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Blast To The Past (Part 1, 2): Part 1 of "The 'Rama Trilogy"; Leela's old boss asks her to perform her fate assignment duties one last time on a toddler that somehow ended up in the future. But things go awry when the crew discovers that the toddler's related to Fry. Now, Fry must figure out why the child came there in the first place, and how he's going to send him back home.
The Fugitive: Part 2 of "The 'Rama Trilogy"; What should have been a normal, if depressing, Mother's Day for Leela takes a turn for the bizarre when she discovers an orphaned baby cyclops. As Leela seeks answers and a bloodthirsty race of vengful aliens seek the infant, the PE crew is forced into a journey that will lead to the long-awaited revelation of Leela's origin. Written before "Leela's Homeworld" and therefore does not fit canon.
Revival of Project A.L.B.I.A.: Part 3 of "The 'Rama Trilogy"; It's been almost two years since Fry's short-lived return to the 21st century, but too many questions raised by the adventure remain unanswered. Unexpected run ins with an old friend and a dangerous old enemy drag the queries to the forefront of Fry's mind, but his search for answers may force him to act and choose sides in a controversy that hasn't been acknowledged in nearly a thousand years. (Unfinished)
Roll the Credits: An alternate version of TDHaIP: Fry never imagined that his breakthrough performance as a holophonist would also be his last. Written a year before the finale actually aired and based heavily on the spoilers available at the time (in other words: highly inaccurate).
An Eye for an Eye (Part 1, 2): Fry's had enough with just wanting Leela, he wants to win her love. However, to do this, he needs to prove he'd sacrifice himself for her. What to sacrifice? An eye?
The Third Date Rule: Set after The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings, Fry and Leela begin to both start dating seriously, which leads to some speculation and wagers between the other crewmembers.
Happily Ever After: The final episode of Futurama, ever.
Bender Meets Wernzilla, part 2: Fry, Bender, and Leela are delivering red candy when trouble occurs and Planet Express is in danger of being destroyed. Will the Planet Express crew be able to get through this hurdle? Based on a fan fic by the same name by Trenton Sands.
Jerkey Beef, part 2: Fry brings the rest of the Planet Express crew with him to the third dimension and travel back in time to 2011. The crew then auditions in a recording studio and perform a jingle together hoping to gain success. Based on a fan fic by the same name by Hailey Sands.
Enter The Ninja 2: Fry smells Jasmine flowers while at the beach with the rest of the Planet Express crew and follows the scent. When he is captured, who's going to come to his rescue and free him.
Desire: A fictional tale of swimming love featuring Fry and the author of this story, Shunsuke, who've been dating for 3 days. Follow these lovers, that shall remain together forever, on their magical journey as they soar through the sky and spend a week together at a million dollar estate.   (note: slash fic, Fry+author)
What can I do? For you: A continuation of the story, "Desire". Is there a wedding bell in Shunsuke and Fry's future and will Zapp Brannigan manage to kidnap them while on a mission in a distorted city?   (note: slash fic, Fry+author)
Sailing A-Weight 2: What did the prediction Bender gave to Fry and Leela in "Overclockwise" about their future say? Will an opportunity for the Planet Express crew to appear on a game show, participate in a treasure hunt, and win prizes arise in this outpouring feelings slash fiction story?
Drag Fry to Hell: Bender's Inferno (Part 2) [Love is difficult]: Bender goes to meet his new girlfriend-bot and brought Fry with him. When Fry is kidnapped, will Bender be able to rescue him?   (note: slash fic, Fry+author)
Future Speculation: Fry visits Shunsuke at his estate for a few days until he moves in. When Shunsuke annoys Fry again, hilarity ensues.   (note: slash fic, Fry+author)
Sin and Discipline and Love and Fidelity: Shunsuke and Fry make an agreement and enjoy every moment of their never-ending marriage while everyone on the Planet Express crew take on a side-job as musicians. Will their two English lyric oriental cover songs do well in sales and help them enter the business?   (note: slash fic, Fry+author)
Fry Am The Egg Man 2: The Planet Express crew perform 2 oriental pop rock cover songs about love and the couple, Shunsuke and Fry, visit Mr. Peppy and take care of another egg. Fry, Bender, and Zoidberg are given the task of working in a restaurant.   (note: slash fic, Fry+author)
Hold Outer Space Future In Both Hands: Blue Season one pilot episode for the official sea-front street story of Shunsuke (from this universe) & his relationship with Philip J. Fry. Explore the first day of their beautiful romance.   (note: slash fic, Fry+author) – Promo pic
Futility umbrella in star rainfall: The Professor creates raspberry/lemonade "Spiral Potion" & asks the delivery team to take a crate to the flowing "Bouncy Bouncy Ultra" world. (note: slash fic, Fry+author)
Not enter jeans altogether sound: The delivery team deliver a painting to an all-sepia planet & guard the ocean for a few hours. (note: slash fic, Fry+author)
Rear Frydow: Shunsuke is sad when Fry accidentally breaks his leg while performing a concert & must stay in bed until he heals. Will Fry be able to prevent Zapp Brannigan & drug dealers from robbing a jewelry store? Based on an idea by Hailey Sands (note: slash fic, Fry+author)
Sic Transit Gloria: Shunsuke, Fry, Amy, Hermes, & Zoidberg get ill & are sent to a castle. Will Bender & Leela be able to get the cure on a planet based on the violent Japanese manga & movie "The Neighbor No. Thirteen" with help from Roger & Klaus from "American Dad"? Based on an idea by Trenton Sands (note: slash fic, Fry+author)
Saphire: Will Fry break up with Shunsuke when a girl makes a move on him? Will Bender be able to kick his saphire addiction? Based on an idea by Hailey Sands. note: slash fic, Fry+author.
