Fan Fiction

The Kroker Chronicles
By Daniel Leicester

Part 3


Los Angeles

The rain hammered against the windows of the Greyhound Bus. Cid Farnsworth gripped the documents tightly as though his life would end if he let go. The bus stopped and Cid got off. He set of for a nearby bar where someone very important was waiting.

Matt Groening, David Cohen and Curtis Prolk were all sat around a table at the back of the bar. Cid had entered. 'I told you he would show.' Curtis said. 'Hello,' Cid panted 'Professer Cid Farnsworth.' He held out a hand to Matt. Matt shook it. 'What is this all about?' asked Matt. 'This,' Cid said, slamming the documents down on the table and sitting down. ' has been in my posession for forty-nine years.' 'What is it?' asked David. Cid leaned closer to the others 'A prophesy.' he said, in what he hoped was an enigmatic voice.'A prophesy.' Matt said, in an this-is-bat-guano tone. 'A prohesy of what?' asked David. 'The Mighty One. Look,' he added quickly as Matt looked disbeliving. 'This is all true and he said that you might be to one to release

this to the public.' 'Who?' 'In 1947, I was visited by a man from the future, he told me a story that he said must be told to more lest it be forgotten forever. And he said that you were to one to do this.' 'But I wasnt born in 1947 so how...' 'He was from the future, the year 3046 to be excact. He said that I should find you and you would-'

'Listen mister,' Matt snapped 'I have no idea who you are but you are psycotic if you think I'm gonna believe some story about a guy from the 31st Century visiting you and telling you

to meet some unborn cartoonist. Did Al Jean put you up to this?' 'I told the Priory this was a fools errand. I apologise for wasting your time.' But Matt had gone pale 'Priory? What Priory?'

'The Priory Of Promeitheus. Is something wrong?' Matt and David looked at each other. 'Give those documents!' 'You will consider it then?' Cid said sounding hopefull. 'Yes, we will, but we will have to sell it as fiction, Fox will never let this out if they think we are telling the future.' Matt glanced down at the documents, all of them had the same words written on the covers:

The Futurama Prophesies

'Futurama?' Matt asked. Cid shrugged 'It was the name of a World's Fair Exibit I saw in 1951. I thought it would be perfect for this kind of thing.'


Luna Vista General Hospital, Luna Vista, Colonial Capital of Luna

Doctor Adeli Atkins ran a hand through his balding grey hair. His next patiant, Merlyn Mac Intire walked in. 'Ah, Mr MacIntire what a pleasure it is to see you.' 'Yeah yeah, just give me my check up and be quick about it, I need to see if my safer has arrived.' 'Safer?' Yes it's like a safe only-' 'Safer I get it now. Hold still.' Adeli took out a bioscanner and waved it up and down the length of Merlyn's body. 'Well, you seem to be in good health.' Adeli said cheerfully 'You're free to go. Oh and send in the next patiant will you?' Merlyn left. The door then opened again and Leela, Yancy and Clancy walked in. 'Leela! What an unexpected suprise! How are you?' 'Fine.' Leela said shortly, she and Adeli had hardly parted on good terms, and in light of all that had happned in the last few days, meeting an old flame

was the last thing Leela needed. 'These your- childeren?' Adeli asked, noting, Leela was sure Yancy and Clancy's mono-ocular status. 'Yes. Yancy, Clancy this is

Adeli Atkins an....old friend of your mother's.' 'Hey.' 'Sup.' Yancy and Clancy said respectively. 'So, would you like me to err scan them over too?' 'Yes, and hurry it up please, I want to get to Titan as soon as possible.' 'Titan? Why?' 'My husband is there.' 'Who-' 'Phillip Fry.' 'The CEO of Planet Express? He vanished two days ago! How do you know

he is at Titan?' 'I dont, but that was where he last was. If he's not there I'll turn this whole fricking galaxy upside down untill I find him!' Leela was shaking now. Anger visable on her face.

The injustice of it all was still knawing at her. Where was Fry, and why was she being stonewalled every time she tried to get answers from the DOOP Penal Authority. 'My husband is involved in something big, very big. And the DOOP knows about it or is in the pocket of those that do.' 'I think you are being paranoid, your bioscan reveals

that you have a lot of aderaline in your blood stream. I think you need some medication-' 'Spare me your bedside manner for someone who gives an owl's ass! Come on,

Yancy, Clancy we are going.' But you cant leave the Refugee Compound!' 'I'm not a Martian!' 'It doesnt matter, the DOOP Security Force has decreed that you are all witnesses to a case of Globeaside, the DSF says that you are to remain in the Compound untill....urk!' Leela had pinned Adeli up against the wall. 'Listen you stuck up little prick! I am not going to let a bunch of phnarging beuraucrats stand between me and my husband! I'm leaving this moon one way or another and I pity the man who tries to stop me!'

