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Space 1999: When the Brain Spawn find a way to escape the void Fry trapped them in, they decide to attack him in the past before he can come to the future, which leads to Fry and the Nibblonians battling them once more.
Going Insane 1 - Personality Blend: After the professor creates a new device, Fry and Leela discover that they really can love each other after a few adjustments are made.
Going Insane 2 - No More Sandwiches: Instead of egg salad, Fry has a pastrami sandwich from an abandoned alien ship restroom. What will this one do?
Going Insane 3 - All is Fair in Love and Leela: Fry and Leela are given something better than worms. But despite the benefits of the new enhancements to their lives, they end up getting drafted for war. Will they grow closer or be torn apart forever?
Going Insane 4 - Tying Up Loose Ends: The now engaged Fry and Leela are preparing for their big day, but there are still some loose ends that the two nearly starcrossed lovers must tie up.
Going Insane 5 - Lost Lovers in Space: When our two lovers' honeymoon is cut short and they are stranded in a remote part of the universe, can the two of them live though this experience with their love intact?
Going Insane 6 - Children of the Gods: Fry and the crew experience a classic sci-fi show from the 20th century. But when the Professor's new invention malfunctions, there are some unexpected concequences.
Going Insane 7 - Exodus: Fry and Leela's six month anniversary celebrations are cut short when an unwelcomed character, who just won't leave them alone, turns up on their door. This encounter results in a flight from DOOP territory to remain free. However, that's all well and good, but how do they get back to Earth and expose the DOOP for what they really are?
Going Insane 8 - Birth of a Power: Things don't turn out so well for the Planet Express crew's big plan to bring down the DOOP. As Fry works on his skills with the Mysterious book he got, events unfold that force him to take his power to the next level. Also, they find an ancient place that may hold the key to defeating the greatest evil in the universe.
Going Insane 9 - Roads Not Taken: In the pyramid of an ancient world, Fry and Leela are accidentally transported to a different dimension. Will they be able to find a way to kill the ancient evil that haunts them?
The Dating Game: After being rejected by Leela...again...Fry decides to finally give up on her. But, when he finds someone who does love him, Leela isn't too keen on the idea (but, as she's quick to point out, she's not jealous). And, wouldn't you know it, as all this is happening, Zapp needs a date for Kif's upcoming party...
Single, Uptight Female: While visiting her parents in the sewers beneath New New York, Leela discovers another mutant who is her exact double! But, when she befriends the mutant, will Leela live to regret the decision? (*Insert creepy music here*...Bwa ha ha! ... Er, sorry...I was just clearing my throat...)
It Never Lasts (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6): Fry fnally has a date with Leela, but once at the theater, who should they run into but Leela's ex, Sean.
Why? (Part 1, 2, 3): Fry is haunted by Leela's constent rejection, he dreams of her and thinks about her; He loves her but she just won't love him back.
How Do You Know?: A conversation between Fry any Leela that becomes a little more the just that....
Penny For Your Thoughts: The thoughts of Amy, Kif, Hermes, Lebarbara, Farnsworth, Zoidberg, Bender, Fry, and Leela as they fly into the wormhole.
Bloodlust (Part 1): This is an explanation fic. I figured all the times they'd mentioned Bender stealing Fry's blood in the regular episodes deserved an explanation so... BAM! Here it is!
You Know You're Obsessed With Futurama When...: In case you were wondering, here's a list of symptoms.
Graham Dawson
A Different View (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8): Fry is injured in an explosion in the Professor's laboratory. When he wakes up, he discovers that things have changed and he has a different outlook on life, the universe, and everything. Now, as Philipa Fry, (s)he tries to cope with gender switching, alien invasions, and giant egos clashing against each other. And stuff.
Parallel Lives - A Road Not Taken (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11): In which Leela and Fry are catapulted into their new adventure ... Promo pic
Parallel Lives - Where I Belong (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29): Our adventurers encounter a universe where Fry never travelled to the Future, discover the danger their journey represents and find out just how precarious their existence really is. Promo pic
Green Gesus
From The Past (Part 1, 2): While traveling through space, Fry, sitting in the gunner's chair, recalls memories from his past. This distracts him from his duties, just as a Space Cow attacks them.
Green Leader
Infinant Mischif (Part 1, 2): An unusual series of events occur on far away planets, not affecting much on Earth until the war reaches closer than anyone imagined.
