Fan Fiction

Infinant Mischif, part 1
By Green Leader

My first story called First contact. I own nothing of Futurama or anything else in this fic.

A far away planet called Sirius three. A planet mostly of farms, villages, and several military bases. All that changed in the year 3018. Unknown contacts had been seen on planet eighteen miles south of the capitol squad Zeta had engaged the unknown. "Aw hell, our bullets aren't doing squat to they're armor." Yelled the sergeant. "sir command just called transport's and gunship's are being used to evac civilians." said radio op. "We need to fall back, they're pressing to hard were dead if we stay here. Look out!" Then a large explosion wiped out the bunker the squad was in. "(Radio)-Zeta do you copy over? Respond over. Can you here m..." Explosion is heard over radio followed by silence, permanent silence.

Planet Express delivery company, New New York August 13, 3018 1:47 pm The ship was just landing from a delivery to a space station which monitored radio traffic. As Fry, Leela, and Bender walked out the Professor walked over to them.

"Good news nobody's tomorrow I need you to take military equipment to a DOOP base on Orius. It's critical they get they're tomorrow." "Why not take them now?" Bender asked "Because the Doop will only allow ships with military personal on board to go through. Your escort will meet you on Mars." All three crewmen nodded and walked of to go home. At this time Leela was only sort of dating Fry. And Bender was himself. The PE company had grown in recent years. It had the old ship with a duel laser turret and a new engine. Along with a class 2 freighter, which had a older ship cabin, a square cargo hold, and old ship rear. Fry was still living with Bender in the robot arm's building. Fry got home to see Bender drinking beer and watching a movie with Calculon in it. As Fry sat down he accidently hit the remote changing it to the news.

Morbo-"Sirius is confirmed lost with millions dead the enemy is still unknown. Space in the Orius system is also unsafe. Goodnight!" "Hey go back to my movie!" Bender yelled. Fry just said" Orius is where were going tomorrow. Looks like we'll need plenty of rest." He said as he went to bed.(In Fry's mind)"If we get attacked and I save us, Leela will think I'm a hero. This will be perfect." But as it turned out everything would not be perfect. In fact It would be an infinite robot hell.

6am the next morning, Fry was only half awake as the Professor gave the delivery details.

"The equipment will be in crates, so all you have to do is offload it and return here."

"We understand , right Fry." However Fry was asleep again. "Well off you go then" the Professor said as he waved them off. "This isn't going to end well." Leela thought to herself as she walked to the ship.

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