands in his pockets, when a guy came running up and bumped into him. ''Sorry sir... Oi! That's my wallet!'' They guy turned around and flashed a smile, while waving his wallet. Fry sighed and continued to walk towards work. As soon as he walked in the door, he got a face full of boot. ''Bender if I get my hands on you, I'm going to dismantle you very slowly!'' Bender ran past, followed by Leela, who stopped when she saw Fry. ''What's the matter with you?'' She asked as Fry was rubbing his nose. ''I just got hit by a flying boot...'' He then looked down at her foot. ''...and that boot was yours.'' Fry picked it up and handed it to her. ''Would you be able to slip it on for me please? I pulled something in by back trying to get Bender.'' Fry smiled and sat her down. ''You know I would do anything for you Leela, all you need to do is ask.'' He said while slipping her boot on, he then helped her up and they started to walk towards the conference room. ''So what did Bender do to get you mad?'' Leela just sighed. '' He just continues to steal and its getting really fustrating.'' Fry looked at her and saw her looking at the ground. ''If its any constilation I had my wallet stolen this morning but its alright, I only had 10 dollars in it.'' Leela looked at him. ''10 dollars or not, he still shouldn't of stole it. Did you see what he looked like?'' Fry put his hand on her shoulder. ''Leela, this is my problem not yours. All you need to do is focus on your life and stop worrying about other peoples.''

''Ok and that concludes today's meeting and now to the delivery...'' Hermes looks at his clipboard. ''...today you'll be delivering some party equipment to the happy planet.'' Bender looked at Hermes. ''Why arn't all planets called planet Bender?'' Amy looked at him confused. ''Why would a planet be called planet Bender?'' Bender looked back at her disgusted. ''Why!? Because Bender is the greatest. That's why!''. Amy and Bender then started to argue so Fry stepped in. ''Enough! You two have been arguing for the past three days. I don't know why and I don't care! But can we just make this delivery in peace!?'' He stood up and walked towards the ship, everyone just looked at each other speachless, then left for the ship. Once inside Leela found Fry already sitting in his chair. ''Are you Ok Fry? You've never acted like that before.'' Fry looked out the window instead of at Leela, he didn't want to make eye contact, even though by the tone of her voice, she did sound a little bit worried. ''I'm fine, I'm just getting annoyed at them two fighting.'' Leela sits at her seat and presses some buttons. ''Well I hate to break it to you but you best get used to it, Amy and Hermes are coming along to.'' This causes Fry to look at her. ''Why Amy and Hermes?'' Leela pressed one more button then faced Fry. ''Something about not wanting to clean up after the professor.'' Fry just shakes his head and checks the fuel. ''Where's Nibbler? We might need some more fuel for the trip back.'' Leela looked around. ''I don't know, he came into work with me this morning. Anyway, both Amy and Hermes are saying that we have enough for a trip there and back.''

Outside the Planet Express building, Nibbler was sitting in his little spaceship, in an allyway, talking to the main vessel. ''I'm going to come in, seems like there will be a problem with earth. I'm just going to get off it for now.'' Another voice came through the speaker. ''Yes Lord Nibbler. What about the humans and the chosen one?'' Nibbler started to press some buttons. ''They're delivering some stuff to a planet, they'll be off earth for quite some time.'' He presses one more button and the ship takes off in the sky.

Meanwhile somewhere in space, deep space. The Planet Express crew were in a spot of bother. ''Amy and Bender, you two will not see each other for the rest of the trip if I hear you one more time!'' Leela shouted from the kitchen, while her and Hermes were grabbing something to eat. ''Fine! We'll argue in the cargo bay.'' Bender shouting as he and Amy stormed out, Hermes then sat at the table and Leela leaned on the counter. ''Have you seen anything different about Fry?'' Hermes asked as he sat down and Leela nodded her head. ''I know, he's acting more mature. Anyway I'll ask him when I go back, I'm going to take him lunch. Hermes nodded and Leela walked out. When she arrived on the bridge, Fry was sitting at the pilot chair. As soon as he saw Leela he stood straight up. ''Oh sorry, I just had to change a few stuff. Generator one was flashing so I had the change the pressure onto generator 2 to decrease the chances of us blowing up.'' He sat back in his chair, Leela flashed him a smile and sat down to check. ''Well done, you've done everything correctly.'' She saw Fry give off a smile and she slumbed back on her chair, rubbing her shoulders. Fry saw this and walked over to her and started to massage her shoulders, Leela felt her self completly relax. ''Wow Fry, I didn't know you were good at this.'' She heard Fry laugh. ''Well I have to earn extra money somehow.'' Once he stopped, Leela moved her shoulders and felt really relaxed. ''Thanks Fry.'' Fry put his hand on her shoulder. ''What are friends for?'' He went and sat down and she looked at him. ''You've changed Fry. Your acting more responsible.'' Fry started to twiddle his thumbs. ''I need to stick in now. I need to earn more money to keep up with the rent.'' Leela looked confused. ''Rent? I thought you were living with Bender?'' Fry shook his head. ''I moved out and I didn't want to tell anyone until I got to my feet in my new place. I'm just worried that I'm not going to make enough money for this week though.'' Leela stood up. ''It's great that you have a place of your own, if you need any cash then just ask ok.'' She placed the food infront of Fry. ''Thanks Leela but I don't want to ask you. Fifty dollars is too much.'' She pulled out a fifty and placed it infront of him. ''Nothing is too much for my best friend.'' Fry picked it up, looked at it and then handed it back to Leela shaking his head. ''I can't take this much from you.'' Leela handed it back to him. ''Fry please just take it, you can give me it back when you get it again.'' Fry smiled, put it in his pocket and stood up. ''Thank you.'' She smiled, he gave her a kiss on the cheek, grabbed his food and walked out.

