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Fatso Huuskonen
Whatever Happened to Aurora Fry?: Fry undergoes an experiment with a "maturing ray" conducted by Professor Farnsworth, which does exactly what its name says: makes Fry into a more caring and mature man. This attracts a lonely Leela desperate for real love, and soon their relationship picks up as never before. However, prepare for the ending! Who is Aurora Fry? Read to find out.
Artificial Entities Resurrected (Part 1, 2): The planet Express crew are sent on a delivery to a space station which has a colourful and disastrous history.
Against All Odds: Fry, Leela, Amy and Kif go on a double-date, which brings forth an interesting resolution to a pained Fry and Leela relationship. Why do you ask if this is a Shipper fiction?
Fiona Williams
Star Of The Century: Hazel’s fame goes up to the top when she sings on karaoke at Farnsworth’s birthday.
A Red Letter Day (Part 1, 2): Evil aliens! Epic space battles! Futuristic-sounding technobabble! Time travel! Weird food! Arrogance getting its comeuppance! Delicious shippy goodness! All that, and Zoidberg too! See how the power of love spans time and space in Flounder's ending to Corvus' unfinished fic of the same name.
Note: Part 1 was written by Corvus, who later reworked and completed his fic. The original beginning was moved here.
Leela and Fry's Journals: Excerpts from Leela and Fry's journals over the years they were together.
Leela's Choice: Fry has been getting more and more mature of late and Leela is finding herself more and more attracted to him. But a series of deliveries to the Nimbus reveals that Zapp Brannigan is also a changed man and Leela starts finding things to like there too. All too soon, Leela is finding her simple, lonely life is getting very complicated and then, one day, she suddenly has a very difficult choice to make. Stay with it for not one, but two surprise endings.
He's Dead, Jim: (with Ramon_51): Fry and the guys remind us that great art is always underappreciated. Uh huh.
Dear Fry (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7): Set a few months after The Devil's Hands ... and Fry and Leela are dating. Based on diffrent Nicholas Sparks books, mostly Dear John.
I'll Be Seeing You: 5 Years ago, Leela was killed in a hit and run accident. Now, Fry is looking for the person who killed her, and nothing will stop him.
Any One Else: After the Planet Express Xmas Eve party, Fry and Leela end up with a little problem. Well...actually a big problem and now Fry has to prove that he can change.
The Reunion: After the Professor died, Fry became a professor at NNYU after graduating from Mars U and Leela became a author for the New New York Post along with getting married. Now 10 years later, they finally meet again.
The Odd Couple: Some harmless role playing gets out of hand for Fry and Leela when they have to pose as a professor and wife for one of Farnsworth's dinner partys.
My Ex and an Engagement Ring: Follow on to The Reunion - Fry and Leela go away on a holiday, but running into Leela's ex and Fry's symptoms may put a damper on their celebrations.
Last Chance: A short fic set after Beast With A Billion Backs when a couple of couples have some things to sort out.
The Wedding: Follow on to My Ex and an Engarment Ring; Leela surprises Fry with some news on their wedding day.
Future Smart: A Futurama/Get Smart crossover with Fry as Maxwell Smart and Leela as Agent 99.
Married ... with Bender: Follow on to The Wedding - after Fry and Leela have been married for a few weeks, Bender moves in.
The Sting II, A “What-If?” scenario: What If Fry and Leela were married when they traveled to the space hive? How would Fry handle it?
Don't You (forget about me): It's been five years since Fry walked out of Planet Express and Leela finds she can't forget about him.
The Surprise: The sequel to Don't You (forget about me). Fry and Leela have been married almost 30 years, but there's trouble in paradise and it's up to Fry to fix it.
Hold On: Follow on to Married ... With Bender in which Fry and Leela get some news about their babies.
Savin' Me: When Fry, Leela, and Bender get arrested by Zapp and held on the Nimbus they have to figure out how to escape. But at the same time, Leela has to come to terms with her feelings for Fry before it's too late.
Fry's Secret: When Leela becomes suspicious as to why Fry no longer has an interest in her, she discovers the terrible secret that Fry has been hiding from her, and everyone else, for two years.
At First Sight: A sequel to Hold On - Leela goes in to have her C-section and Fry is up to something.
Book of Secrets: After getting a PHD in History at Mars U, Fry makes his way back to New New York in search of a treasure. But what he finds is that Leela has a new finance. Promo Pic
A Danger Encrypted: This ficis set five months after the events in Book of Secrets. While on a 'romantic' vacation in Paris, Fry and Leela get called to the Louvre to investigate a murder and are soon on a historic quest. Based on The Da Vinci Code.
