Fan Fiction

The Kroker Chronicles, part 7
By Daniel Leicester


Fry-Aaronson-Research Base, Anoia Planita, Mars

The ship landed inside the docking bay. Stephen, Eli, Yeardley and Leroy got out.

A voice came over an intercom 'This is a restricted area, who are you?' a smile came over Leroy's face.

'Tobias Anderson is that you?' he asked. The voice sounded bermused 'Leroy Quicksilver? What are you doing here?'

'We need your help. Open the doors and let us in.'

The control centre was large. There was a huge console in the middle of the room.

Sat in the largest chair was Tobias Anderson. 'Greetings,' Tobias said 'Tobias Anderson, Chief of Security here at Fry-Aaronson. I recognise your friends, Marlowe Farnsworth, Eli MortonStephen Baker but who is this other woman? She isnt a journalist is she?'

'No, this is Yeardley Smith. She is the reason why we are here.' said Leroy 'You know what kind of experiments we were doing in Nevada right?'

'I had a feeling. Something to do with time travel correct?'

'Correct and poor Yeardley here was transported here from 2007.''I see but I dont understand why you have come here.'

Leroy told Tobias what Yeardley had told him on the way to Cape Idlewild. The colour drained from Tobias's face finally he

said 'If that is true then you must get her as far away from Earth as possible. I could contact Ulrich Wernstrom over on Jupiter Base

maybe he can-' 'Dont you get it?'Leroy snapped 'She wont be safe on any planet, not in her current state we have to de-age her.'

'Oh ho! So THATS why you came here! You wanted to use our Chrono Gun. Well, I'm sorry but it is highly unstable it could-' 'Excuse me,

but dont I get a say in this?' asked Yeardley 'I want to know what this Chrono-Gun is and why you want to use it for.'

Tobias turned to Yeardley as though remembering that she was there. 'My dear lady, forgive my inpoliteness. The

Chrono-Gun is a device that could reverse the aging process. It zaps you with anti-chronotons that de-age you to a

certain point. At full power it can turn a grown man into a newborn infant in about a minute.' 'You think that the Chrono-Gun

can reverse the effects?' Yeardley asked 'It might, but like I said, it is unstable. And besides, it will only delay the effects, not

cure you of them.' 'I dont care, if I'm putting the Earth in danger in my currunt state, and the only way to stop the threat is to de-age me

then so be it.'

Yeardley was screaming 'OH GOD IT HURTS!!!! THE PAIN!!!!!! OH LORD MAKE IT STOP!!!!! ARRRRRRRRGGGGG!!!!!!!!'

'Errr...Yeardley,' said Tobias 'I haven't turned it on yet.'


Yeardley was lying on a table. The Chrono-Gun towered over her. Leroy and the rest (I'm not writing all those name's again) were standing behind a see through sheet of plate-glass.

Tobias was stood at the controls, reading a booklet. 'Whats that your reading?' Yeardley asked. 'The instruction manuel.' Tobias replied. 'Oh, *thats* reassuring.'

'Hey, this thing is very sensitive, you dont want to end up a zygote do you?' 'I guess not.' 'OK then. Commencing De-Ageification.' Tobias pressed a button.

Yeardley started to glow red there were no visible effects but Tobias was reading of the age moniter. 'Age, decreasing 43.......42..........41....40........39......38......37......36.....35.....34.....33.....32.....31....' Yeardley started to shrink slightly '30.....29......28.....27.....26......25.....24......23.....21.....20.......' Yeardley's clothes started to slacken, as though the

person wearing them was getting smaller '19......18......17.....16....15....14......13.......12......11.....10.....' Yeardley was now substantialy smaller now. Two dull thuds came as Yeardley's slippers, now loose on her shrinking feet, fell to the floor. '9.....8.....7.....6.....5.....4.....3.....2.....1 And we are done. So, Yeardley, what do you think of your new found youth?' The 1 year old girl sat up on the table and fixed Tobias with a glare. Tobias chuckled and turned to the rest standing behind the glass.

He motioned for the others to come from behind the glass.

They were all seated in the Control Room. Leroy was holding baby Yeardley, who was staring as though listening intently.

'So,' Tobias said 'Now we must hide her away. If what you say is true, Leroy, then Mr Burns will turn the Solar System upside down to look for her.'

'I'd take her.' Eli said 'But my girlfriend is allergic to baby powder. Sorry, Yeardley.' 'Me and Laura are too old to take care of any baby.' Stephen said.

'I can bearly button my shirt up in the morning without breaking a finger, rhumitisim being what it is.' 'My apartment landlord wont let me keep a hamster let alone a baby.' Marlowe said. 'I'll take her.' Leroy said. 'Me and Cissy have been trying for a baby but she couldn't get pregnant and neither could I.

I'd be happy to take her.' 'Very well,' said Tobias 'You will adopt Yeardley and give her a new name and we will fend this off at least for another 30 years.'

Leroy smiled 'Till 2094, then.' he looked down at baby Yeardley. 'How does the name Lena sound to you?' Baby Yeardley gave a non-commital shrug.

'OK, then, welcome to the family, Lena Quicksilver!