''He's got a place of his own? Wow, he's making something of his life.'' Hermes said, who was now sitting in Fry's chair. ''Yep and I don't think he wants other people to know, he didn't want to tell me.'' Leela said when she was turning on the intercom. ''Fry, Amy and Bender, we're arriving at the planet. Please could you make sure...'' Fry came into the bridge interupting Leela. ''Already done. Cargo is sercure and safe.'' Leela turned off the intercom and smiled, Fry sat down in Benders seat. ''Do you want you seat back Fry?'' Hermes asked, going to stand up. ''No your ok Hermes.'' Leela continued to look out the window. ''Are them two still arguing?'' Fry looked towards the planet. ''Yep, non stop.'' Hermes looked at Fry. ''Don't worry mon, once we hit the planets atsmophere, all the arguing will stop and they'll be the best of friends.'' Leela goes on the intercom. ''Amy and Bender could you both come to the bridge please?'' Both Fry and Hermes looked at her. ''Why?'' Fry asked. ''Because I want to see them change tone.'' Leela said as she looked towards Fry, he then smiled and she returned it. Amy and Bender came in a couple of seconds later, still arguing. ''What are you two arguing about now mon?'' Amy stopped and told Hermes. ''He went through my purse!'' Fry, Hermes and Leela looked at each other and shook their heads. Fry then walked over to his controls. ''Hitting the planets atmosphere in 3...2...1...'' Suddenly Amy and Bender become locked in a kiss and Fry, Hermes and Leela looked at each other, Fry then looked back at the controls. ''Oh wait, that was the love atmosphere. They should stop... now.'' When they leave go of each other, they continue to argue like nothing has happened. ''We're entering the actual planets atmosphere... now.'' The three looked at Amy and Bender who have stopped arguing and are smilng. ''Amy your the best friend a robot could ask for.'' They both hug and Hermes stood up. ''Right mon, lets deliver this package.''

Somewhere else in really deep space, Nibbler was boarding the main vessle. It was a more bumpy landing then normal but when he eventually landed another Nibblonian* was waiting. ''Lord Nibbler, your feeling's were right. Earth is under attack but its nothing like we would of expected.'' They both started to walk towards the meeting room. ''Let me guess more brain spawn.'' Nibbler asked. ''Well, yes but its not just them. It seems they have teamed up with the brain slugs.'' He hands Nibbler a piece of paper and they enter the meeting room, everyone is already sitting down. ''As you know earth is goinig to be under attack by both the brain spawn and brain slugs.'' Another Nibblonian* sticks his hand up. ''Sorry to interupt but can't we just get the chosen one to deal with this?'' Nibbler nodded. ''Yes but he is a little busy with work at this moment to do anything.'' Nibbler put a large piece of paper on the table. ''This is the plan...''

