Fan Fiction

Ben's Diary
By LaurenSmiles1

My name is Ben Fry, I'm the son of Philip. J Fry and Turanga Leela. I inherited my fathers two eyes and his orange hair but with purple highlights, I'm also part mutant, let's just say I nearly look like a double of my father. It's the year 3021, in 3018 the government changed the law that let mutants live on the surface. No one is different anymore, everyone is the same. Here are bits of my diary, good times and bad.

Date: Monday 1st June, 3021.

This starts a brand new day, also a brand new month, hopefully this month has something exciting lined up for me. Ever since my grandparents went into a retirement home, I rarely get to see them and I rarely have fun with my grandpa. My dad say's that it won't be long until they pass away, my nan is sick and she isn't getting any better. My mother knows this as well but she tries to forget about it, no one wants to see their family pass away. Today I'm at school, yeah I know boring right. I shouldn't really say this but this is my personal diary, I like this girl... she's real pretty but she doesn't seem to notice me, plus she only likes the people who are in the football team. This couldn't get worse, I don't even like football, you could class me as a nerd. I like reading and I study hard but people don't like it, they only like you when you're making money...

Date: Monday 1st June, 3021
Time: 8:00am
Location: New, New York High School.
Planet: Earth.

I'm sixteen, going on seventeen later this month. I'm busy studying time and space, I have always took a interest in this because my mother and father both travel through space to deliver packages. I don't care what people think about my parents, so what if they travel alot and I need to stay with Amy. The important thing is, my parents love me enough to make someone look after me so I don't get into trouble. School starts at 9:00am but I like to come in a hour early to meet with friends, and to get some extra study hours.

Jim: Hello Ben. How are you this fine morning?

This is Jim, my best pal since first grade. I couldn't ask for anyone better, without him I wouldn't be were I am now. We've both helped each other through alot of situations, thick and thin. Unlike most people in the school, we stand by each other.

Ben: Hello Jim, I'm fine thank you. What about yourself?

Jim: Couldn't be better, ready to study more time and space?

Ben: You know I wouldn't want anything else.

We both sat down at our desks in the study hall. Mine had my name carved into it, it also has lots of books and organised paper work. Jim's looked exactly the same, apart from he had a heart carved into his, with his and his girlfriends enitials. That's right, Jim has a girlfriend and I don't. That doesn't bother me one bit, I'm happy for him. He met her at the second school dance, he was walking towards the punch when someone knocked him and his glasses fell off. He was on the ground searching for them, when a young girl helped him, he knew it was love at first sight.

Jim: Carter said he'd be here in ten minutes, he's got some things to take care of.

Carter was our second friend, we'd met him in the first grade of secondary school. He was part popular and part nerd, he liked to study hard but he also like to play sports. He was captain for the football team and lots of girls had a crush on him.

Date: Monday 1st June, 3021
Time: 8:15am
Location: New, New York High School.
Planet: Earth.

Carter had finally arrived looking sweating, he came up to us and patted us on the back. He then took a seat at his desk and began to study, we continued to talk to each other, and help each other out. I had moved over to the computer for a couple of minutes, to print out some practice papers, as well as some answer sheets. I handed Jim and Carted a practice paper and we set to work on them. About half and hour later we had all finished, we checked our answers.

Carter: Damn, five wrong again.

Ben: Don't worry bud, you'll get there. I got six wrong, I realize my mistake though. I keep putting a six instead of a five.

Jim: I got one wrong, I done better then last time.

Jim was always the smarter on out the three of us, we could all agree on that. The bell rang and we started to move towards class, our first class: History. I wasn't really bothered about this lesson but I still payed attention. As the day went by I was getting more excited to last period, which was time and space. This lesson, Mr Walt had brought in a prototype portal, this was meant to represent a black hole. Apart from, no one knows what happens on the other side of a black hole.

Date: Monday 1st June, 3021
Time : 3:00pm
Location: Street, three blocks away from Planet Express.
Planet: Earth

The last lesson was a blast, the portal prototype actually worked. Anyway, it's Monday so I have to meet my parents at Planet Express. It's fun there, I can to go on deliveries with them, if they have one that is. I get to have a laugh with Bender and my mother says that I can have one beer with him, I hardly ever take one off him though. Carter is coming with me, I asked me parents if he could come round after school and they said yes. It's going to be great, he's never been up in space before and I'll be there to help him every step of the way.

