Fan Fiction

The Amy Baby Blues, Part 2
By John Porteous

{Amy has gotten into first stage labour.The fluids crack John II s head's jar.}
JohnII:You just crossed the border!You are banned from this house...
Fry:Can we visit this place again?

{On the Nimbus ship,Kif is leaving it and travelling to P.E HQ}
[Back to P.E]

Zoidberg:As a doctor I diagnose you with the bubonic plaque.
Amy{Panting}:Don't you know I'm in labour?No wonder you're poor!!
Kif:Did I get here in time?
Amy:Yes,I'm just about to give birth.
Kif and Leela:You can do it!
Bender:Kill all humans...mostly women.
{Amy has fully given birth}

Amy and Kif:She's so cute!Aren't you my sweet?
{The baby has an outside similar to Amy but has Kif's eyes and hands.Her inside is simlar to Amy but has fluid-filled bladders instead of bones.}

Amy:What should we name you my sweet?
Leela:Maybe Kamy or Aif.
Amy:I'll name you Amy Wong Jr.
Amy Jr:Ga ga goo ga ba.

{Between 26 December and 38 December}
Farnsworth:Good news everyone!I've discovered Amy ha a daughter.
Farnsworth:Anyhow,Amy Jr has been asigned a job at Planet Express.She seems to be good at fixingstuff,so she's now the repairman,woman,whatever.
Bender:Well the baby can just..
Fry:But you've got the censorchip on!
Bender:Great!I can't say my favourite word!I wish I could cry!

Fry:No fair!You never let me work when I was a kid!
Farnsworth:Like I'm 1050 Mr.Frozen.and.Motionless.for.a.milleninum!
Bender:At least he's not saying..
Farnsworth:Whining again Bender,to Mr.I'm My Own Grandpa!!
Bender:Take a nap you old hag!!
Farnsworth:No,I decide naps!
Farnsworth:But I'm already in my pyjamas.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ*SNORE*ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