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It's A Wonderful Life (Part 1, 2): When Fry thinks Farnsworth have died he feel his entire world falling apart and wish he'd never been born. God have nothing better to do, so he go along with it.
Hell Is Other Humans: Getting into an argument with Bender whether the 20th century was lame or not, Fry dare Bender to show him something cool from the 31st century he still haven't seen. Bender decides to show Fry the cult he belongs to, and naturally things go from bad to worse for Fry.
Forbidden Journey - The Quest Begins Part 1,2) : Fry, Leela and Bender find out that only they can stop an incredibile Evil. They also meet new frinds along the way.
Metal Tomb Of Terror: Fry is having trouble sleeping at nights. Not only is he trying to find a way to make Leela love him, on top of that he now suffers from recurring nightmares. A nightmare that involve Leela being impaled by a metal spike. Even when Leela finally tell him she loves him the nightmares wont go away.
Restrictions Apply: When Professor Farnsworth assigns the Planet Express crew a delivery that involves entering a restricted galaxy, Leela refuses to go, leaving the delivery up to Fry, Bender and Dr. Zoidberg. However, when the three are imprisoned and sentenced to death for trespassing, it's up to Leela to rescue them.
Big Red
Green Hell: Yet another invention by Professor Farnsworth brings havoc to Fry and Leela's lives. This time, though, they're sent back in time to the Vietnam War, where they find themselves involved in what appears to be a Tour of Duty.
Brain Gremlin
Guenther: A Question of Intellect: : This story is about Guenther the monkey from the episode Mars University thoughts during Fry's funeral in the episode The Sting. In this story it wasn't all Leela's dream.
A Helping Hand: Fry's yearning for Leela, but he's afraid that she'll end up pushing him away, yet again. However, he discovers something about her that just makes him want to reach out to her even more.
The Family Fry: Fry is planning a big surprise for his girlfriend Leela: a proposal for marriage. However, fate rears its ugly head, breaking up their romantic relationship. Then, after four years of constantly thinking about that fateful day, and the mistakes made, Fry finally spots Leela and resolves to fix what went wrong.
Beat the Parents: It's 3004, and Fry and Leela are in a relationship, one that is still fresh and relatively untested. Fry gets the opportunity to go back in time and meet his family, wanting to take Leela along too, so she can meet them. However, things don't go exactly to plan, ending up placing a strain on their romantic entanglement.
My So-Called Best Friend's Wedding: This fic is based on several Friends episodes. It starts with Leela passing on an arranged "date" as chaperone for a teenage alien to Fry, then starts to have second thoughts when he doesn't return the next morning to work.
I Dream of Leela (Part 1, 2): This serial fic is a continuation of BumbleBeeTheta's My So-Called Best Friend's Wedding. Due to this, it's advised you read that fic first, then come and read this; hence the reason why there won't be a describtion of this fic, because it might spoil the ending of the one this continues from.
Wouldn't It Be Nice If...: It's time for the crew to use the What If machine, but this time with some modifications introduced by Professor Farnsworth: virtual reality. Now they can experience their wish, warts and all!