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One Point: A short story to explain his mind-twister drawing One Point.
Pirates - Possibly From Space: Usually, Leela comes in and saves the day, but this time she messes up. And quite badly too.   Promo pic
Santa's Refugee (Part 1, 2, ...): Santa has taken most of Neptunes population and chain-ganged them to work in his factories, so Heather and some other Neptunians have left their home to find a better life somewhere else. Find out how they did that, plus a few other details about "leaving" Neptune and how Heather could become an interplanetary smuggler. - Promo pic #1 - Promo pic #2 - Promo pic #3
Weird Roommates: Fry's constant whingeing about how he can't get a date with Leela gets so maddening for Bender that he does the improbbable to get away from him: moves in with Leela!
Kenneth White
Futurama: Universe of Malice (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25): After the discovery of a rare and a valuable substance, the planet where the substance is found falls victim of an unfortunate disaster. But it is only the first of many to suffer the fate, and Fry, Leela and the Planet Express crew find themselves being forced by an evil Baron to race around the universe in search of some important objects that not only they are keen to get their hands on. Promo picture.
The Chronotons of Fry-nia: Professor Farnsworth sends the Planet Express crew to collect those little time-altering particles called Chronotons once more. But then when an accident involving them, Fry and the Professor's What-If? Machine occurs, Fry finds himself getting more than a little confused about reality. Especially when it comes to his relationship with Leela.
A Past With No Future (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): The Planet Express crew find themselves on a mission far away involving an old enemy forgotten when an unexpected, unknown and unusual visitor comes to their door with a shocking revelation, especially for a certain delivery boy.
NNYPD Blue: When Bender sees a more glamourous side to being on the right side of the law, he decides to become a police officer. Meanwhile, with Bender no longer at Planet Express, Dr. Zoidberg fills in for the robot's main duty: cooking.
Krazy Kora
FUTURAMA: Episode AV0167868768: King of the World: After a self-sacrificing act, Fry ends up in an alternate reality, where he is worshiped as a god. Can Leela and Bender bring him back to normal continuity?
The Best of Times and Worst of Times (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): This work is set three years after the final episode, The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings, with Fry and Leela happily married for two of those years. In this period of time since the final opera scene, despite being happily married, they've had to endure both wonderful and, unfortunately, tragic events. However, it's Leela's 31st birthday, and Fry has organised a special party for her. What Leela yearns for, though, is a present that means more than mere money, which only Fry can give. Will he lighten up their lives with something more treasured than gold?
There's Something About Amy: Back from a dangerous mission to a planet populated entirely by gorillas, the crew sat around and watched the news... Oh, and Amy accidentally swallowed the Professor's experimental pill for colonists of high-gravity planets, and is now ridiculously strong.
"The Fault, Dear Leela...": Leela confronts her childhood rival, Bonnie Kender, on the tennis court of tomorrow. Unfortunately, tennis is the one sport Leela can't handle. Fortunately, someone else at Planet Express won the silver in the 2996 Olympics. Unfortunately, Bonnie's doubles partner won the gold. And the match is being held at Madison Cube Garden, with the loser getting her dignity trashed all over the galaxy via ESPN34.5...
On a Wong and a Prayer: Bender and Zoidberg manage to send Leela to the hospital for a couple of days, so the terrible burden of captaining the Planet Express delivery ship falls on... Amy Wong.
Secrets and Eyes: The Truth About Leela: With her 30th birthday coming, Leela's mood gets worse than ever. The gang plans a celebration of a lifetime, but end up finding something that might change Leela's life forever...
Secrets and Eyes II: Reunion: The sequel. Zapp Brannigan carries on a DOOP mission that involves Leela's father... and things turn out very, very badly.
Secrets and Eyes III: The One With All The Violence: The conclusion. Leela turns into a GBI agent, Amy and Fry plan to rescue Leela from herself, Bender is out of his selfish mind, and the Planet Express ship is sabotaged. "Worst Case Scenario", this ain't... right?
Intern-al Affairs: Cubert's back from boarding school for winter break, and the professor decides to name him the new intern of Planet Express.
Lookin' for Snu-Snu in all the Wrong Places: Fry tries to impress Leela by running in the Marathons and collapses with a heat stroke after less than a mile. Leela feels bad about herself and has a Deep&Meaningful with Amy, who takes Fry's side. And it goes on.... Written with the Kryten-trademark humor this is definitely worth your time.
The Frychurian Candidate: Fry goes to see a dentist, where his dental problems are treated in an unremarkable manner, and he's now in perfect health and not in any way under anyone's control...
Amy's Wedding: Amy proposes to Kif, and so the wedding appears to be on... but first, a parent meeting is in order. Think no one can match the Wong's ego? Think again...
Catastrophe (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): When Farnsowrth have to test his latest transporter invention, Amy, despite her objections, is promoted to guinea pig. After a freak accident during the test, the Planet Express intern find herself in a very hairy situation