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My Life vs Futurama (Part 1): Before Into The Wild Green Yonder, Fry has been trying to win Leela's heart for a long time. So Bender went looking in the year 2009 and found two girls that can help him. Starring Victoria (the authoress) and her best friend (Chloe).
I Keeping It: Fry has been sad lately, even Leela and Bender are noticing it. So on a visit to another mysterious world, Bender gives Fry a gift which not only brightens Fry's day, but also turns out to have some other consequences as well.
Ghost From The Past (part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): Leela and the PE crew get sent to a week long seminar where they meet a similar deliver crew - the leader of which turns out to be a sister Leela didn't even know she had. Promo pic