Fan Fiction

The Amy Baby Blues, Part 3
By John Porteous

Leela,Amy,Lababra and others:So cute!
Fry:At least the males are lone.
Zoidberg:What a cute child with her mother.I wish I knew my parents.
Flashback to Why must I be a Crustacean in Love?
Zoidberg:My parents died during mating?{Zoidberg crys like a baby}.
Flashback ends and Zoidberg is crying 2x as hard.

{A few weeks later}
Fry:Look at this everybody!I've balanced these Slurm cans into a Leela monument!
{Everyone ignores his feat}.
Bender:I've mastered this great magic trick!!
{Everyone looks at Amy Jr and ignores his trick;making a building come out of a vase}
Both Bender and Fry:{They say some curse.}

{Three days later}
Linda:Today the news of a new Wong swept globally.She's so adorable.
Morbo:She's so cu-WHAT?WE'RE ON AIR?I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fry:Grr that Amy has angered me for the last time!
Bender:Yeah,we should initiate Plan B
Fry:When do we initiate Plan K?
Bender:Soon enough Fry,soon enough...

{Here are the plans B-J:}
{Plan B:Run around in circles.Plans C-J:Drink alchahol for 5 hours}

Fry:Can we initiate plan K now?
Bender:Aren't you forgetting plans J.1 to J.1001{It's in binary of course!}?

{Plan J.1 was to think about plans L-@.Plans J.10-J.1001 are pornography.}

Fry:Time to unleash plans J.91-99.Woo hoo!
Bender:No,plan K.
Fry:Darn,I was so close!

Amy:Time for nap my precious.{Amy Jr smiles while Amy rocks here to sleep in Chinese.}
Leela:She looks peaceful,dosen't she?

Fry:Hello Amy.
{They get a bag and kidnap Amy Wong Jr!!}
Bender:Let's dump her in the easiest way possible-The sewers of Old New York!!