Time Of Your Life (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): After being dumped by Leela, Fry moved to LA and became a famous rock star. Now 7 years later they meet again and the flames rekindle. Promo pic
The Time Travel Factor: A Futurama/Big Bang Theory crossover. A time machine strands the Big Bang crew in the Planet Express lounge, which leads to some black eyes, banged heads, bets, and a cat. Promo pic by CosmicF.
A Mark, A Mission, A Scar, A Brand (Part 1, 2, 3): Fry joins the DOOP after the death of the Professor while Leela gets married and moves up state. Ten years later, after being discharged, Fry makes his way back to New New York to discover what happened to Leela. Promo pic by CosmicF.
On the Shoulders of Giants (part 1, 2): The Professor enlists Fry to become his new lab assistant by implanting a chip in his brain, right about the time Leela comes to terms with her feelings for Fry.
Second Chances (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6): When Fry returns to New New York two years after leaving Leela, the two of them must ask: How do you tell if you should let go, or try again?   Promo pic
Knocked Up: based on the movie with the same title with Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl, when Fry and Leela spend one intoxicated night together things get a bit crazy. Then two months and several pregnancy tests later the two of them must deal with an intense, anxious and hilarious seven month journey.
Strangers In The Past: An accident with powdered opal send Fry, Leela, and Bender back to 1947 New York. To survive, Leela becomes a jazz singer, Bender gets involved with gangsters, and Fry becomes a bartender.   Promo pic   Promo sketch
Castlerama (part 1, 2): A Castle/Futurama crossover where Detective Kate Beckett and best selling author Richard Castle end up in the year 3011 and meet up with the Planet Express Crew.   Promo pic
For Lovers Only: Fry and Leela meet on Planet De Eifel 10 years after being apart forcing them to come to terms with their relationships back home. Based on the independent movie of the same name directed by the Polish Brothers and staring Mark Polish and Stana Katic. Promo pic
It's Always Sunny In New New York (Part 1 ...): a series of parodies of the television show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Promo pic
Attack of the Fangirls (Part 1, 2): What would happen if a bunch of fangirls came to the future and met the object of their affection?
A Series of Strange Events: In which things are violently shaken up in an alternate universe. Just when things seemed normal...
First Meetings All Around: This fic takes place in an alternate universe, one Universe Delta... where things are just a little different.
Deja Vu (part 1, 2, 3): Fry and Leela find out that there was more to their brief marriage during the time skips when three year old Violet walks into their lives.
Just Another Fry and Leela Shippy: Just what the title says. Fry overhears Leela crying and goes to investigate.
Proposal (Part 1, 2):: They're finally getting married!
Less Than Hero 2: Enter the Gulk: Sequel to the episode Less Than Hero. The New Justice Team is back, and they have help from someone you just wouldn't want to get mad.
Leela is the One: As is explained at the start of this fiction, there are multiple universes out there, where we all have different versions of us in each of them. This also affects the crew of Planet Express, where there are also multiple versions of Fry, Leela, Bender and the other members in each of these universes. The only thing is, Leela doesn't want other versions of her around, and is determined to make sure she's the One.
Fry Another Day: This story is the first of many of Fryfan's SpyOrama series that parody the famous James Bond movies. In this story, the crew get to use the what-if machine again. This time it's Fry who gets the honours, deciding he wants to know what would happen if he were a secret agent like James Bond. The hapless delivery boy becomes 014, and soon finds out he has to thwart the diabolical attempts of Ironfinger, usually known to you as Bender, to bend the Earth's axis, which would cause the end of humanity. It seems that Ironfinger has a grudge against humans, much like our very own Bender actually, so someone just has to stop him. Watch out for Leela as agent 1BDI, Amy as Ironfinger's seductive spy Jinx, and Zoidberg as Ironfinger's muscle with an iron hat (much like the Asian bloke in Goldfinger).
Ironfinger Reloaded: This is the second part of Fryfan's SpyOrama series. This story has the evil Ironfinger, aka Bender, trying to gain control of humanity's mind via the Internet. It's up to Fry, Leela and Zoidberg (who has changed sides since his Fry Another Day days) to defeat Ironfinger, and the only way they can do this is to enter the Internet itself.
Mom with a Vengeance: This is the third part of Fryfan's SpyOrama series. Fry and Leela (agents 014 and 1BDI respectively) are left to babysit Dwight and Cubert while the Professor, Hermes and LaBarbara are off on holiday in England. However, soon they find out that the holidayers have been captured by the evil Ironfinger and a new super villain, Mom. It's time to find a new babysitter/dupe and go on a rescue mission.
