Fan Fiction

The Impressionable Mind
By Allen Tanner

It was an average day at work. The PE crew made tons of deliveries that day. The last delivery for that day was on a planet known as Aquaria. They had ordered a few heavy crates of salt. Upon arriving there, the crew found that salt was the main food source, apparently it was considered a delicacy by the inhabitants. After refusing a meal of salt burgers, salt fries, and salt water, they quickly ran towards the ship and took off.

Fry sighed to himself, as he remembered the exhausting day he had. They had to make 120 deliveries today alone! "I think the Prof. has been taking too many orders lately," he thought to himself. He looked over at Leela driving the ship. "Man! I couldn't do anything right in her eye today. All day it was, Fry hurry up and Fry, move it! Sometimes, I wonder if she even values me as a friend. Bender's not that much of a friend either. We got banned from coming back to 12 planets because he had to steal their national treasures!" He sighed again and drifted off to sleep for the remainder of the trip.

"FRY, WAKE UP!" Leela's shout jolted Fry from his sleep.

"What did you yell at me for? I didn't do anything wrong!" Fry rubbed his ears to ease the sting of Leela's scream.

"I tried to wake you up 15 times already! How could you sleep through a meteor shower that put huge dents in the ship?"

Fry shrugged his shoulders. "Just lucky I guess."

Leela glared at him. "Now I have to repair the ship, so just stay out of my way."

"Leela, let me help you. It's the least I can do after. . ."

"You have trouble just getting your seatbelt on. What makes you think you can help repair the ship?"

"It can't be too hard. You just take this thingamabob and. . . whoa!" Fry suddenly lost his grip on the wrench. It bounced off the ship, causing yet another dent. It then flew into the open hood and made the engine explode. The force of the blast caused the wrench to fly upwards and spin around before coming back and knocking off the ship's landing gear, causing the ship to crash to the floor.

Fry looked back at Leela. If looks could kill, he would have evaporated. Fry smiled weakly and said a meek "Oops?"

Leela coolly climbed down the ladder then made a lunge for Fry. Fry had seen it coming and quickly moved out of the way. "Come here Fry, so I can beat the shit out of you!" she yelled angrily. Fry got a panicked look on his face and started to run. Leela gave chase. The staff meeting was well under way, with Hermes complaining as usual. They were interrupted as a screaming Fry ran in, jumped on the table, ran to the other side, and out the door.

Leela wasn't too far behind. Hermes blocked her path, making her more angry. "What the heck is going on between you two?" Hermes asked.

"I'm trying to catch Fry so I can beat him up for damaging the ship."

"He damaged the ship?"


"Forget beating him up, I want him DEAD!"

Hermes joined Leela in the chase. Fry had made it outside and was walking around, cursing himself for being so stupid. He heard a shout and looked up to see an angry Leela and Hermes, still giving chase. He worked up his courage to cross the busy intersection. He was close to the apartment and if he made it he'd be safe. He skillfully dodged rushing cars. It was slow work, but he finally made it the other side. Mere inches away from the side walk, he turned back to look at his pursuers. They were now wildly waving their arms. They were shouting, but their voices were drowned out by the flow of traffic. "They're probably just trying to trick me into going back," he thought to himself. He never saw the bus.

The next day, the PE crew went to see how their injured friend was doing. The doctor met them with a sad look on his face. "I'm sorry to inform you that your friend didn't survive the night . Everyone looked shocked, especially Leela. She began to wail. "Fry, you can't be gone, you just can't be! It's all my fault!" She broke down into sobs.

"Wait a minute! Did you say Fry, as in Mr. Fry?" the doctor asked.

"Yes," Leela sniffled out.

"I thought you were the Job family." Don't worry, Mr. Fry is fine. . .physically. There's nothing wrong with his body."

Leela looked up. "I hear a but coming."

"I'm not quite sure how to say this. Your friend can't remember anything about his life. All the things he learned are still there, but his personal history has been wiped from his mind. I've seen this kind of thing before. Sometimes their memories return, sometimes they don't come back. The best thing for him is to do the things he normally does."

"Can we see him," Leela asked.

"Of course, but I would be careful. He's quite scared that he can't remember anything. If you rush in there to hug him and talk excitedly, it could scare him even more."

The PE crew agreed to this and found his room with the doctor's help. They walked in quietly and watched him wake up. He sat up and looked around. His face looked confused. "Ah hello, pardon me for asking, but who are you?"

