Fan Fiction

The Amy Baby Blues, Part 4
By John Porteous

{P.E office,9:01am}
Amy:Ah,the sky is blue and my baby,is..gone?NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leela:What's all this?
Farnsworth:Great,you know not to curse in Chinese when I have a nap!
Amy{who's hyperventilating}:Amy...Jr...kidnapped...gone!{She faints and we skip to later.}

Bender:Heh Heh!They'll never know we kidnapped her!
Fry:I bet I can keep it a secret for 80 years!
Bender:How much?
Bender:You're on!

Amy:I'm so upset!
Fry:That's what you deserve for taking away our friends!
Bender:Kill all Wongs!You should be ashamed Amy.
Leela:They do have a point!
Amy:I guess I should tell you..THE WONG CURSE!

Amy:Every Wong has been kidnapped.Me,mum,her mum,her mum's mum,her...
...right down to my ancestors from the 1990s.I just wanted the curse abolished.Why must it torment me?{Amy cries}.
Fry:I understand.So does Bender.
Amy:So will you help?
Fry:I don't know..{Leela offers him a kiss and Amy offers Bender $300}
Bender:Let's go Fry!

{The sewers}
Fry:Are you sure where we are?
Bender:Maybe.My memory chip could be dusty.
Fry:Maybe we could ride..
Fry:Or we could-
Fry:Bender's great!

Fry:We've found her Bender.
Bender:There she is on top of..Oh my...goodness{it's the censorchip again}.
??????:Welcome to the end of your life,Philip.J.Fry!!
Bender:Neat!{Takes picture}.