Spaceship (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8): After some money problems at Planet Express, Fry comes up with an idea that the company should become an airline. The Planet Express ship is then used to ferry customers to their destinations instead of delivering goods. However, will their first passenger flight turn into a nightmare? Will the financial problems of Planet Express go away?
Race for Earth (Part 1, 2, 3): Bender, Fry and Leela find a mysterious space rock with a strange inscription. Whatever it is, it's bound to spell doom.
Perfect Fry (Part 1, 2, 3): While Fry is playing Perfect Dark on his N64, he receives a phone call from a certain Brett. What he wants is for Fry to join his group that's called the Perfect Agency, an organisation whose aims are to make Earth a better place. Expect to see some Simpsons, Nintendo and Seinfeld characters in this story, too. Promo picture
Hard Halloween One: This fiction is for halloween, and like The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror, has different spooky stories within it. The stories are based on Soulkid2000's Perfect Fry series.
Return of Perfect Fry: Planet HomeBucks is being destroyed by Spazis (National Space Evil Worker's Party), led by Duck MoneyDevil. It's up to Fry and the Perfect Agency to put things to right. Warning: unprovoked singing is contained in this fiction, so cover your ears while reading.
The Last Turanga: a Leela backstory where she actually does find her cyclops planet. The author says “I never did care for the sewer storyline too much”. -  Cover art
The Last Turanga II: Going Native: Second of the three “Last Turanga” stories. Leela's daughter struggles with her mother's new culture and society while Leela tries to develop discipline with her fighting skills. -  Cover art
Planet of the Bureaucrats: A short story about the havoc that can happen when our favorite bureaucrat gets a hold of a time machine... -  Cover art
Having Faith: Third and last of the “Last Turanga” stories where we find out that Morgan Proctor isn't as evil as we thought and that a cheeg is a very bad thing indeed.
Amy Wrong: It's bad enough that you would have a clone running around, but what do you do when that clone is a criminal mastermind?   Cover art   Amy Wrong pic
Amy Wrong Two: The Universe of Evil: Amy's evil clone Jamie has pulled a jewellry heist in another dimension, an evil one at that. In the process, she might have just found her new home. And when it's all said and done, has Jamie actually done a good deed for someone? You'll have to read to find out. Promo pic
A Day at the Zoo: the Planet Express crew delivers a bunch of zoo animals to an eccentric billionarre, only to end up becoming zoo animals themselves. They find themselves having to grapple with an enemy who can create any illusion in a person's mind...how do you you fight someone like that?
A Day at the Zoo II: Leela Unleashed: So we left our Planet Express pals in a real lurch last time...you just know that the story couldn't end that way, with them being slaves for the rest of their lives (hey, didn't Bender try that once?). As I went into the second story, I wondered what would happen if the tables got turned? Everything changes when our heroes meet an alien girl by the name of Dath. And you get to hear some wisdom from the Scary Door host at the end.  Promo pic
We're Just Super: Poor Philip Fry finds himself in a universe inhabited by citizens with super-abilities. And what's worse, he has to save the day. How does he do it? How will the Consortium of Evil react to this? Stay tuned to this Futurama channel and find out...     Promo pic
While You Were Gone: This story is sort of my answer to the Neutopia episode. We find out what happens when Fry gets switched with his female counterpart from a universe called the “Switchverse”. Confused? You won't be after you read this.   Cover art   Phyllis Fry   Morgan Proctor
Educating Neeta: Re-visit the steamy jungles of Amazonia. Will Zapp Brannigan be facing death by snu-snu, or just death? Will Kif finally become a hero? And how is the Amazonian tribeswoman named Neeta changed forever?   Cover art
Venturama: What happens when the Futurama characters join up with the Venture Brothers? Chaos...that's what. Will the Henchmen be able to return home? Will Nibbler get his ham hock? Will Monarch and Dr. G finally get a romantic evening undisturbed? Read on and find out.   Promo pic 1, Promo pic 2
The Fire Priestess: Leela has to rely on that old time religion on the cyclops planet to save her people from a deadly cult.   Illustrated   Cover Art
The Replacements: Leela and her friends, after surviving a near collision with a black hole, have suddenly discovered what Rip Van Winkle must have gone through. Having been declared officially “dead” by the Bureaucracy, they encounter the crew that replaced them.   Illustrated   Cover Art
Hop In and Drive: our Futurama friends find out what happens when a group of aliens use their bodies to have a night on the town. The ringleader of these aliens finds out that he has his “hands” full with our favorite mutant Leela. Will all this end well? Will Zapp Brannigan and Bender become fabulously wealthy in the process? Read on and find out what happens when the aliens “hop in for a drive”.   Cover Art
The Big Bang Law: What happens when the PE crew have to come back to 2012 to grab Sheldon Cooper? Madness, that's what. Will Howard Wolowitz get to fly a spaceship? Will Raj talk to a woman? All these questions and more are answered in my latest mash-up.   Cover Art
A Day at the Mall: The Planet Express gang go shopping in the biggest mall in the galaxy, and Fry and Leela end up fighting viruses inside a supercomputer. And, Bender enjoys an Amazonian chile pepper.   Cover Art - Shogugg sketch - Tweksbury sketch
Come Together: Leela and Amy are turned into one person after a transporter mishap. In order to undue what Farnsworth did, this new person will have to win a basketball championship to get the book he needs. -  Cover art - Amelia
Parabox Express: You get four adventures for the price of one as the Planet Express crew have to enter paraboxes to deliver packages. Oh, and you get to find out what an orange card is. - Cover art - Character art
Apocalypse Futurama: A shameless parody...the horror - the horror...