Leela walked closer to Fry's bed. "Hello Fry, my name's Leela, actually it's Toronga, but we both go by our last names."

"Okay, does everybody do that?" asked Fry.

Leela smiled at him. "No, just us." She looked around the room at everybody. "Fry, these people all work with you and I at a package delivery company." Everybody waved at him and said hello.

Fry looked up at Leela. "I want to go to sleep now okay?"

"Alright, Fry needs his sleep. Time to go home."

Everybody got up and started to leave. Leela was about to leave when Fry spoke again. "Leela?" he asked meekly

"Yes, Fry?"

"You're real nice. I like you." He then dozed off to sleep.

Leela looked about ready to cry. "I'm so sorry Fry. I hope you get your memory back so I can apologize," she whispered.

Over the next few days, Leela came back to visit. She kept running into Fry's personal nurse, Karen Michaels. She was a blond haired, green eyed 5 foot beauty with a nice figure. Leela wasn't sure why, but she was a bit suspicious about the way this nurse hovered over Fry. Fry seemed to enjoy her company, but he didn't forget to thank Leela for visiting. Finally, the day arrived when Fry could go back to work. Before they could leave, the nurse pulled Leela aside.

"Now, Fry's memory hasn't returned, so don't pressure him to remember, understand?" Leela nodded and grabbed Fry's hand to help him find the way out. Unknown to both of them, the nurse formed a wicked smile.

Without his memory, Fry was much more willing to help out at work. He often had trouble recalling his co-workers' names, so they had to constantly remind him. Leela took it upon herself to learn as much as she could about the 20th century in order to help Fry remember who he was. Most of the books distorted information about it. Leela set aside some time to talk to Fry every day. True to her word, whenever Fry had difficulty with remembering, she would stop trying so hard. Bender was no help, as he kept telling Fry he was supposed to give his money to him.

One day, Fry walked into work and asked Leela a question that she didn't quite know the answer to. "I've been wondering, is there something between us? You're really nice to me and spend all your time with me."

Leela looked taken aback. She could lie and say they were an item "NO Leela, that would be taking advantage of him!"

"It's so tempting, though"

"I know, but you would feel bad later on, even if you do have feelings for him."

"Okay, you win!" She turned to Fry. "No, Fry, there's nothing between us. We're just good friends."

"I was just checking. Karen asked me on a date and I wanted to be sure that I had no other commitments."

Leela raised her eyebrow. "Karen?"

"Yeah she was my nurse," answered Fry.

"Oh I remember her. When is this date?"

"Tomorrow at 8:00. We're going to some French restaurant."

"I don't know if you should Fry. I mean you're not completely cured."

"Hey, just because I can't remember a thing doesn't mean I can't lead my own life."

"Well, just be careful. I don't want you to get hurt."

"I will. . . mom!"

Fry stormed off, leaving Leela to ponder what had just transpired. She was still suspicious of that nurse. She had a hunch that something was up, but without proof she was unable to do anything. She went on repairing the ship. She sighed. She was such an idiot. If she hadn't been so quick in judgement, none of this would have happened. She hadn't told Fry she was at fault for his memory loss. She wanted to gain his trust and telling him that wouldn't help.

All too soon, the time of the date arrived. Karen knocked on the front door of the PE building. Leela answered it. There stood that nurse she hated, wearing a red dress. "Hello uh, Leela isn't it? Is Fry ready?"

"He's just finishing getting dressed. He should be here any moment."

At that moment, Fry came to the door. He was dressed in a nice looking tuxedo "Ready to go Karen?"

"Of course!" Karen replied sweetly. When Fry wasn't looking, she cast an ugly look back at Leela.

Fry sat across from Karen at the small café table. He was having a hard time understanding the menu, but he finally found the English version. The food still made no sense to him though. He much preferred a burger to escargot, which in the English version read "Snails." He looked up at Karen. "I don't think I like French food very much," he said.

"Well, that's not what you told me last time," she replied

"Last time? There was a last time?"

"Oh, I forgot that you can't remember anything." She paused before breaking into sobs. "This whole incident has made me so depressed that you can't remember anything about us!"

"Well, maybe if you tell me about it, I might remember."

"I can do better than that, I can show you if you come back to my house. I've got a collection of home made CDs that might help you remember."