Jinx Full Throttle: Due to Jinx's (Amy Wong) popularity amongst readers of Fryfan's SpyOrama, he's done the popular thing and come up with a SpyOrama story that centres upon her. Jinx is owed some vacation time by Ironfinger (Bender), and decides to take the time off lazing on the beach. However, soon her vacation is spoilt when 1BDI (Leela) and 014 (Fry) turn up. No rest for the wicked.
I, Fry, am Spy: Agents 014 (Fry) and 1BDI (Leela) are off to a DOOP ceremony in their honour. However, when they get there they find that it has been gatecrashed by Ironfinger (Bender) and Jinx (Amy). Not content with immediately killing the agent duo, Ironfinger has a far worse fate: to play back how Fry became a secret agent in the first place. Cue some embarrassing times for all! In some ways, this fiction is a parody of Futurama's first episode, Space Pilot 3000, but with added spy action.
From Scam With Hate: This is the sixth story of Fryfan's SpyOrama series. Ironfinger (Bender) has been captured and is holed up in a robot prison. Agent 014 (Fry), in the meantime, discovers that Agent 1BDI (Leela) is missing, and fears the worst for her when he finds his superiors, Farnsworth and Hermes, acting odd about the situation. So, off he goes to talk to Ironfinger in the robot prison, who soon tells him that Agent IBDI has been kidnapped by the Society Conspiring Against Mankind (SCAM). It's up to Agent 014 to find and save Agent 1BDI... with some help from Zoidberg. Don't forget Zoidberg!
JX Rise of the Jinx Revolution: In the previous SpyOrama, both Agents 014 and 1BDI (Fry and Leela, respectively) were removed of their agent responsibility by Glab. However, not to be outdone in the superpower sack race, Ironfinger (Bender) decides to sack Jinx (Amy), replacing her with a stronger, viler villain. However, things soon get out of control, requiring the services of secret agents. But where to turn? What to do? Who to hire? Sounds like a job for...
You Should Have Snoo-Snoo Only Once: Agent 1BDI (Leela) owes Jinx (Amy) a promise to visit her parents. This leaves Agent 014 (Fry) on his own to handle a mission that involves dealing with and thwarting Phnog (martial arts expert in the episode Raging Bender) and his banned matial arts school from taking over Earth. However, the benefits of not having 1BDI is to have Agent Jackie Anderson as a partner; certainly a new experience for Fry. In the meantime at the Wong ranch, Jinx soon finds herself kidnapped by some native Martian villian, meaning that Agent 1BDI has a job to do after all.
The Bot with the Golden Chip: This latest SpyOrama story (the ninth) is a parody of the James Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun", with new characters and all. Earth's President, Richard Nixon's Head, has created quite a bit of dissatisfaction amongst other planets in the DOOP, making a few enemies bent on bringing him down. Fortunately for them, there's an election coming up for Earth's president. So bring forth Nixon's Head's challenger: Calculon!
SpyOrama X: On His Robot Santa's Secret List: This is the tenth SpyOrama and parodies On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Even for spies, there's time for Xmas... even naughty ones. However, this naughtiness has gained the interest of Robot Santa, who plans to wreak havoc on Earth to cleanse it of the naughty; spy or villain won't be spared. So, prepare for a naughty Xmas Armageddon, unless secret agents can save the day and Earth's cheer.
Michelle Strikes Back (Part 1, 2, 3): Set the day after the final episode of Futurama, The Devil's Hands Are Idol Playthings, this fiction deals with the return of Michelle, who's seeking Fry's attention yet again. However, she soon finds out that Fry and Leela have got together, meaning that even Fry has rejected her. Now jealousy takes over, meaning that Michelle just has to get her man.
It's a Wonderful Life, Fry: It's Xmas time, but Fry has lost the Xmas spirit. In a strange twist of fate, it's up to Robot Santa to regain Fry's seasonal spirit by showing him what life would be like for the Planet Express crew without him ever being there. This fiction is a parody of the classic James Stewart film, It's a Wonderful Life.
The Wong Move: Leela's too stressed out, so has been asked to go on leave by Planet Express in order to clear her mind. That's when she decides to take up a cooking course hosted by Elzar. However, back at Planet Express, a new captain is needed, so who better than Amy to take the reins. Will she be up to the job? Will Leela become an excellent chef? Find out by reading on.
I Wish I Were In Arlen: Professor Farnsworth invents a time machine, letting Fry test it out to see if it'll work. However, due to a Fryish blunder, himself, Zoidberg, Bender and Amy are sucked into the world of King of the Hill, while Luanne, Peggy, Cotton and Boomhauer (characters from King of the Hill), are planted into Futurama's world. Let the confusion begin, Texan style!