When we walked into the building, I saw Amy sitting on the couch. I smiled at her, she smiled back and I introduced her to Carter. She was happy to meet him, mostly happy that I have brough someone different home, I usually bring home Jim but he had to do some work with his dad. I moved from Amy towards the kitchen to get something to drink for us and I saw Zoidberg. We talked while I was getting us some drink, then I went to the hanger, this is where I saw both of my parents working on the ship. My father was working on scrubbing the bottom and my mother was working on the top.

Leela: Hello Ben, have a nice day at school?

Ben: It was a blast! This is Carter, Carter these are my parents.

Carter: Nice to meet you.

I told Carter to place his bag next to mine and we walked down to the ship. The ship had changed over the years, it had changed it's colour to blue and it's got many dints and scratches. My mother asked me if we wanted to come on a delivery with them, I couldn't say no could I? Everyone climbed on the ship and my mother done preflight checks, after everything was checked we headed off towards Non-violent planet. I asked my mother why the planet was called this and she replied with, they ran out of names. Plus, I don't know why it is called that, when we are delivering knifes and guns.

Once on the Planet, my dad went to deliver the packages. When he cam back he wasn't alone, he was getting a gun pointed at his back by a small but muscly guy. He walked to the front of the ship and we all stood up, the guy then pushed my dad into the pilot's chair, then looked at the rest of us.

Guy: Thank you for delivering these guns to us but you didn't think you would make it off this planet alive.

Leela: What do you want?

Guy: Blood. This is what we do here, we ask for weapons and we kill the people who deliver them.

Leela: But why?

Guy: Look lady, it's what we do. Since you are asking all these questions, you can go first.

He aims the gun at my mam and fires, I jump in the way of the laser and it hit's me directly in the chest. My father takes a gun from mother's pocket and shoot's the guy straight in between the eyes. My mother starts to cry, while holding me in her arms, my father and Carter comes over to check on me.

Leela: No! Why did you do that?

Ben: I c-couldn't let you... d-d-die.

Leela: But you might!

Ben: I k-know... but d-d-dad needs y-you.

Leela: Fry, get us to the nearest hospital. Quickly!

Date: Monday 1st June, 3021
Time: 5:15pm
Location: Hospital.
Planet: Unknown.

I had been in the hospital for nearly an hour now, I have been attached to loads of machines to check my heart rate and blood pressure. Carter had rang his parents tell them where he was, and he was mostly looking after my parents, they needed all the help they could get at this present moment. Outside the room I could hear my mother sobbing, I bet my dad was shedding a few tears but trying to be strong for my mam. The main reason I'm not bothered about dying is that I saved my mother, I know it was stupid jumping in front of a laser but I'm happy that I've risked my life for my family. I remember starting to open my eyes and seeing doctor's all around me, asking me if I'm alright, I would of answered but my mouth felt like it was full of cotton balls.

Ben: W-water.

Doctor: He's alive! Get the lad some water. How are you?

Ben: Ok... I f-f-feel weird... though.

Doctor: That's usual, not many people survive a laser to the chest. Your parents are outside, do you want them to come in?

Ben: Yes p-please.

I remember seeing my mother's red and puffy eye, when she walked through the door. I could tell my dad had been shedding a tear aswell but his eyes weren't as red and puffy, my mam came over to me and held my hand, constantly asking if I was alright, I would of answered but the doctor's hadn't come back with water yet, I think they forgot.

Ben: Water.

Leela: Fry get him some water. How are you?

Ben: F-fine... as long as I get my water.

My dad came back with a cup of water and my mother started to make me drink, I looked at Carter who was standing off to one side, he didn't look like he wanted to step in and say anything, especially when my parents are in this state, he was worried that he said something wrong.

Ben: How are you C-carter?

Carter: I'm fine but a little shook up seeing my best friend get shot. I'm glad you're alright.

Ben: M-my parents will take...you home s-s-soon.

Carter: Thank you but I would rather stay here with you to see how you are doing.

I remember spending the whole night in the hospital with my parent's and friend by side, they were watching my every movement but I couldn't really do anything to stop them, they were worried for me.

Date: Wednesday 3rd June, 3021
Time: 5:25am
Location: Space.
Planet: Space.

I had been in the hospital for two days and the doctor told my parents that I was free to go, I don't even remember waking up to get on the ship, unless my dad carried me but I dought it. I remember then waking up in the Planet express building, don't know the time but I knew it was still early because the sun hadn't even started to rise. Carter came walking into the room, seeing me awake he smiled.

Carter: How are you feeling buddy?

