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Zoey Webber
Dragonstore Cowgirls: Fry, Bender, Leela, and Amy get sucked through a vortex and end up on a planet that's like the Old West and Ancient Rome. Fry and Bender get sold as slaves while Leela and Amy have to do a rodeo style gladiator battle with a dragon with help from Nibbler.
Fear of a Dino Planet: Lrrr plots revenge against Fry and Bender because he still holds a grudge against them for all the trouble he believes they caused him. The trouble begins with Fry being at a concert with Zoidberg and gets snatched. After Fry and Bender get banished to a Dinosaur Planet, Bender fights off the dinosaurs which lands them in serious hot water. Can they find their way back?
Attack of the Zoidberg App: You won't find any Twitcher or Susan Boils in this story. This is a rewrite of Attack Of The Killer App and what it should've been.
While The Cat's Away: When Farnsworth goes to a Scientist Convention, that's Bender's cue to turn Planet Express into a water park! Everything goes well, until Mom and her sons want to know why Planet Express is suddenly so popular lately!
Robot and The Eyeball: Fry loses his memory after an accident involving the Planet Express ship. Out of regret, Leela and Bender quit and become detectives after Bender gets robbed. Farnsworth uses a microchip in Fry's brain that makes him smarter, more efficient, and ambitious, but is it all too good to be true?
Do You Come From A Land Downunda?: After Zoidberg saved Fry, Bender, and Leela from being stranded, he still isn't appriciated. So Zoidberg runs away and joins the Space Corps and ends up on a planet called Downunda where he is beloved! Especially by the Mayor there who's a man in a dog suit named Wilford. Who's based on the character from the FX show Wilfred. Everyone loves Zoidberg that is until Bender shows up. This could only end badly.
You See The Circle: After the Planet Express Crew comes back from Oktoberfest, they all want to watch a DVD. The DVD they watch has a weird occurance when it opens a portal into another dimension! It's just a DVD........Isn't it?
The Sunshine Dumpling Gang: A trip to the Bubbling Geezer ends with a tidal wave that turns Fry, Hermes, Amy, and Zoidberg into babies. Bender and Leela make a rock group out of them.
The Cyclopian Ranger: Leela is in for a Wild West style quest when she and gang are on the planet Mountain Town that's been overtaken by savage Amazon Women.
When Ants Attack: Takes place after Viva Mars Vegas. Bender gets arrested for building a casino because it's illegal to build one on Earth or anywhere. Until he learns of a planet called Sandhill where ants live and that's when he makes his move. Fry, Leela, Hermes, Amy, and Zoidberg are forced to help.
Piss on the Hydrant: A Worst Costume Contest is on the horizon that Bender has everyone enrolled in. Fry has a piece missing to his Fire Hydrant costume, and Zoidberg steps in and takes him to the Planet Hydra where human-like Fire Hydrants live to find a missing piece. Fry and Zoidberg both get lost. Then Fry is taken in by a female fire hydrant who convinces Fry his friends are using him. The Hydrant woman seems to be the woman of his dreams, but then turns out to be a psycho. Smoothies and the dogs from the Planet Sirius K-9 from issue 42 play an important role in this.
Strike Back: Farnsworth drags everyone to a Career Oppounities Expo for people who work at a delivery service. There's nothing left for Zoidberg until he finds a Prank Club. Zoidberg will do whatever it takes to be a part of the club. Chaos comes around when Fry and Bender get pranks played on them. Leela has a plan to set Zoidberg straight. But that doesn't stop Zoidberg from pulling off the ultimate prank ever! Zoidberg just might win.......question is....does Zoidberg EVER win?
Fry-T Night (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): It's night, and Fry is going home after a good, hard drinking session, only to meet a creature that resembles a vampire who proceeds to attack him. However, after he's been found by Dr Zoidberg and taken to hospital, where he awakes, he tells the sceptical crew who've gathered around his bed about his meeting with the vampire and the resultant bite. They, quite naturally, think he's been hallucinating while drunk... but has he? Find out if Fry is going insane or is in blood-draining danger.
Futurama vs. Predator: The First Encounter: When the Nimbus find a derelict spaceship in deep space, Zapp send a group of crewmembers to salvage it. What they find was a nightmare, that soon were threatening the entire DOOP vessel.
Zymogen Ultra.porn Postpathalogic