"Well, I promised Leela I'd be careful, but what's the harm?"

They got up and walked out the door of the restaurant and headed toward her house.

Leela was getting worried. It was 11:00 p.m. and Fry still wasn't back from his date with Karen. She wondered if anything was wrong. She could go look for him, but wouldn't that upset him? Just then she heard a door open and rushed to greet the entrant. She was so happy to see Fry walk in, unhurt. "Where were you Fry? You were out awfully late."

"I was with Karen. It was a funny thing. She said we had gone out before and she had some video CD's of us. None of it jogged my memory, but she hasn't given me a reason to doubt her yet."

"You never went out with her before! I don't like the sound of any of that. It would probably be best if you didn't see her anymore.

Fry suddenly became angry. "You're not the boss of me! Oh, wait you are my boss aren't you?"

Leela nodded. "When you're at work I am your boss"

"Well, you can't run my personal life. You seem to be quite the controller around here." He laughed to himself. "Karen warned me you might say something like that. She suspected you were jealous of her and I. I guess she was right." He ran upstairs to the lounge.

Leela looked shocked and hurt. Her thoughts were in a whirl. "I knew something was up, but I don't understand why she's doing it. I'm a controller? Well I guess that is true. I do find myself having to be in charge all the time. I should probably go upstairs and talk to him. I thought that nurse was supposed to help him, not confuse him. It's not helping him to remember by telling him lies."

Leela quietly walked upstairs to the lounge, where she found Fry flicking through the channels. "Fry, I apologize, it's just that I'm not used to this memory loss thing. I keep looking at you and I see Fry, but for the time being, you're not the Fry I remember. It's hard on me."

Fry looked at her questionably. "Why is it hard on you?"

"I miss my friend."

Fry looked sad. "I'm sorry I'm not the Fry you remember. It's not easy on me either. I wake up everyday, scared that I can't remember a thing. I can't even remember my parents or the year I was born in. You guys tell me as much as you can, but none of it jogs any memories. Then, I meet a girl who says she knows everything about me and has videos to prove it. Who am I supposed to believe?"

Leela looked dumbfounded. "I didn't know this was hard on you too. I'm sorry I didn't realize it sooner." Leela looked as if she was unsure what to do next. Then she spoke again. "Fry, I wasn't going to tell you this because I was unsure how you'd react to it. I'm the one who . . ."

She was interrupted by a loud beep. They noticed it was caused by the TV. A man appeared on the screen. "This just in, the rare Pluto Diamond has been stolen from the Museum of Precious Stones. This diamond equals the amount of $1,000,000,000,000 dollars. At the moment, police have no suspect. They are asking any one with information to come forward. The Pluto Diamond was a gift to Earth from the Plutonians. They have also demanded its return and the honor of terminating the criminal that committed this crime. Further updates as they happen."

"Someone stole the Pluto Diamond? How could they have done that? There's a state of the art security system guarding it," Leela mused out loud.

"How come the Plutonians are mad?" Fry asked

"The Pluto Diamond is the symbol of peace between Earth and Pluto. If the diamond isn't recovered, it could start another Universal War."

"So, it's important then?"

"Of course!"

"Well, then I hope it's recovered."

Leela looked cross at Fry. "It's gotta be Bender. This is just his style." She grabbed Fry and began to pull him down the stairs. "Come on, we're going to his apartment." They took the long walk to Bender's apartment. Leela banged on the door. "Let us in you metal head."

"Alright already! I'm coming." Bender opened the door to see an angry Leela and confused Fry. "What do you want meatbag?"

"I want to know where you stashed the Pluto Diamond." Leela demanded.

"I didn't take it. I was going to, but when I got there, it was gone."

"Don't give me that lame excuse. I know you did it."

"Hey, if you think I'm lying, give me your money." Leela handed him the money. Bender counted it and put it in his compartment. "Suckers! I have proof I didn't rob the joint. Here!" He handed Leela a tape. He then shut the door and giggled to himself.

"Let's go back to my place and view it," Leela suggested.

"I just want to know why I have to be dragged along for this."

"Just come on Fry."

"Okay." Fry sighed finally giving in. They hadn't walked more than two blocks when they met an angry mob.

