Fan Fiction

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From Bad, To Worse, To Perfect: Someone knows about “The Mighty One” and his importance to the well being of the Universe, and to get him, they capture “The Other”.
Earthquake!: When an earthquake damages PE and Leela's apartment building, Leela moves in with Fry. This is all right with Fry until he discovered that Leela has a date.
Beat The Ginger Day: People with Fry's hair color are rather rare, and when an episode of an ancient TV show from the Stupid Ages reminds the world about “Beat the Ginger Day”, Fry has to hide out for a while and Leela is compelled to help him.
Planet Express: Return of the Dreaded Ex (part 1, 2): A re-encounter with the Planet Express ship's personality from Love and Rocket.
Planet Express: Hangover With Pictures (part 1): After Fry drinks a tub of liquor, a massive hangover allows him to see into the future every time he looks into a mirror.