Uncle Bender's BedTime Stories: Bender tells stories to an insomniac Fry. Based on an idea by Hailey Sands (note: slash fic, Fry + author)
Beat The Clock: The Robot Mafia want to rule the universe so they kidnap Shunsuke, Fry, Amy, Hermes, Farnsworth, & Zoidberg & tie them to a bomb. Will Bender & Leela be able to save their friends before time runs out? Based on a idea by Trenton Sands. (note: slash fic, Fry + author)
Good fortune & happiness will come to the home of those who smile: The Planet Express crew perform a 18 song rock concert. Fry & Bender have fun getting back at Shunsuke for what he does to them. (note: Season 2 slash fic, Fry + author)
Enveloped by love & the sun: The Brain Spawn send Leela into a "Family Guy" book & Shunsuke, Fry, & Bender into "Kickin' It Old School (comic #16)". Based on a idea by Trenton Sands. (note: slash fic, Fry + author)
Tears from smiling face ~ Circle of friends ~: Fry returns to Universe-1 & finds out Fry-1 is single so he brings him & Bender-1 back to Universe-A to move in with him, Shunsuke, & Bender-A. Fry-1 joins Fry-A & Shunsuke's relationship. (note: slash fic, Fry-A & Fry-1 + author)
Have a Pure Newborn Heart: The delivery team returns to Osiris 4 to help the newest pharaoh cure a toothache & obtain freedom. Based on a idea by Trenton Sands. (note: slash fic, Fry-A & Fry-1 + author)
Nature is Good!: The Planet Express crew travel to the mountains to record a hard rock song. (note: slash fic, Fry-A & Fry-1 + author)
All the Best to Men: Fry-A, Bender-A, & Zoidberg become marshals for a coward sheriff so they can scare outlaws away. Based on a idea by Trenton Sands. (note: slash fic, Fry-A & Fry-1 + author)
Inferior Decorators, part 2 - Don't Wanna Live the Perfect Life: The Planet Express crew attempt to redesign the headquarters & fail by arguing, resulting in Shunsuke's pants being hung on the flagpole. Will they be able to become friends again? Based on a fan fic by the same name by Hailey Sands. (note: slash fic, Fry-A & Fry-1 + author)
Cult 55, part 2: The Planet Express crew finishes their U.S. tour in South Carolina. Shunsuke thinks he won a contest buts ends up getting kidnapped. Based on a fan fic by the same name by Trenton Sands. (note: slash fic, Fry-A & Fry-1 + author)
Delivery To Mobius, part 2: The crew returns to Mobius & finally meet Sonic the hedgehog. Based on a fan fic by the same name by Trenton Sands. (note: slash fic, Fry-A & Fry-1 + author)
Fake it to look like a blue ticket but strike with the red ticket: Inspired by Law & Oracle where Shunsuke, Fry-A, Fry-1, Bender-A, Bender-1, Leela, & Zoidberg join the police academy & attempt to capture a robber dressed as a woman. (note: slash fic, Fry-A & Fry-1 + author)
Playhouse 180: Leela makes another kid's tv show to make up for what she did with "Rumbledy-Hump". Based on a idea by Trenton Sands. (note: Season 1 season finale slash fic, Fry-A & Fry-1 + author)
Do The Hustle! Romance conceptualization: Shunsuke gets world-wide televised humiliation when Fry & Bender record him waking up in just his underwear & getting wedgied by them. Shunsuke is given a lie detector test. (note: slash fic, Fry-A & Fry-1 + author)
I'm looking for the prisms of sunlight that slip through the gaps in my fingers: Fry, Bender, & Zoidberg join the circus & get fired so they start their own circus. Based on a idea by Trenton Sands (note: slash fic, Fry-A & Fry-1 + author)