NNYPD No Clue: Amy gets mugged, prompting the Planet Express crew to go to the police for help. However, while outside the station, Leela stops Fry getting attacked by a vicious punk, which impresses the police. So much so, that they invite Leela, Fry and Bender to become cops. Now it's up to Officers Leela, Fry and Bender to try to catch Amy's mugger.
Anthology of Bender: The what-if machine is broken, but not to worry, because Bender can provide the service himself, but at a financial cost to the askers... naturally. Fry asks what if he were artistic; Amy asks what would happen if she were married to Kif; Leela asks what would it be like if mutants were allowed on the surface.
The Stepford Leela: After an accident, Leela loses her memory, becoming naive and suggestible. Bender, along with Amy, decide that this is a good time to get Leela to do their chores. Fry finds that Leela can become more loving, so goes along with it, despite the ethics posed. How long this will last, though, is another thing.
I Dream of Amy: What happens when you have dreams of having sex with a naked Amy: you scream. Well, that's not what you'd expect to happen, but it seems that this is Fry's reaction to such an event. Thing is, Fry is deeply involved with Leela, so anything that undermines that causes his heart to race in the wrong way. Still, despite his uncomfortable feelings, does he really love Amy instead of Leela? Is his inner consciousness telling him he's with the wrong woman? You'll find out by reading on.
SpyOrama/Kim Possible Crossover Crisis (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6): Another day, another attempt by Ironfinger (Bender) to kill agents 014 and 1BDI (Fry and Leela, respectively) goes predictably wrong. However, while both agents try to flee from the evil clutches the alcoholic robot and his seductive sidekick, Jinx (Amy), they soon bump into Kim Possible and chums - characters from another show - who are fleeing from their own bad guys. What an impossible mess to possibly be in! BTW, although this fiction is technically one of Fryfan's SpyOrama series, it's not meant to be, so it would be wrong to think of it as part 11 of his SpyOrama series.
Futurama - The Muscial (Part 1): Members of the forum get together for a special shindig- untill something very unexpected happens that will take them on an adventure that they will never forget!
Fry's Chick 3000
Leela's New Love: Our favorite delivery crew have a new mission, delivering a package to a DOOP ship stationed on Mars. The ship turns out to be the Nimbus so Amy tags along for one of her all too rare meetings with Kif.
Stranded: Sue to a slight mishap involving Zoidberg and the Planet Express ship, Fry and Leela have to make the next delivery using a small shuttle pod. Fry is looking forward to spending some time together with Leela in a cramped room, but during the fligh "accidently" start pushing buttons that shouldn't be pushed, leaving both of them ...... stranded.
Fry's Lady
The Lost Friend (Part 1, 2): In this fiction, Raven-Symone, from That's So Raven and The Cosby Show, plays as Nicole 'Rae' Raven (who is, apparently, Fry's lost 20th Century best friend). She ends up entering a cryogenic tube, just like Fry did in Space Pilot 3000, while making a delivery to the lab. So, we have Nicole joining Fry's world... in a thousand years. This fiction is set after the final episode of Futurama: The Devil's Hands Are Idol Playthings.
Izziee (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): This fan fic is about a girl who lives in the year we live in now and is frozen and sent to the future exactly like Fry. It turns out in the future there are some twists and she gets to meet some very special and well known characters. The Futurama Crew! And let.s just say that she has a crush on one of them but how will it turn out? Read this fan fic to find out!
Time Runs Short (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10): Leela gets sick with a fatal disease. Will this catastrophe make her realise that there is more to her and Fry than friendship? Read on to find out!
A Whole New World: Leela and Fry are teenagers in two different worlds. What would happen if one came to the other one's world? What if Leela came to Fry's world, and had to go to highschool with him? ^_^ Read to find out!
Futurama Fungineers
The Futurama Fungineer's Manifesto: A statement of purpose created at the 2nd Annual FMMB Fan Fic Writers Symposium in Washington, D.C., 1 March 2009
Futurama Nerd
The Early Years: This story concerns itself with Fry's childhood years, when he first went to high school. He finds that his new high school has some interesting characters and new friends.
The Stupid Gate: This fiction parodies the current crop of Survivor programmes that seem to be flooding out of our television sets. There are five teams: Futurama; Family Guy; The Simpsons; The Power Rangers; and Pokemon. This is a no holds barred contest, so expect something underhand to happen.
A Birthday Surprise (Part 1, 2, 3, 4): The Planet Express crew throw up a birthday party for Fry. But during this party, Fry gets angry and storms off. The day afterwards, however, Fry returns to find out that the Planet Express crew is missing bar Leela. With Leela's help, he goes off in search for them.
Oh My! (part 1, 2, 3, 4, ...): Zapp meets a women who is Fry's half sister who came to the Future the same way he did. Zapp falls in love and asks her to marry him but she tells him she is pregnant with his baby.