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The Way It Ends: Ten years after Fry first arrived in the future, much has changed, including himself. The way it ends is not always what you expected it to be, and Fry and Leela experience this first hand.
About Time: A quick glimpse into the life of Fry and Leela in the future, some time after he performed his fateful opera.
Love Into Death: After his death, the Professor has a horrible secret to tell Leela and Fry.
Know The Answer: Fry tells his story of the Professor's secret, and how it affected him and the one he loves. A complement to Love into Death, though you don't have to read that one first.
A November Afternoon: Fry never expected that everything could change ... starting with the sound of a doorbell.
A Second Chance (Part 1, 2): After his death, the Professor has a horrible secret to tell Leela and Fry. Originally posted as Love into Death and Know the Answer
Something Completely Different (Part 1, 2): Even cold park benches could be bearers of good fortune if the right person came along.. which she did.
No Second Chances: Post-Bender's Big Score. There are no second chances or do-overs when you really need it, as Fry discovers.
The Real Fry: Leela thinks that Fry may be hiding something from her.
Paradox Lost: Time makes fools of us all, and things are not always what they seem.
Back to the Futurama, part (1,2,3,4,5,6): A parody of Back to the Future when Fry, Leela, and Bender travel back to 1991 in (yup) a DeLorean.
Secrets Revealed: Leela and Fry have a secret that daren't be spoken about: their love for each other. However, Fry isn't so willing for it to be kept that way, as he wants to tell the whole world, but still keeps it to himself in order to please his love. How long can this last?
The Juicy Details: Leela reluctantly informs Amy about the juicy details of her relationship with Fry. This fic is set after Where the Buggalo Roam and Erdrik's last fic, Secrets Revealed.
The Praying Leela: While on a delivery with the crew, Fry mysteriously finds himself sucked into another dimension, leaving the crew without a delivery boy. In this dimension, Fry discovers his situation is weird, to say the least, and a strange, new companion doesn't help him either! Leela, in the meantime, is devastated at Fry's disappearance, and resolves to find him.