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Zoidberg's Time To Shine (Part 1, 2): Zoidberg's cousin Zoidfarb comes to visit from Ohio and he soon becomes Zoidberg's rival and challenges him to claw-plock!
Willy Pete
Relics: The crew is sent to a planet that was brutally attacked by an unknown species, and while onboard a disabled attack ship, they discover evidence of who attacked them: a spacesuit. A cyclops spacesuit.
No More Fun and Games: Fry comes to realize that he and Leela's relationship is stuck in a rut, and decides to take drastic measures in order to break it out again.
No More Fun and Games 2 (Part 1, 2, 3): This is a continuation of Wonderbee31's "No More Fun and Games". Fry's now established at the Galactic Bureau of Bureaucracy, but still thinks of his love back on Earth: Leela. In the meantime, she's doing exactly the same about him.
Funeral for a Friend: Tragedy strikes while Fry and Leela are on their way back from a delivery.
Leela Squared (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): What happens when you mix Futurama and Dr Who? A fan fiction. This fiction celebrates the 40th anniversary of Dr Who (23rd November 1963) by combining both that show and Futurama into one story. It's 3015, Fry is married to Leela and has two kids; life is sweet. However, while taking Nibbler out for his evening walk, he stumbles upon The Doctor and his assistant, Leela. Cue name confusion and adventure.
Woodbot 2.0
Futurama Wars - Episode One: A New Smope (Part 1, 2): This story is a parody of the original Star Wars trilogy, but with our favourite characters instead of a hairy gorilla thing, a villian with a bad throat, an effeminate robot and that bleeping peddle bin.
Anthology of Interest Zone (Part 1, 2): Professor Farnsworth brings out the What-if machine for yet another run. However, some moron (guess) has put a copy of The Twilight Zone DVD onto its hard drive, meaning that any future uses of the machine will be themed on stories that appeared in Rod Sterling's classic creation. Fry is first, asking the machine what would happen if he saw a creature on the side of the ship, but nobody believed him.
Fry to the Past: Farnsworth is on an inventing spree. He invents a contraption that can change a person into someone else. However, he's not stopped there, because he has another invention to unfold. What invention will the crew be subjected to now? Read on.
Wu Konguk
And Then There Was Two: Leela and Fry are on a long distance delivery, but find that the autopilot has managed to direct them into a sticky situation, causing the ship to crash onto a planet. Will being alone on a planet give them plenty of time to understand and deepen their relationship?
Falling Away From The World (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6): This fic from Wu Konguk is set after the episode Where No Fan Has Gone Before, where the crew find themselves fugitives from injustice - Zapp Brannigan style! Note from the author: "This fiction is set after Where no Fan has Gone Before and will deviate from possible future episodes (i.e. Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch). This is purely for this fiction, so Kif and Amy fans, please donít hit me. This has nothing to do with my last fic, so thatís one less thing to worry about." You heard him, Kif and Amy fans, no hitting below the belt.