Fan Fiction

One Point
By kaspired

“Wernstrom! Why did I let him talk me into this? I could be in my own lab doing my own experiments. I still need to finish the universal translator.”

“Oh Lordy, C’mon Fry. We gotta find everybody else.”

“Where’s dat pudgy little mon of mine? He said he’d find the way out, and now he’s missing like last weeks paycheck”


“I don’t like this. Splesh, this floor is messed up.”

“Throw the delivery down through that door and we can just say that we lost it.”

“Oh my, how’d Amy get there?”

“B’uh. Fry! Get Leela off that ledge!”

“My stomach. I can’t look…I‘ll hurl!”


“Nope, nothing here. Oh it’s just the Professor.”

“I think we just found everybody…”