''Main generators are down, we've lost fuel!'' Fry shouted as the ship shook violently. Both Amy and Hermes slowly backed out the room and headed towards the cargo bay, leaving Fry and Leela to deal with the problem and while Bender stayed off to the side drink beer, keeping perfect balance. ''Fry fasten yourself in, we're going to have to crash land.'' He sat down and fastened himself in, then realized that Leela wasn't doing it herself so he got back up and rushed over to her. ''Fry! What are you doing?'' He started to pull her seat belt around her. ''I'm making sure your safe!'' Fry flashed a smile and then they heard a beeping. ''Fry sit yourself down quickly. Impact in 5...4...3...2...1...'' Of course Fry didn't sit down in time and when the ship crashed landed, he got flung across towards the front of the ship. A couple of minutes later, Amy and Hermes emerged from the burning ship covered in a couple of cuts and bruises. Leela however was just waking up, she was still a little dazed but when she saw Fry lying motionless under some rubble, she didn't care about herself. She rushed over to his side to help him, when she got to him she quickly felt for a pulse. She gave a sigh of relief when she found one, then hearing the ship rumble, she decided to drag Fry out the ship. Once at a safe distance she placed Fry on the floor and Amy and Hermes walked over to them, Leela stared at them. ''I thought you said that we had enough fuel to get back!'' Leela shouted, Amy looked to ground ashamed and Hermes looked at her, gave her a nudge and she looked back at Leela. ''Leela, it's my fault. I thought there was enough for a trip there and back. Is Fry going to be alright?'' Leela placed Fry's jacket under his head. ''We'll have to wait and see. Could you two make yourself useful and find some firewood and food please? I don't know where Bender has got off to.'' They both nodded and walked off, Leela looked at Fry and gave off a little smile. ''Thank you for saving my life''.

A while after sending Hermes and Amy off to get firewood and food, Leela was just about to go looking for them, when they came though the forest with Bender. ''What took you so long?'' Amy spoke up. ''I found...'' Bender interrupted her. ''Excuse me skin tube but I was the one that found it!'' Yet again they got into another fight, so Hermes stepped in. ''Look we all found a little village, which has a doctors that could look after Fry.'' Leela looked at Fry then at the Hermes and smiled. ''Go and get the doctor so he can help move Fry, take Bender with you. Amy?'' She doesn't hear her and carries on shouting at Bender. ''Amy!'' Leela shouted, this caused Amy to turn around and face her. ''What!?'' Leela smiled. ''Your staying with me until Hermes and Bender get back with the doctor.'' Amy nodded and then sat next to her, Bender just realized what's going on. ''Hey wait! Why do I have to go with Hermes?'' Leela glared at him. ''Because I said so!'' Bender knew he had no chance of winning, so he agreed and went back into the woods with Hermes.

At the Planet Express building, Nibbler was putting his ship away when he could feel something wrong. This wasn't for the arrack, that wasn't going to happen for another couple of hourse. No, this was for something else... but for what? He walked into the building to find the professor and Lababara pacing. ''Where is my stupid husband? He's supposed to take me out tonight.'' The professor shook his hands. ''I don't care about that. Where is my ship?'' Nibbler looked on worried, he then rushed back outside to his little ship to tell everyone the news. ''Lord Nibbler to mission control. Lord Nibbler to mission control. Do you hear me?'' It went static for a couple of minutes so he tried, this time he got a response. ''Mission control here, lost communication there sorry about that. What is it that you wanted to tell us?'' Nibbler looked around. ''The humans and the chosen one are missing, they didn't come back from the delivery.'' It went quiet on the other side, Nibbler thought that they had lost communication again but then they spoke. ''Are you sure Lord Nibbler? They could just be late.'' There was a loud noise behind Nibbler. ''Hopefully they are, I think the brain's have arrived...''

At the village, the doctor was just checking Fry. ''Hmm. He seems to just be unconcious, he'll be fine wants he wakes up. Now enough about him, let's talk about you. How are you feeling?'' The doctor asked Leela, as she was the only one next to Fry. ''Oh, I'm fine. Fry saved my life.'' Leela replied and she hadn't taken her eyes off the doctor. ''Glad to hear it, there's just a party going on at the beach tonight and I was wondering if you would like to go with me?'' Leela wanted to sat yes but someone had to look after Fry incase he wakes up. ''I would love to but what if Fry wakes up? Someone has to explain things.'' The doctor smiled. ''Can't one of your friends look after him?'' Leela smiled and nodded.

