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My Muse: The crew are off to celebrate Cubert's recruitment at a local coffee house. Fry, however, has something he wants to express to Leela. But he can't just simply go over to her and speak these important words, he has to sing them! Warning: this seems to be a musical and contains some singing!
Alex 'MKTai' Fuller
Season A - Episode 1: The Bleak Week (Part 1, 2): The first in a series of Futurama fan-fics following on from the TV series. A two-part part premiere, the crew go to the acidic planet of Sulphuric 9, where Fry stills tries his luck at getting a date with Leela.
Season A - Episode 2: The Suit: The second episode of this series, which sees the crew having to deliver a large and heavy package to Omicron Persei 8. Perhaps the Professor's latest new invention, a special suit, can help them?
Season A - Episode 3: The Lobsters and the Robuts: Fry, Leela, Bender and Zoidberg land on a desert planet to find themselves in the midst of a civil war between the local decapodian and robot populations.
Alexei 'Pimpinslacker' Ehrensperger
Helveticana: Zapp Brannigan, while on another failed date, discovers something that looks like cheap jewellery, but is actually far from it. Instead, this object is likely to cause a whole load of death and destruction upon the Universe. In the meantime, our favourite crew has a delivery to complete...
Allen Tanner
The Impressionable Mind: After a hard day's delivery, Leela's condemnation of Fry reaches new lows, forcing him to run for his life... into the path of an oncoming bus. At the hospital, a guilt ridden Leela finds that Fry has lost his memory, as well as his personality, and has found a new love... what can she do?
The Impressionable Mind II: Out-of-Body Experience: This sequel is set a few years after The Impressionable Mind, with Karen plotting her twisted revenge against Leela. She stumbles upon a mind swapping device, that Professor Farnsworth has invented, and sees this as the perfect opportunity to exact her revenge.
The Day the Future Stood in Doubt: Fry and Leela are the linchpin for a future utopian society that depends on the birth of their son, who will come to lead society towards this goal. However, some others have a different idea, one that involves making sure that Fry and Leela can never fulfill this momentous task.
The Groening Journals: Fry, desperate for Leela to love him, discovers a mysterious book that can change his history. However, there are dangerous others who want this very same book!
The How of Fry: Fry starts to remember the events of TWoF (The Why of Fry). This is just the least of Nibbler's problems as stolen documents pertaining to Fry fall into the wrong hands. A new evil from old foes has arisen and the Mighty One is needed once more, and this time he'll need some help from his co-workers. Can Fry save the Universe and get back the stolen files? Read on to find out.
Robin Fry: Robin Hood, done with a Futurama twist. Your favourite characters placed in the world of Kings and rogues. Humour, adventure, and a little romance.
What Lurks Beneath (Part 1, 2): A crossover of sorts with the James Herbert novel Domain And Futurama. When Fry opened up a separate dimension to trap the brainspawn, for that split second, little did he know that something else had been released from another place. Something that is the stuff of nightmares. It is now after Fry.s opera, and the creatures are almost ready to emerge. Will New New York be able to survive, and come to that, will the PE crew?
AmZ Future
Disaster on Dog Doo 5: Fry and Zoidberg venture to the planet Dog doo 5 and end up in a rather sticky situation. It's up to Leela and Bender to save the day.
Futurama Coronation Street: This is a Futurama version of the British soap opera Coronation Street episode of 17th October 2008. This parodies Liam's dramatic exit from the soap, but done in the guise of a what if scenario. Warning: now with 50% shipper content!
Dear Diary...: It's Xmas time and everyone is happy. Oh joy to the world! Well, actually, that's a bit of a fib, because Fry certainly seems down. Maybe the answer lies in the diary that Fry has been keeping. Mind you, diaries are where private and secret thoughts are kept, but if we're nosy enough, we just might be able to find out what's being written in that little book of his...
A Second Chance: Yet again, Fry is given the hurtful treatment by Leela when he does something idiotic, which forces him to reappraise his feelings for her, making him seemingly uncaring and unsympathetic towards her. This reaction of his makes her begin to realise the error of her ways. However, before these problems can be resolved, they're interrupted when a delivery goes wrong and they find themselves in the hands of some aliens who are bent on destroying half the Universe.
Andy Robertson
Crash Course in Love: This fic is set just after I Dated a Robot, with Fry still depressed over the events in Time Keeps on Slippin', in which Leela rejected his sexual advances, as well as divorcing him. The crew are sent on a special delivery for DOOP, that brings them, and especially Leela, in contact with Zapp Brannigan. During this delivery, certain events stir up unresolved issues between Leela and the hapless delivery boy.
Precious Memories: Leela gets suspicious when Fry seems unusually determined to carry out some arrangement that he has planned for the morning of the day after. On the pretence that she's concerned that he's trying to satisfy himself with some Lucy Liu styled robot, but really jealous deep inside, she follows him to find out what is the truth behind his strange behaviour.
Dead Man's Tale: It had been weeks after the crash that had killed Fry. After a lapse into depression, Leela takes a walk and ends up discovering more than she ever knew about the man she once loved...