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Delivery: Impossible: The crew's next job is to deliver weaponry to another planet. However, unknown to them, the hand of sabotage has been played, dragging them into a dangerous situation that they had never asked to be involved in.
Flowers in the Window: Leela finds out that she has only days to live, when it's discovered that she's infected with a brain parasite. But death, for her, is made that much harder to accept, due to her feelings of abandoned loneliness; she needs to be able to say goodbye to someone who cares for her, but who? A very emotional fan fiction, with a lot of heart.
More Than Us (Part 1, 2, 3, 4): Just as Leela is starting to warm up to Fry, a new girl that is prefect for him arrives on the scene and gets in her way. Is Leela too late or will she fight to the end for the man she has finally fallen for?
Good Delivery to Die: A delivery to Compost 9, a planet that's a massive farm for other worlds, goes eerily wrong, resulting in the ship getting stranded on the planet's surface. If that wasn't enough, some other strange goings on cause panic amongst our favourite crew. Will they crack?
Leela's Bracelet: During a delivery, Leela loses her cherished bracelet that her parents gave her when she was a baby, just before leaving her at the Orphanarium. Frantic, she searches for it but can't seem to locate it. Where can it be?
Honey, I Shrunk the Lobster: A delivery goes wrong when Zoidberg gets hungry and messes with one of Farnsworth's inventions.
Roberto Strikes Back: Roberto is seeking revenge against Fry for their previous encounter, and has souped himself up with some new parts. The Planet Express crew are put into the witness protection program for protection against Roberto.
Nick Maniakc
A New Friend (Part 1, 2): Fry goes absent from the Planet Express building just after Hermes announces a delivery that Fry doesn't want to carry out. While skiving off, Fry meets Nick, a guy from the 20th century, and invites him back to meet the Planet Express crew. However, it soon becomes apparent that Leela, too, is interested in the new guy.
Nick Varvaro
Special Delivery (part 1): The professor disrupts Bender and Fry's television watching to send them on an important mission.
Time and Punishment (Part 1, 2, 3): Planet Express find themselves in a world that's under the rule of a dictatorship, where everything is brutal, neat and in order - in other words, brutally boring. However, all this seems to be the result of a time abnormality caused by one of Professor Farnsworth's latest inventions: a TV remote control that can alter time. However, it's up to Leela to do the business in trying to fix the professor's latest scientific bungle, by going back in time to repair the damage... and getting into all manner of scrapes.