Fan Fiction

The Amy Baby Blues, Part 5
By John Porteous

Fry:You know my name!But you're a monster!
??????:I was once your friend.My name is Martin!
Fry:But how did you survive for 1000+ years?
Martin:Let me explain.When you left me for Michelle in 1997 I was angry that I went to work in a power plant.I was so angry because of you I forgot to look out for the plutonium trolley that engulfed me.I was in a nuclear coccoon for 1000 years.Recently I emerged as a horrible,ant muntant monster with radioactive eyes!!!Prepare to die!
Fry:Oh yeah!Who's gonna stop me?!{Martin slices Fry left arm off}

Bender:The fight between you two begins!Get your weapons!Winner gets Amy Jr!
Fry:I guess this sword will help.Hiyaahh!{He slashes through Martin but it does no harm}
Martin:That is no match for my atomic breath!{the breath dissolves his weapons}.
Fry:Now I wonder if this death clock can fight.Yo Martin!Catch this!
{He throws it at Martin.}
Martin:I shall destroy this with my anti sword!{This cause the clock to turn into a bomb}
Fry:In your face!
Martin:Oh no!The 15,000 years turned into 15,000millisecond!
Death clock{In cherry female voice like 4acv10}:
Because of this I will explode with a 1 megaton blast in15seconds.Have a nice day.
Martin:That'll blow me to pieces!
Death clock:10..9..8..7..6..5...4...pi...3...e...2...phi,3/2...1...Have a nice day,0!
{Death clock explodes!}
Bender:You did it Fry!I got it on on tape.
Fry:Let's get the baby home.
Fry:Wait!Martin is alive!?
Martin.Thanks for freeing me to my normal self.
Fry:So are we friends?
Martin:No way I was never your friend I just joked.Nyah nyah!

Amy:You found her!
Fry:Well she does look cute.
Leela:How did you know where she was?
Fry:Not telling.I guess it'll be me and Bender's little secret.