"Get the traitor!" one of them cried. They started to chase them. Leela figured now would be a good time to run. She had no idea why they were chasing after her. They were down the street in seconds. The angry mob was catching up, prompting them to run faster. It was dark out, with only dim streetlights to help them find their way. They ducked into an alley to escape the mob and head back to Planet Express. Luck was not with them. The PE building was surrounded by cops and the mob had found them again. They ran into the business section of New New York. Most of the stores were closed. Seeing one that was open, she dragged Fry inside. They hid amongst the aisles and found the TV section. They both gasped. Leela's face was on TV!

"We interrupt this program to bring you an important bulletin. Police have found that the security camera can reveal the crook's identity. After checking files, we have learned that a woman named Toronga Leela has committed the crime. The police are offering a reward to whoever can bring her in."

"That's a bunch of bull! I didn't steal that diamond. Come on Fry, we gotta go!" She heard no response and turned to find that Fry was gone. "Mental note to self, make sure Fry never gets hit by a bus again!" She started to chase after Fry to stop him from blabbing their position. Unfortunately, it was too late. She was apprehended by two police officers.

"All right, Miss Leela, you know your rights, you have none. We don't give rights to people who betray the planet."

"No! I'm completely innocent. I was at the Planet Express building all night. You can search for the diamond there!"

"We already searched the building and we found the diamond hidden under the couch cushions."

"I was set up! I wasn't there at the museum."

"Then explain how you managed to appear on the security camera's hologram?"

"I want to see that hologram."

"Okay, we'll show it to you down at the station." As they were leaving, Leela spotted Fry. She reached for the tape and tossed it to him while the police weren't looking. He caught it and quickly pocketed it. Leela saw this and looked at him pleadingly. Fry nodded at her and watched the cops take her away.

Fry headed back to Planet Express. He didn't know what to do with the tape. He figured that it might be evidence to clear what's-her-name of the crime. He was going to head into the building to watch the tape when he saw Karen walking along. He waved to her. "Hi Karen!"

Karen stopped and waved back. "What luck, I was just looking for him," she thought. "So Fry, I heard about your friend on the news. You can't say I didn't warn you."

"Yeah, I know, but I have this weird feeling that she's innocent."

Karen got a semi-panicked look on her face. "You do? Well, cameras don't lie you know." She ran up to him and embraced him. "I know you're scared, especially since you don't have your memory, but I know everything about you and what's best for you. I think you should stay away from this Leela character."

"Stop it! I'm tired of being told who to see and what to believe. How do I know you're not trying to take advantage of me?"

"Fry, who are you going to believe, me or some woman you hardly know? I have all your personal information and you know I love you."

"Yes, I suppose I do. I'm sorry I'm just so confused right now."

"Well, I could try to jump start your memory again with the videos."

"Speaking of which, I've been having these dreams lately and they feel pretty real. It's like my memories are coming to me in dreams."

"Really? That's interesting. Why don't you tell me about them?"

Meanwhile downtown at the police station, Leela stared at the scene in front of her, not believing what she saw. The scene that played before her was the security tape. The thief did look a lot like her. At one point, the imposter stepped up to the camera, giving everyone a close up view of her face. Then the tape was shut off. "All right, Miss Leela, do you still claim that that's not you?" the interrogator asked.

"Yes I do."

"And you expect us to believe you?"

Leela hung her head sadly. "No I don't," she replied.

"Do you understand what your punishment is?"

"No. What is it?"

"The Plutonians have requested that we turn you over to them for your punishment. It will mostly likely be termination by slow and painful death."

"WHAT? !"

"They're going to give you a trial to be fair. I wouldn't hold my breath on getting an acquittal though if I were you. Your trial is tomorrow, so we're keeping you here overnight."

Two police officers came to escort Leela to her jail cell. They opened the hallway door and practically dragged her down the row of cells before stopping, opening one up, and throwing her in. "Hey, don't I get a free phone call?" she hollered after the officers who laughed and ignored her. She looked around the cell. It was about the size of a walk-in closer, but a little bigger. There was a toilet and sink in the left corner. The bed was attached to the right side wall of the cell. She went over to the bed that was as hard as a rock. The pillow was a nice name for what felt like a bag of cement.

Leela sighed. There was no TV and nothing to read. She was totally bored out of her mind. "I wonder how Fry's doing. Maybe he's on his way to the station right now with the evidence that will clear my name." Then she saw a newspaper on the floor, opened to the Announcements page. She was dismayed at what she saw. "Then again, maybe not."