Hong Kong, Earth

Ada Wong stared at her son Leo, agast. He and his wife Inez had arrived on her doorstep a few hours ago and Leo told her the story about why they where there. 'You left her on Decapod10? Just let her there!?' 'Thaarg would have killed me.' 'He wouldnt he needs you.' Inez said derisively. 'And you,' Ada turned on Inez 'You let him! Didnt try to stop him?' 'Leo pratically dragged me onto the spaceship before I knew what was what!' Inez said, nettled. Ada sighed 'I'm going to get my coat, and then you two and me are going to get the next shuttlebus to the DOOP Embassy in Beijing. ' Ada stared hard at her son. 'You will tell them everything.' 'But I'll spend the next five decades in the Titan Penal Colony!' 'And that will give you a great deal of time to reflect on what you have done. And the First Golden Rule Of Parenting: No selling your daughter as a weapon of mass destruction.'

The Luna Impirial Palace, Luna Vista, Luna

The preserved head of Lunar Emperor Al Gore was sat in his office when an aside entered. 'Emperor Gore, Leela Fry, the Vice President of PlanEx Corp is here to speak-' He was interrupted by Leela walking in very angryly. 'Emperor Gore,' she said impatiantly 'I wish to have permission to leave Luna to search for my husband.' 'Permission granted.' 'Now you see here I- wait did you say I could go?' Leela asked 'Yes.' Gore said calmly. 'OK thanks....I think.' Cofused and relieved, Leela left. 'Sir' The aside said 'Why did you allow her to leave?' 'I have my reasons.' Gore said, smiling. 'What are they?' 'I'm not going to tell you. I think I implied that.' 'Why did you tell me you have your reasons if you dont indend to tell me what they are?' 'Because I was

trying to be enigmatic and now youve just ruined it. ' 'Sorry. Do you want me to ask you again?' 'No, just forget it and bring me a vodka and tonic.'

Titan Penal Colony, Callisto......heh heh just kidding! Titan.

Feldman Birch had represented Zapp Brannigan for the best part of a decade. He had defended him during his court marshall over the events at the DOOP Colony on Thresa in 3007. And even though that case was lost and resulted in his client being expelled from the DOOP in disgrace, being banned from captaining a starship of any kind for forty years and being condemed to a life scrubbing toilets at PlanEx Corp Headquarters, Feldman had not lost his optimisim. He walked into the visiting hall with a spring in his step. 'What are you so happy about?' asked Zapp, who was seated at the table. 'I have come up with the best way of getting you out of here!' 'What?' 'Insanity plea! We make the case that you are too mentally incompetant to have had a part in Mars's destruction.' 'And you think they will buy that?' 'I would.' 'I could just sleep with the female jury members. How many are they?' 'Only one, a Deborah Jurnigan.' 'Ah, sounds like the kind of feisty temptress that I would like. How old is she?' '91' '.....Insanity plea it is!'


Roswell, New Mexico, Earth

The Time pod rumbled up to the army base. Cid turned to the others 'Ok guys, let me do the talking.' The pod pulled up at the guard post. The guard looked the pod up and down. 'What the hell is this?' he said. 'This is a new type of tank that General Ramey wants testing.' Cid said. 'Do you have a militry pass?' 'Oh, I forgot about that. Erm....' Cid then took out a can of pepper spray and sprayed it in the guards face. 'ARRRGH!!!' 'STEP ON IT HARRIS!' Cid yelled. Harris put the pedal to the metal and smashed through the barrier. 'Sweet!' Bender cheered.

Harris had parked the time pod in a secluded spot that would not attract too much attention. They crept along the wall of one of the barracks Harris lead the way, laser pistol at the ready. 'Ok,' said Cid quietly 'We have to be careful not to run in to my thirty year old self.' 'Say what?' yelped Bender 'Yes, on July 9 1947 I was part of a team of scientists that were to become part of a group called Majestic Twelve.' Bender snorted derisively, quite a feat for someone with no nose 'Majestic Twelve? Thats a stupid name for a secret goverment agency!' 'Anyway,' Cid said loudly ignoring Bender 'we must be careful not to run into....me lest we cause a paradox.' 'Agreed,' Harris said gruffly 'Where is this stone located?' 'In a bunker not far from here, I can still remember the codes to get past the doors, but you guys keep a look out for trouble.' 'Very well.' Harris turned to Amy 'You eill come with me, Mrs Kroker, and no false moves.

A distant planet in an uncharted part of the universe

Bloogian High Elder Ton'Ka steped off the ramp of his flying saucer towards a dark cave. The landscape around him was devoid of anykind of life.

Bright purple rocks and cliffs jutted out into the maroon coloured sky. Ton walked inside the cave and down a narrow passage way, the walls of

which were lined with strange letter in a language that even Ton could not understand. The passage way ended in two large dark brown doors that were twice Ton's height. The opened by themselves upon Ton's arrival. He stepped into the dark chamber inside. Suddenly a light shone like a spotlight on Ton. A booming voice said 'The Paradighm Code has been contaminated.' 'I know, Great Teacher.' Ton said 'I have consulted the Elder Texts of old and they fortell-' 'SILENCE.' The booming voice....errr...boomed 'We require not excuses! Our patience wears thin, Ton'Ka. Your spy on the Eternian High Counsil has failed to neutrelise the threat posed by the Mighty One.' 'He will suceed, Great Teacher, I swear it he will!' 'He better had, lest you both incur the wrath of the Vur'Aaanx!'