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The Frylight Staff
The Frylight Zone - Episode 1: Brain Spawn: After Professor Farnsworth's Elseworld Machine goes haywire, Fry and Amy get trapped inside a parallel dimension where the Brain Spawn has taken over Earth.
The Frylight Zone - Episode 2: Triangle Squared: Fry and Amy end up trapped in another parallel universe, where they have to unite two soul mates in order to leave.
The Frylight Zone - Episode 3: The Oedipus Factor: Leela's a wimp? Parallel universe, alright... can Amy and Fry help Leela find her courage, a gift that can't be given, but has to be learned?
The Frylight Zone - Episode 4: You Say You Want a Revolution?: With his companion Amy dead, what can Fry possibly do to help liberate an Earth overrun by Killbots?
The Frylight Zone - Episode 5: The Id Within Us: To save Amy and Leela, Fry has to come face to face with the essence of his most darkest thoughts...
The Frylight Zone - Episode 6: She Came Back "Wong": Amy isn't what she thinks she is...
The Frylight Zone - Episode 7: Of Legends and Psychos: Fry becomes mistaken for The Unthawed Menace, which isn't surprising because it's him in another dimension, with added menace. In the meantime, Leela finds that she's successfully entered the dimension that Fry and Amy are currently in, but the bad news is that the tether back has been broken...
The Kif
My Life as a Futurama Character (Part 1, 2, 3, 4): A fanfic that portrays someone entering the futurama world and living in it.
My Life now In the Future (Part 1, 2, 3): A continuation of the Story, My Life as a Futurama Character.
Something Sweet: Fry has a surprise for Leela; but what is it?
And In This Corner: A tale of two perspectives set after Time Keeps On Slippin'.
Shots Fired: What if Fry hasn't made it in time? What would have happened then? Set after Leela's Homeworld.
Leela Lets Her Hair Down: Looking back, Leela reflects how a small alteration in hairstyle ended up changing a lot more than she thought it would. (Co-third place, TSFFC Winter Writing Competition 2008)
Note: This author is not the same Tim who is a webmaster on FM/TLZ and who writes under the name Red_Line
Amy's Wedding: Amy is re-united with her old boyfriend. This fic is set a few years ahead of the series where Leela and Fry are already married and Kif is now together with Michelle.
Mayor Flexo: New New York's mayor decides to have a contest for the Robots of the city: mayor for a week. Naturally, Bender is intrigued by this possibility of power, so enters the contest, cheating in the process. However, things become difficult once it's discovered that Flexo has also entered the race.
Tongue Luck
How to Write a Shippy Futurama Fanfic: When writing your shipfic's introductory description, try to mention both Fry and Leela by name in the first sentence. This is also a good place for a few words about the state of their relationship. Your prospective audience should be made aware that story takes a backseat to romance, long before the story even begins. By the same token, make sure the paragraph focuses on these characters' affection or rejection or depression in lieu of a true plot summary. This will be nearly enough to attract readers. Will ending on a tantalizing rhetorical question be the finishing touch that draws them in?
Astronomical Disaster: When Fry fails at yet another attempt to win Leela's heart, a ship destroying asteroid has a bigger impact than either of them could imagine.
The Darkest One: Set after the events of WGY, Fry takes a brief moment after going through the wormhole to reflect on winning Leela's heart.
Trenton Sands
Cold Diamonds: Fry, Bender and Leela are sent to Botland (formerly Scotland) to do a job for the local police. However, they soon find that they're not detecting, as they hoped, but apprehending pieces of discarded paper; they've become litter cleaners. Things soon pick up when they unexpectedly meet up with Mom's sons, and soon get into a competition with them that involves some real detective work.
Delivery to Mobius: The crew are sent to the planet Mobius to deliver golden rings. As Fry knows, this is the planet where Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr Robotnik do battle. Fry is a great fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, so naturally he's excited at the prospect of meeting Sonic himself. Bender, for his own differing reasons, is excited about meeting Dr Robotnik.
Up the Down Potion: Fry is left to guard the Up-Down potion, an invention of Farnsworth's that enables someone to enter the body of another. Wondering why Leela isn't interested in him other than in a working relationship type of way, Fry takes the potion and enters Leela's body to find out why. However, things can always go wrong, especially when it's Fry that's involved...
Cult 55: Fry hears a knock at the door, to find that he's won the Admiral Crunch contest, the winner of which gets anything he wants. Fry decides that what he really desires is Leela's love, so asks for that. Mind you, a certain queen has plans for him... deathly plans.
Forrest Dumps: After being denied a loan from Mom, the Proffessor has a nervous breakdown. The gang suggests he needs a nice rest. So they go to Redwood 77 for some peace and relaxation. However, things don't turn out that way.
Sailing A-Weight: The Professor sends everyone on a treasure hunt to the planet Oceanview. A planet that's 99% water and the only known land is an abandoned pirate ship. Hermes, Amy, and Zoidberg get too greedy for their own good. Meanwhile, Fry reveals a secret to Bender about his weight. Hint: Not overweight. Promo pic by Spaceman130
The Road to Fanzipar: Fry, Bender, and Leela are sent to a prehistoric jungle planet called Fanzipar. The creatures there reject techology and eat humans and robots. Dire consquences await them when they deliver a computer and Bender and Leela are about to become the main course while Fry gets sold into slavery.
SpaceCast Caper: While on assignment in Arizona, Fry, Bender, and Leela help two teenagers get their stolen video game system back. They all learn a thing or two about parenting as well.
Twilight Oil: Mom's sons are on a space train to spread mind-control oil throughout the universe. Planet Express is in hot prusuit to stop them. Fry and Zoidberg are tired of getting yelled at, so to earn respect they try to stop Mom's sons, but fail in the process. Mom's sons then team up with some bikers and tell them they're the good guys and Planet Express is the enemy.