Ben: Much better...still a litte b-bit shook up though.

style="text-indent: 0px;"Carter: I would expect, do you want me to get your parents?

Ben: Yes please.

Carter was about to walk out the door, when everyone walked in. My mother, father, Amy, Bender, Hermes, Professor and even Zoidberg. They were all talking at once and it was making my head go mad, I brought my hands up to my head and lay back down, mumbling.

Amy: Hey Carter, is he awake?

Carter: He was.

Leela: What do you mean he was?

Ben: I still am.

My mother walked to my side and gave me a hug, I felt a tear land on my shoulder, I patted her back and told her that everything is alright. My mother is a strong women but when she nearly looses someone, she becomes weak and vulnerable.

Date: Wednesday 3rd June, 3021
Time: 8:00am
Location: New, New York High School.
Planet: Earth.

Even though it had been two day's since I had been shot, I wanted to go back into school dispite my parent's protest's, Carter told them that he would spend all day with me, just to make sure nothing happened. When we arrived at school, we met up with Jim in the study hall, he was surprised to see me in at all today. I was at my lessons normally but when it came to lunch time, I wasn't feeling right. I was walking with Carter to the study hall to meet Jim, when I collapsed, Carter told me that everyone came rushing around me, teacher's came to help me and I remember waking up at home.

Date: Sunday 7th June, 3021
Time: 12:00pm
Location: Home.
Planet: Earth.

It's been quite a week, been shot, rushed to the hospital and had tests, nothing could of prepared me for what I heard. On Thursday 4th June, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour, it was far advanced and I hadn't had any of the symptoms that you are meant to have. I had to stay off school for about a month, now I have nothing to do. My parents are taking turns staying off work so they can keep an eye on me, I'm not allowed to leave the house, I can have friends over but I must stay in the house at all times; it's like a prison. I can't blame people for wanting to keep an eye on me, no parent should hear that their child is going to die before them. The doctors are uncertain when the brain tumour will take effect, which means that I could die at any time, this is worrying to my parents and not just to myself. There is nothing to do but to sit and wait.

Date: Tuesday 25th December, 3021
Time: 9:00am
Location: Home.
Planet: Earth

It's christmas and I'm still not better, infact I've gotten much worse. Everyone is round, handing out presents; which I've already opened. I love the jumper that Amy gave me, it say's 'Staying strong' and the front of it, it made me laugh when I first opened it. The best thing that has happened to me though, is that I finally got the girl of my dreams, her name is Kate, she's a stunner. She's been coming round every night after school to tell me what's been happening and giving me some homework, she's never questioned why I've been wanted to do homework when I'm not at school, but she probably thinks it's to relieve my boredom. My nan passed away a couple of months ago, my grandpa was destroyed, not to mention my mother, sure I miss her but I'll be joining her soon, I'll give it a month or two.

Date: Tuesday 25th December, 3021
Time: 2:00pm
Location: Home.
Planet: Earth.

It's time for christmas dinner. My mother shouted for everyone to sit around the table, when she brought in the turkey, it was huge. I don't even think my father would manage a slice but it did have to go around alot of people. After dinner everyone played games, I went to lay down on the couch because I was feeling really tired, everyone understands why so they let me be, give me some space. About two hours later, Amy walked up to me to wake me up saying that there was still more food but I wasn't waking up. Amy tried her hardest to wake me but when she felt my neck, she got a lump in her throat. Shouting of my mam, who came over running, Amy started to cry.

Leela: What's the matter?

Amy: It's Ben... I think he's... d-d-dead!

My mother put her hand's to her mouth, gasping at the thought. She then bent down to check and then shouted of my father. Soon after my father came over, everyone joined us. My mother was crying into my chest and my father was trying to comfort her.

Kate: What's happened?

Amy: Ben's gone.

Kate: What!?

Everyone stood there silent, not knowing what to say, they all knew that it was going to happen but they never thought that it would be on christmas day.

Date: Sunday 30th December, 3021
Time: 3:38pm
Location: Orbiting Meadows National Cemetery
Planet: In orbit around earth.

I had already been buried at this point and everyone was standing around my grave, the girls were crying there eye's out. The boys on the other hand, were there to comfort them. My mother, father, Amy, Kif, Hermes, Lababara, Carter, Jim, Kate, Zoidberg and most of the school were there to say goodbye. When it was time to leave my mother and father stayed behind, just to take one last look at my gravestone, to say one last goodbye as they never got the chance.