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Not Enough Time (Part 1, 2, 3): Fry and Leela are newly married and everything's going swimmingly. However, soon afterwards, Fry catches a deadly disease from Kif, a disease that only gives him a month to live. How can he break this terrible news to Leela? In fact, should he break it to her and cause a month of pain or should he keep quiet in order to allow their final month together to be a happy occasion? Read on to find out.
After the Opera: This story starts just at the end of the last scene in the episode The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings, where Fry has played his holophonor for Leela. Things pick up for Fry from now on. But will they stay that way? Will Leela still love him tomorrow?
Paul A Metcalfe
Destiny's Child: Fry is constantly having strange dreams that seem to point to his future and purpose in life. Leela finds out about these dreams from Fry, getting quite concerned for him. However, Professor Farnsworth's latest invention, the What Was machine, soon proves helpful for Fry to begin to work out what lies behind these subconscious nocternal pointers, discovering that they have something to do with his relationship with Leela.
Futurama/Star Wars Crossover: The PE crew is transported to the Star Wars universe and lands in Mos Eisley, Tatooine. Will they survive in the most wretched hive of scum and villany they'll ever find?
The What-If Machine Presents: What if Fry was poisoned by the space bee's venom instead of Leela?
Back to the Future Past: Panic spreads in Planet Express, as Zoidberg becomes the target of an assassin from the 41st century ! Will the Decapodian survive ? Why would someone want to kill him ? And more importantly... Is it possible that his death would save millions?
The Saphire Delivery boy: This is a very special day for Fry and Zoidberg : they just have been chosen to be a part of an intergalactic group of super-heroes, the Blue Flashlight Squadron ! But something is terribly wrong with their powers... Will they really be able to save the universe?
A Very Bad Idea: Out of boredom, Fry asks the What-If Machine a question that has obsessed him for a while. But he might not like what he would see...
Grudge, Passion, and Test Tubes: After the opera, it seems that Fry and Leela are finally about to date each other. Unfortunately, the professor forces everybody to go to the Great Scientific Fair, the most important scientific event of the year. But what they don't know is that this Fair may be the set-up for many revelations that may change the lives of our heroes forever...
I Think There's Been A Misunderstanding Here ...: What could be easier than putting some order in your locker? Apparently, nothing. Unfortunately for Fry and Leela, when bad luck decides to come in the party, that could lead to some embarassing moments.
The Forgotten Diary: The day after the opera, Leela decides to make a recording in which she describes her new feelings about Fry. But as she takes a look at her collection, she noticed a recording she has never seen before. And apparently, according to its date, it had been made during the timeskips which occured in "Time keeps on slippin' "...
No Taco For Morbo: Set before The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings, Morbo the news monster's people are at war with another belligerent and not overly intelligent race. Add in sinister underworld forces and a not overly intelligent DOOP General and it spells trouble for our favorite delivery crew.
What Sleeps In Between: Fry, Leela and Bender thought that their day was already ruined when they got accidentally teleported to an uncharted sector of space. But they are intercepted by an extremely strange DOOP ship, little do they know they're about to live their most terrifying adventure. There are some dark secrets in the universe that shouldn't be awakened, and unfortunately, they'll have to face them...
Bendizer Z and Mega-Zoidberg versus The Hydra:In the parallel universe where Bender was a giant robot, revealed in "Anthology of Interest 1", more than a year had passed. New New York had been rebuilt, and the Planet Express crew tries to live a normal life. Of course, it's not that easy, considering that Fry still grieves about Bender's death, and as the crew still has to cope with a gigantic Zoidberg, as the professor failed to turn him back to his previous height. But all this is a piece of cake compared to the coming of another giant monster, determined to wipe out the entire city. And as all the attempts for stopping it fail one after the other, the only hope of mankind relies on misshaped alliances... And on the return of a walking disaster that nobody was expecting.