The next day, a police officer came to get her for the trial. As she was led down the hall, the officer said she had a visitor. Her heart rose when she saw Fry standing there. "Fry, I'm so glad to see you. Have you come to tell me I'm free to go?"

"I'm here because I wanted to tell you I'm getting married tomorrow."

"I know. I wish I could be happy for you, but I can't. Did Karen propose to you?"

"Yeah, she tells me my memory will come back if we get married."

"Do you believe her?"

"Well, I have known her longer than you. Why shouldn't I believe her?"

"Oh Fry, if only you knew."

At that moment she was shoved off into the police escort ship. They strapped her down and shut the door. Leela looked back at the ground to see Fry walk off with Karen. She watched as the ground shrunk beneath her as the ship took off. "So, I hear you're in a lot of trouble," the driver said.

"Yeah, but I didn't do anything."

"Oh I know that. It's Karen that has to be stopped."

Leela looked surprised. "How do you know that?"

"I know what she's like and she works for me." The driver pulled off his helmet. Leela gasped. It was the doctor that originally diagnosed Fry. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Alex Xavier. I made the mistake of assigning Karen to Mr. Fry. She had suffered a severe heartbreak and now she truly believes that she must mold a potential mate into her ideal man. What better person than Mr. Fry, who has suffered a complete memory loss."

"So that's why she was lying to him," Leela mused

"Precisely, and to that end, I have good news and bad news. The good news is Mr. Fry's memory is able to return quite easily. I believe he had been experiencing severe emotional stress. The brain will often try to remove this stress any way it can, including complete memory loss. You have to get him to deal with this emotional stress head on. Once he is forced to face the offending memory, he will gain back what he lost."

Leela thought back to that fateful day. "I remember yelling at him a lot when we were making deliveries. Then he tried to offer his assistance in fixing the ship and wound up damaging it more severely. I chased him into that intersection. I'm responsible for his current condition."

Dr. Xavier put his hand on Leela's shoulder. "Then that is the memory you must have him face. If you care for him, why do you yell at him?"

"He can't do anything right. I have to yell at him."

"Perhaps, you have set your standards too high. You can overlook a kind heart for your standards. No one is above anybody and no one is below anybody."

Leela looked up at him. "How can you know so much about me?"

"It's all in the way you have responded to my questions. It sounds to me that you both have feelings you must face. For now, let us concentrate our efforts on saving your friend."

"What was the bad news?"

"Oh yes! I nearly forgot. If Mr. Fry marries Karen, I am 99% sure that he won't be able to regain his memory."

"Well then, we've got to hurry!"

"Miss Leela, while I quite agree with you, we may get a little hung up."

A shot fired past them. Leela turned around to see a huge Plutonian warship pursuing them. "Why are they shooting at us?" she asked.

"You were due at the trial an hour ago. Since you didn't arrive, Earth is now guilty of breaking the peace treaty." As he spoke, he started to dodge lasers left and right. "Don't worry though, they will only attack Earth as a last resort."

"Where are we going?" Leela asked

"We're going to hide out at my secret vacation house until they give up!"

At that moment, a dozen Plutonian ships tried to block their path. They were caught between a rock and a hard place. Leela pushed the doctor out of the driver's seat and quickly lowered the ship just as both sides fired, in effect destroying each other. She started to descend the ship towards Earth. "Which way to your vacation house?" she asked.

"You should be close to it when you descend. Just head left."

"I think I better turn off the tracking device so our location stays secret."

Dr. Xavier nodded his agreement. "Good thinking."

In a little over an hour, they finally found the cottage and landed next to it. It was one of those traditional log cabins that created a homely atmosphere to the woods. Inside, it had a little fire place and a cozy rocking chair next to it. It was a two room house so there wasn't a big kitchen or bathroom. It was an accommodating little house though, with carpeted floors and a couch. The doctor went to the small kitchen and offered to make Leela a sandwich. She accepted and it only took him a few minutes to make some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Leela quietly nibbled on her sandwich for a minute before speaking. "Dr. Xavier, was Karen someone special to you, like Fry is to me?"

"Ah, I knew that question would come up. Very observant of you. The answer to that is yes. She doesn't know that of course. I was afraid to tell her because of her delusions of "making Mr. Right." I was just finally getting up my courage when your friend arrived. Sadly, she seized the opportunity."

"What made you come to my aid?"