It's Not Easy Being Zoidy: Zoidberg is fed up with being poor. Until one day he goes to a mask shop and becomes a bank robber! Everything catches up to him and he's caught and sent to prison. The PE Crew realizes they're better off, until Fry grows gravely ill and only Zoidberg could cure him. How far will our heroes go?
Bender Meets Wernzilla: Prof. Wernstrom wants revenge on Farnsworth once and for all. He unleashes his pet allagtor 'Wernzilla' by growing him to gigantic proportions and wreak havoc on New New York and Planet Express! Once Farnsworth writes something negative in the newspaper about Wernstrom, all hell breaks loose! How will the Planet Express crew get out of this one?
Haunted Moon Yonder: The Professor sends Hermes, Amy, and Zoidberg to one of Uretctum's moons Haunted Moon Yonder. The moon's culture is based on spaghetti westerns. Once they go missing, Fry, Bender, and Leela go there to save them and get involved with saving the reptiles who live there from an evil sheriff. This will be the last fanfic from this author.
Enter The Ninja: Fry gets tricked into thinking Leela is in trouble and ends up getting kidnapped by Ninjas from the Planet Sayonara to force him to work at a sweatshop. Meanwhile, the police recruit Bender and Leela to go undercover.
The Arachno-Spore Robot: Do androids dream of weed farms? If so, does one go to the Planet Desert Canyon and becomes hellbent on taking it all to build a Doomsday Device? All the while is a certain Jamaican Beaurocrat's secret stash of it is stolen and has no choice but to recruit the help of a trash talking, beer guzzling robot? Ask no more! Your silly questions will be answered in this fanfic which should've been the concept for issue #54!
Public Access Omicron: Lrrr and Ndnd were getting ready to watch TV, until a power outage happens. Lrrr automatically blames Earth for it and gets his revenge by taking over Earth's TV with a Public Access Show. There's also a gorilla involved! This is a fun spoof for fans of Late Night Comedy Shows.
The Replacement Delivery Crew: After a mishap with an oven, Hermes, Amy, and Zoidberg decide it's high time they go on a mission. Once they get Fry, Bender, and Leela out of the way, they go to a planet called Zulu Dawn to deliver some DVDs. Would they know it, disaster ensues for them, can Fry, Bender, and Leela save (and forgive) them?
Battle Frymn: After an expirement involving Fry clones goes horribly wrong, Farnsworth sends Fry, Bender, and Leela to Incheon, a Korean War planet to banish the Fry clones. Complications arise when the Fry clones are blown up by a Doop Solider named Maples and it leads to a quest for the Holy Grail. If you like war movies and Futurama, this is the fanfic for you!
New London Calling: Fry, Leela, and Bender are sent to a planet calling New London. The planet is like Victorian Times and humans and robots co exist. After the delivery they want to join the others who all went to California. Fry and Leela are kidnapped by a renagade biker gang and Bender begrudgingly teams up with a British Intellenge Agent who's based on Asheden, a novel by William Somerset Magham. This fanfic is a parody of British Literature.
Adventures of B.R. And The Nibb: A horrific accident involving zombies during a delivery leads to having everyone expect Bender in the hospital thus leaving Bender to have Planet Express all to himself. So, what's a robot to do? Blackjack and Hookers? Hardly. Instead he's the host with the most when he shows an episode that's a parody of the failed late 1970's TV series B.J. And The Bear. Leela, Farnsworth, Hermes, and Amy do not appear in this fanfic.
Whoops! Zoid's An Indian!: Farnsworth discovers a potion he's invented that he's long forgotten about. Mom's sons get word of it and want in on the action. They unwittingly kidnap Zoidberg and use the potion on him and it has a weird side effect. It turns Decopodians into Indians! Could Kiff be next?
The Great Rockford Scandal: Planet Express is going out of business, AGAIN! That is until Fry, Leela, and Bender get a golden opportunity to star in a remake of The Rockford Files. The show becomes a huge hit, however, there's something different about this new remake, Rockford is now corrupt, and there's an evil force behind it. Could this evil force be.............Langdon Cobb?
Prison of Doomed Souls: Fry, Leela, and Bender are sent to a planet called Turkianna. The planet is like a Turkish Prison that has a lot of false rumors. The prisoners there have to follow the orders of a mysterious voice. Terrible things happen such as being marked for execution and later on, a football game! Special Guest Appearences by Stan Smith, Roger the Alien, and Klaus from American Dad who come to our heroes aid.
Dead Noise: Strange occurances happen when Farnsworth inherits a Cloud Castle from his brother Floyd (from Near Death Wish) that's haunted by ghosts. Bender, Leela, Hermes, and Amy are call upon to get rid of the ghosts. Fry goes to work at a funeral home with a demented boss and the corpses keep disappearing. One slam bang thrill after another when you read this fanfic!
Tango In Paris: Cubert and Dwight get accepted to a prestigious boarding school in Paris. Their hopes for a better education are shattered when they're kidnapped by Arabliens who want to brainwash them into soliders. Bender uses his 'particular set of skills' to track them down. Hermes joins him on the mission. Based on the movie Taken.
The Scruff-Session: In this one our favorite janitor is posessed by a pandora's box he purchased at a Moon Flea Market. The Planet Express crew soon find out it's from a Spider Planet called Spidertopia. Can they get Scruffy an exorcism and save him from the box? Find out in this series finale fanfic. Based on the movie The Posession.
Trevin Bernhard
Leela's Homeworld Alternate Ending: What if Fry hadn't got there in time?