Fan Fiction

Infinant Mischif, part 2
By Green Leader

Part two of my story. Special thanks to Graham for spending time posting this story.


New New York 8:56 am Central standard time. PE building, Ship taking off headed towards Mars as the professor watches from the balcony.

PE ship #2 cabin

Leela- "Ok it should be only an hour before we get to mars.

Bender-"Ok, I'm goanna go drink my beer in peace." He said as he walked out of the bridge.

Now Mars base 12 only had a capacity to hold a squad and a tank. At this time only three troops were they're. Along with a Type M3 tank and a hover jeep. So Leela figured it would be easy to find they're escort. Scene ship lands by small AUH-1 Huey chopper.

Leela- "Alright I'll be right back." She said as she stepped out of the ship. Leela saw a tank in the far field. She walked over and looked at it. It was a DOOP M3A1 tank. A light one with a heavy main gun. Suddenly the tank the turret hatch opened.

Soldier-"You uh looking for someone?"

Leela-"Well I'm looking for a Lt."

Soldier-"Oh you want Daniel." When he said that, the front hatch opened revealing a DOOP trooper. He was wearing a M-10 helmet without the fin, a green flack jacket, short sleeve uniform, and long pants and boots.

Daniel" Billings! Who's this?"

Billings-"She's the new captain."

Daniel looks at Leela then yells" Alright then, Billings get this tank into they're cargo bay. Ramirez should follow in the jeep." Then the tanked lurched and pasted Leela in a cloud of exhaust. Followed by a third trooper in a jeep.

In Leela's mind, "This isn't a squad. It's a circus act." Then she started for the ship's ramp.

Bender was sitting in the cargo bay looking through the crates of gear, bullets, boots, and K-rations in the cargo hold when suddenly the main cargo hatch lowered to the ground. Bender watched as a tank and a hover jeep parked on it. Bender thought they were only taking on a Lt. Not a tank. Bender decided it was time to go hide some illegal alcohol before the troops found it.

An hour later.

Fry woke up to the sound of an engine starting up. He looked through the hatch to the cargo bay. He was surprised to see multiple troops walking around a jeep and a tank. Fry walked out to investigate.

Fry(talking to a corporal) " Excuse me but can I ask who you are?"

Billings-"I'm Billings, and you are?"

Fry-"Fry, I'm the delivery boy."

Billings-"Ah well you seem nice enough. That soldier over they're."(Points at Ramirez working on his pistol)" He's Ramirez, and that trooper on the tank."(Points at Daniel hitting tanks AI mainframe with a mallet.)" He's our Lt.

Fry- Well nice to meet you. I'm going to the bridge".

Billings-" Have fun."

Fry walked out of the bay and went to the bridge.

Leela-"Oh look who reported for radar duty. Did you meet our escort?"

Fry-"Yeah, I don't think they're really good for escort."

Leela-" Why do you say that?"

Fry-" Because the Lt was hitting the tank with a hammer."

Leela( In obvious confusion) Right. Well were entering planet atmosphere now. Hang on."

Five minutes later the ship lands on a pad at an F.O.B airstrip.

Bender-" Well, this looks as good as any to go sell some illegal beer." He said as he walked off.

Fry-"Good old Bender. Always making a buck."

Billings(who had just walked out holding a M1A1 blaster.) "Did he just say illegal beer?"

Fry-" Oh, uh no not at all." Suddenly Daniel came up behind them. "Trust me Billings you wouldn't think that's illegal if you've been to Neptunian 5."

"what's they're?" Fry said.

Daniel-" Let's just say you need extra food or you'll be eating Kin jinn you. That's French for Kazakhstan. Wonderful with boot."

Billings and Fry give him unusual look.

Leela who had just walked out.- "Okay Ramirez unload the ship, everyone else take five."

While everyone walked away Ramirez looked at the pile of supplies and grumbled something under his breath.

While the PE crew went about they're business while Daniel and Billings walked into the ships bridge and started looking through the maps.

Daniel-" Billings were looking for a map of they're last run to Armors 7."

Billings-" Sir, what do we need the map for?"

Daniel-" I don't know. Command just told me... someone's coming. Run!

Just as the two dived out of the window Ramirez walked in." Hey I unloaded the cargo. Sir, captain. Oh sure leave me and run of!"

After unloading and taking off again, the ship was off back to Earth.

Leela( talking to Daniel, Billings, and Ramirez)- "So, what did you all do before this task?"

Daniel-" Me and Billings were based on Lars 21. It fell under attack by this new enemy of the universe. We also were in the Spherion 1 campaign. I believe Fry and Bender were they're to. After that, well I'll let Billings tell it."

Billings-" Well it went all like this."