Later on during the party, Leela and the doctor were standing at the bar, Leela had a little bit too much to drink and she was sitting looking depressed. ''Cheer up, it's a party.'' Leela looked at him. ''I know, I'm sorry but its just I think it was a bad idea leaving Amy looking after Fry.'' The doctor smiled. ''Come on, lets dance.'' He started to pull Leela onto the dance floor. ''I don't know how to dance doctor.'' He laughed and continued to smile. ''Stop calling me doctor, my names Steven.'' When Steven pulled Leela to dance, it was a crazy and dirty song, that couples were doing dirty things and because Leela had a little bit too much to drink, she was one of them. She had placed her back agaisnt Steven's chest and was moving her hips side to side in time with the music, Steven placed his hands on her hips to keep the mood going. She then pulled away and looked at him. ''Do you want to go back to your place?'' Steven grabbed her hand and led her through the crowd and outside. They started to slowly walk home when Leela heard someone call her name, she turned around and saw Fry walking towards her. ''Oh my god Fry, your finally awake!'' She pulled him into a hug and he returned it. ''Nice to see you to Leela. Have you been drinking?'' She pulled out of the hug, looked at Steven, then back at Fry and shook her head. ''No, I've been a good girl.'' She then turned to the side and threw up, Fry held her hair out the way. ''It's going to be alright. Do you want to go somewhere more warmer?'' She finished throwing up and looked at him. ''I would but I'm going to Steven's place.'' Fry looked at her confused. ''Who's Steven?'' She then turned around to point out who he was when she realized that he had disappeared. ''Nevermind I will go with you.'' They started to walk away and Leela looped her arm with his.

A couple of weeks later, planet earth was still under attack by the brain's and the planet express crew were still trapped on the island. Leela was spending alot more time with Steven and even though Fry showed happyness when Leela and Steven were around him, Leela could tell that he wasn't. He was spending more time being quiet, instead of actually getting to know Steven. Then it all changed one dinner, Steven had took Leela and all her friends out to a dinner treat, he had took them out to the best diner in the village and he had a decision to make that could change two lives. Everyone was enjoying themselves, talking and laughing while eating but after the meal Steven had to make a announcement. ''Leela could I ask you a question please?'' Leela nodded. ''Thanks. Well I know we have only been together for a couple of weeks but they have been the best couple of weeks I could ever ask for...'' He gets down on one knee and produces a ring. ''Leela. Will you marry me?'' Leela started to cry and nodded her head, Steven slipped the ring on her finger and gave her a kiss while people were clapping around him. Fry slowly got up and left but only one person noticed and that was Leela. Sure she felt bad about breaking his heart but she was getting married. Leela excused herself from the table and went to talk to Fry who was sitting on a beach wall. ''Hey Fry. Are you ok?'' He didn't say anything but just nodded his head. ''Can I talk to you?" Leela asked. Fry who didn't stop looking at the ground spoke. ''Well you are so I can't stop you.'' Leela then looked out to sea. ''You know that I don't want to hurt your feelings but I don't want to hurt Stevens and say no to him.'' Fry put his hand on Leela's and looked at her. ''I understand and it's about time that I moved on. Congratulations on getting married, I don't want to stand in the way of your happyness.'' He stood up and went to walk away, Leela shouted towards him. ''Your welcome to the wedding but if you don't come, I understand.'' He walked off, not lookin back and made his way to the destoyed ship.

We turn the Nimbus now, where Kif is scrubbing Zapp's back. ''Kif you need to get lower...lower...lower...right there! Don't move from that spot.'' Kif just sighed but then turned happy when he heard a knock at the door, he stopped scrubbing Zapp and went to answer it. ''Kif, there is an emergancy distress signal coming off a nearby planet. Do you want to come and look at it?'' He was about to answer when he heard Zapp. ''Kif, get back in here and start scrubbing.'' Kif started to shake, he looked at the fellow soldier. ''I'll tell Zapp and we'll come and check it out later, thank you for telling me.'' The soldier nodded and looked behind Kif. ''Well good look with Zapp.'' He pointed and Kif turned around. He saw a naked Zapp holding the scrubbing brush looking at him. ''Kif, I said now! Some placed aren't scrubbed yet, which need to be.'' Kif shut the door and went back to Zapp. Later Zapp and Kif were sitting on the bridge, going over the distress signal. ''Sir, it seems to be coming from the planet express ship. I know that signal anywhere.'' Zapp looked at him. ''Kif, you can't know a signal just from looking... Wait the planet express ship you say? Leela is in trouble, set course for the planet.

