Fan Fiction

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A Smoldering Fate: Lars visits an ailing Mr. Panucci.
Barking Mad: Fry and Bender are watching TV when they catch a strange broadcast calling for furry showers! More happens when they learn that this is the work of an evil canine ruler named Rufus who rules a planet called Bonevald.
Meeting The Simpsons: A Simpson crossover with Futurama,this story takes place a couple of years before Fry gets frozen into the future. He moves to Springfield with his parents and meets the Simpsons.
Unpreceeded Chronicles (Part 1): After a delivery gone miserably wrong (Fry's doing), he gets a stern talking (more like yelling) to by Leela. She has never been so furious before, and Fry in his defense says some very hurtful things to Leela which no one, especially Fry, ever expected to do. What cause will this have on the crew? Read to discover.