Forbidden Fruit: Find out what happens when the girls get a hold of super-charged Nectar from another planet and become the sports champions of the Moon. The sport of Butterfly Derby will never be the same. -  Cover art - Promo pic
Anthology of Interest 3: Just when you thought it was safe from the Gulliver Madness, here is another story with pictures. In this tale we find out what happens when Morgan Proctor runs across the What If machine, and Amy and Scruffy get to use it with her.
Be It Ever So Neutral: When the Planet Express crew bring a little color to the Neutral planet we find out just how hard a convict Bender can be. - Cover art
The Promised Land: The PE crew get kidnapped in deep space and end up on a planet of Cyclopses, which is a technologically advances world who think Leela is the missing daughter of a high government official, and their scientists are eager to dissect the brains of her two eyed pets. - Cover Art
To Serve Amy: Based on the old Twilight Zone episode To Serve Man, in this story we find out what happens when the PE Gang are sent to pick up some copies of that famous book from the planet Kanama. Will they be eaten? Or will they find friends that they didn't even know they had there. Enjoy...and, er, bon appetite!
The Morgan Proctor Interview: A candid interview with our favorite bureaucrat, Morgan Proctor. -  Cover art -   Illustration -   Promo pic by kaspired
A Day at the Human Races: Just when you thought it was safe, the Amazonians are back! In this story we find out what crisis threatens to wipe them out and how Femputer tries to save them. Will Fry survive their evil plan? Will Bender make a quick buck on the side? All will be revealed. Enjoy!
Domesday: Amid all this hoopla surrounding Stephen King's Under the Dome, I couldn't help but wonder how the Planet Express Gang would fare in the same situation. Will Amy become a cannibal? Will Bender be able to cope with half of himself gone? Will Morgan Proctor finally have her 'Dirty Boy?' Will Zoidberg be able to make it to the fish fry? All these questions and more will be answered.
Leela and the Genestalk Redux: A couple of weeks ago when I griped about Leela and the Genestalk, I bragged that I wanted to take a stab at writing my own version of it. Sure enough, here it is. The concept of Leela's genes returning to their original mutated form was something that went through my head as I watched the show - I thought they were going to go that way. - Cover art.
Futurama Guy: What happens when the Planet Express crew have to travel back to 21st century Quahog, Rhode Island? All madness ensues. The Professor and his gang have to travel back in time to stop little Stewie's plans for world domination...and hopefully they make a few new friends along the way.