Meanwhile on the planet, Leela and Steven were going over some wedding plans. ''I like this for the wedding dress.'' Leela sighed. ''How many times do I have to tell you Steven, you can't pick the wedding dress for me.'' Steven laughed. ''Well sorry to disapoint you babe but on this island, we only have two types of wedding dresses. This one...'' He points to a white dress, with a flower pattern on it and it goes all the way to the ground. ''... or this one.'' He then points to a pink dress with sequins on the side, that goes down to knee length. ''Oh, well I'm still not telling you which one. The groom isn't meant to know or see the wedding dress or it'll bring bad luck.'' Steven closed the book and stood up. ''Well, I have to get to work but we'll talk more about this when I finish.'' He gave Leela a kiss. ''I love you.'' Leela smiled. ''I love you two.'' Steven went to walk out the front door, when someone walked in. ''Oi, you can't just walk in here.'' Zapp pushed past him and headed towards Leela. ''Leela, there you are! I got the distress signal, I'm here to rescue you.'' Leela looked at him confused. ''Distress signal?... Oh the emergancy one, sorry Zapp but we don't need a rescue.'' Zapp looked at her shocked. ''But I need to rescue you, I'm the handsome prince and your the damsil in distress. We're both meant to get married and live happily ever after.'' Steven coughed, pushed past Zapp and put his arm around Leela. ''She is getting married and not to you.'' Leela slapped her head and Zapp looked at them both. ''You mean, you and him are...?'' Leela nodded and Zapp looked upset. ''Fine if that's how you feel, find your own way off this planet!" He then left the planet upset.

Let's skip ahead again but first let me explain what we have skipped. Earth was still getting over run by the brains, Hermes, Bender and Amy were on holiday off set and we couldn't find any of their scripts when they came back, that's why they haven't been mentioned for a while. Now let's get back to the present day... well future. It was the day of Leela's wedding, she was getting ready and Amy came in. ''You look beautiful Leela.'' Amy sounded like she had bad news to tell, she would never tell Leela that she looked beautiful. ''I take it you couldn't get him to come?'' Amy shook her head and Leela looked to the ground. ''I'm sorry Leela, I did try.'' Leela looked back up, finished getting ready and a women came in. ''We're ready for you.''

One the otherside of the village, Fry was busy fixing the ship thinking to himself... Was it the best choice now going to the wedding? Should he just fix the ship and leave everyone else here? He got his thoughts cut short when he heard the ships engine roar into life, he steeping back, smiling and whipping his hands. Suddenly he heard Bender shout his name, he turned around and saw him and Hermes walking towards him. ''What are you two doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at Leela's wedding?'' They both smiled, well Bender the best he could. ''We couldn't let my favourite skintube finish the ship by himself. Besides, Leela can't get married without the rings.'' Bender pulled out the rings from his chest cabinate and Fry snatched them from him. ''Bender! You have to give these back to Leela.'' He was about to send Bender back when he heard someone else shout his name, he turned back around and saw a angry Leela and Amy walk towards him. ''Ah now, about the rings.'' Leela walked up to him and looked like she was about to slap him but instead, brought him into a soulful kiss. He pulled away shocked. ''Leela your getting married!'' She smiled. ''Not to the man I love.'' She looked at Fry who stood speechless, until he coughed. ''Erm... Who do you love?'' She placed her arms around his neck and smiled. ''It's you silly.'' Fry gave off a cheeky grin and Leela smiled back. ''So... your holding the rings.'' Fry continued to smile and got down on one knee. ''Leela, I think I have matured enough to realize that all you need was time and space. I eventually gave you that and stopped bugging you, I love you with all my heart and that's never going to end. Will you marry me?'' Leela nodded her head and Fry slipped the ring on her finger, they shared a kiss and Fry felt a sharp pain go through his arm. He pulled away and looked at his arm, then at the mob running towards them. ''Everyone on the ship now!'' Fry shouted. He made sure everyone was on the ship before he boarded himself, then he took off and headed home. Once in the air Fry and Leela were in the medical bay. ''I guess they really hate me now, since I ran away from the wedding.'' Leela said while bandaging Fry's arm up. ''The main thing is, I don't hate you.'' Fry pulled Leela towards him. ''Fry, I love you.'' They shared another kiss and Amy came in through the door. ''We've arrived at earth you two.'' They all walked out the ship and Fry and Leela were looking at each other. ''Leela for my love to end, the world would have to end.'' They looked at the earth... that was completely destroyed. ''So is your love to me destroyed?'' Fry shook his head. ''Nope its still there. What happened to earth?'' The camera zoomed out to show the whole planet completely destroyed, then zoomed back in on Leela and Fry. ''Would this be a bad time to tell you that I'm pregnant?'' Fry looked at her shocked and the show ended.

The credits started to roll and Fry and Leela come onto the screen. ''Well that was random.'' Fry nodded. ''You said it Leela. All is left to do now, is GO TO SLEEP!'' Fry pointed to the screen. ''Yes that's right, I'm talking to you! The readers and the especially the writer.'' Leela pulled Fry close. ''Leela what are you doing?'' She smiled. ''Well since this has ended, she can't decide what we can do. It's not in our contract.'' She covers the screen with her hand and the credits continue to roll, we also hear some background noises behind the credit music...

Thank you for reading this, hope you enjoyed it but I bet you didn't.