Fan Fiction

The Amy Baby Blues
By John Porteous

{In the work out room,Amy is using the heaviest equipment.She suddenly turns fat}.

{Opening theme:Minimum jargon=Maximum labour}.
{Cartoon:Space Pilot 3000,Futurama,1999}.

{It is 9:31 and 61 seconds past midnight.NNY is very sunny.}
Farnsworth:Good news everybody!1:You'll be delivering a package to the Porteous residence,the first people to go on Mercury.

Leela:And what's the other news?
Farnsworth:Wha?Oh yes,I've created a censorchip.
Leela:It's about time!I've had enough of Bender's jargon.
Fry:But I like his jargon!
Bender:Grr!That's it Mr.160 year old!!*censorchip added*Darn you old man!

{They are in the P.E ship.They are on Earth so they're only going 500mph.}

Leela:Why are you fat Amy?Tell us!
Everyone except Amy:Tell us!Tell us!!TELL US!!!
Amy:All right,I'll admit it!Spleesh!I'm pregnant.
{Everyone else gasps}
Amy:It all started 9 months ago on Valentines...

{Flashback to the Nimbus ship,14th February,3006.}
Zapp:..and that's how I became captaine P.E crew.Oh yes,where is my love,Leela?
Fry,Bender and the rest:Uhh,{lying}she travelled to Vergon 7.
Zapp:Kif,I want you to seduce your love.

Kif:Should we?
Amy:Yep,but let's block these cameras.They look like a trick.
{At 9:56 they {Kif and Amy} are sleeping together.It is very similar to the Lovenasium.}
{Flashback ends}

{The P.E ship lands.}
Fry:Delivery for John Porteous XXXII!
John 32nd: :come in come in.
Fry:Wow,you must be millionares!
John 32nd :As rich as MOM.Thanks to our ancestor John Porteous being the 1ST man on Pluto and the same for Mercury with his son.
John II s head:Did someone mention me?

John 32nd :..And here is the last 1 kilo of peanut butter.Hey,there's only 750g!!

John II s head:We have kept our wealth for over 900 years.
{Amy's womb rumbles}
John 32nd:And here we keep the-OH NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
{Amy's waters break.It's time.}