Oh, To Be Young Again: Just when you thought it was safe for someone to act their age, here's a cautionary tale of how Morgan Proctor got changed into a 12-year old version of herself. After this latest experiment-gone-wrong by the Professor, the young Morgan threatens to have Planet Express shut down for good. What will happen when the dreaded Section 17 meeting comes up at the end of the week? All will be revealed ... (Illustrated)
Slurmworld: "Now that you've made a record number of deliveries, where are you going now? To Slurmworld!" The crew of Planet Express get a golden opportunity to go to the Slurm theme park, but Leela isn't feeling the joy of everyone else. Will Leela find that missing happiness of her youth? Will Mom's diabolical business deal go through? What is Omicronian Slurm made of? These questions and more will be answered in Slurmworld. (Illustrated)
Zapp Brannigan: Home for the Holidays: A peek inside the secretive Brannigan Compound and joins Zapp's family for some holiday cheer. Will Zapp's friends make a gentleman out of him by X-mas? All will be revealed in "Zapp Brannigan: Home for the Holidays." t's rated "B" for a bit of bawdy humor - how could you make a Zapp story without it?   Illustrated  
Tweak: In this story we find out what happens when Planet Express hires a dangerous psionic mutant. And who helps save the day? Zoidberg, why not. -   Illustrated    Cover art
The Amazing Bureaucratic Voyage: It's a journey of miniature proportions; the Planet Express crew get shanghaied into taking a shrunken vehicle into Morgan Proctor's brain. By the time it's over, they find out that the Bureaucracy is much more dangerous than anything they've faced in their incredible voyage.
Dollface: Bender crosses his old dancing buddy Tonya with disastrous consequences; the sweet little girl from the dancing contest has joined the DonBot and his gangsters, and Bender is in danger of sleeping with the fishes. Come on over and enjoy the story...or we'll make you an offer you can't refuse. - Cover art
The Little Things in Life: It's the little things in life that can cause us the most problems. After an IQ boosting experiment has unexpected consequences, the Planet Express gang find themselves held hostage by hyper-intelligent ants. Leela goes on trial, and a bureaucrat comes to broker the peace. Cover art and Illustrated
The Morgan Chronicles: Travel to the red sands of Mars to find out how our favorite Futurama bureaucrat ended up on the road to getting that uniform and shiny badge. At the tender age of 16 she winds up having to spend a summer on Mars where she meets new friends and begins to walk that road to her destiny. It's illustrated with a cover, and as a special treat a sketch was added by Kaspired.
Zapp Brannigan and the Planet of Women: Finally, the tale can be told. Universal space adventurer Zapp Brannigan finds himself in serious trouble on the Planet of Women. Will he be executed? Will he become a pet? Will he get lobotomized? Grab a glass of champagin, nuke some casa-dillas and enjoy Zapp's most thrilling adventure yet.
Little Things II: Empire of the Ants: At the end of my first story, Morgan Proctor thought it would be a great idea to use Farnsworth's hyper-intelligent ants as employees. Her plans run afoul as a revolutionary ant leads them down the path to world domination. Will the Planet Express be able to save the Earth? Or will they be forced to feed sugar cubes to their new masters? All will be revealed in this sequel and conclusion to the Little Things saga. Illustrated
Dream Jumpers: What happens when the Professor attempts to explore people's dreams in his research? His biggest problem is that Mom tries to steal his work for her own evil plans. In the midst of all this we find that Fry has a special gift no one knew about. Will Fry be able to escape the clutches of the evil Mom? Will Mom show everyone just how venomous she really is? This story was inspired by the 1955 Asimov story "Dreaming is a Private Thing." (Illustrated)
Tweak II: The Mutant Spring: In this sequel to Tweak the most dangerous woman on Earth finds herself exiled to a planet full of mutants. The Planet Express gang find themselves on this same planet, caught up in a political upheaval between "normal mutants" and psionics. (Illustrated)
Give Me Steam: What happens when Leela ends up in the Steamverse and becomes the pilot of the company's delivery Zeppelin. (Illustrated)
The Morgan Chronicles I: A Bureaucrat is Born: This is the first of six stories about the life of Morgan Proctor. In this story we find out how our favorite bureaucrat got her start in life, and we learn of the headmistress that had a great influence on her in her early years.
The Morgan Chronicles II: The Die is Cast: The young college student Morgan finds herself locking horns with Mom in a campus demonstration; she also has to tell her mother at home that she's chosen the path of the Bureaucracy for her career. What gets her started down this road? All will be revealed in the second story of the Morgan Chronicles.
The Morgan Chronicles III: A Lady and a Bureaucrat: Here is the third installment of The Morgan Chronicles, where our hero actually becomes a bureaucrat. She's got the desire, but does she truly have what it takes to get that rubber stamp?
Gulliver63 and Robert Stewart
Too Much of a Good Thing: Find out what happens when Leela and Amy get too much of a good thing, and why Fry's lack of a delta brain wave is definately a good thing - again.   Promo pic 1   Promo pic 2