"When I heard about the trouble you were in, I had my suspicions that someone else was behind the crime. I knocked out the guard that was supposed to deliver you to Pluto. You know the rest of the story. That being said, it is getting rather late and we have a big day ahead of us. You can go ahead and take the bed. I'll sleep on the couch."

Leela said good night to him and they both prepared for bed. Leela pulled her wallet out of her pocket. She flipped to the photo section and looked at the picture of Fry and her. She laughed aloud. Fry was trying to give her bunny ears. "I miss you Fry. I promise that if you come back, I'll admit my feelings for you," she thought to herself before drifting off to sleep.

She was shaken awake the next morning. When she finally opened her eye, she realized it wasn't the doctor, but a blue being with large dark blue eyes. He was dressed in military clothing, had a thin figure, and a long neck that he could stretch and shrink at will. "Get up! You are to report to your trial ASAP." Through the open door behind the Plutonian, Leela could see Dr. Xavier being detained. She quickly got up and allowed the soldier to escort her to the ship.

Once she and the doctor were in the ship, the Plutonians prepared to launch the ship into space. Leela took advantage of this diversion and kicked the driver in the head. He promptly fell over, knocked out cold. "That was too easy," she thought aloud. Another Plutonian moved to stop her, but she was too quick for it. She flipped him over, easily knocking him out. "You guys are real pushovers, aren't you." The whole fight took less than 5 minutes.

Dr. Xavier was quick to explain why they had been easy to fight. "Pluto is much colder than Earth. I would imagine being in the warm climate of Earth weakened them, therefore making them easy to defeat. Now, we must hurry if we are to stop that wedding. It has already started."

"How did they find us?" Leela asked.

"They followed a tracking device that's implanted in the career chips."

"I used to work as a Fate Officer. I can't believe I forgot about it."

Leela put the pedal to the metal and zoomed off into the sky. It took them about 5 minutes to get back to New New York. Then they had to stop at a refueling station to ask where the wedding was being held. They learned it was being held at the New New York Church. They tried to get over there as fast as they could, but air traffic was murder today. They finally made it there and landed the ship. Leela and Dr. Xavier quietly entered the church in time to hear, "If anyone here objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace."

"I OBJECT!" Leela's shout caused everyone to turn around.

"How dare you come and try to ruin my happy day, you criminal." Karen said forcefully.

"I want to speak to Fry."

"You will not!" Karen shouted angrily. "Will someone please escort this crazy woman and her friend to a loony bin?"

"Fry, I need you to face me, so I can speak to you!"

Fry turned around. "What do you want Leela?"

"I want to tell you about the day you received amnesia."

"What about it?"

"We made a lot of deliveries that day. I mostly yelled at you for being lazy. Then I yelled at you for sleeping through a meteor shower."

Fry put his hand on his head, like he was trying to stop a headache. "What. . .are. . . you. . .doing. . .to. . .me?" he asked in a pained tone.

Leela turned to look at Dr. Xavier for help. "Don't stop, it's going to hurt him like hell, but don't stop," he said

She walked closer to Fry, actually feeling his pain. "Then you offered to help me and I insulted you. Then I threatened to hurt you for damaging the ship."

"NOO!" Karen screamed, rushing at her. She tackled Leela to the ground, punching her senseless. Dr. Xavier ran to wrestle a screaming Karen off of her. Leela looked at Fry, his face consorted into massive pain. She had to finish the job.

"I continued chasing after you, causing you to cross a busy intersection. I saw the bus and tried get your attention, but I was too late. I'm to blame for your current memory loss. I'm sorry."

"Ahhhh!" Fry screamed bloody murder. "But. . .yo. . .you. . .hat. . .hate. . .mee!!"

Now Leela was close enough to touch him. He was almost back. "No, Fry I don't hate you, I. . .I love you!" She took out her wallet and turned to their picture. "Fry, do you see this man," she said pointing to him in the picture, "I want him back. I want to tell him I love him."

Fry threw his head back in pain Leela grabbed him and hugged close to her to prevent him from falling. His body began to convulse as if there were two forces fighting for control. Then he began to speak in two different tones. "Give. . . me. . . back . . .my body!"


"I. . .am stronger than you."

"You gave up a long time ago." Then he let out one horrendous scream, indicating one of the two personalities was winning. Then Fry went limp against Leela's body. She slowly lowered herself to the floor, allowing Fry to use her as a pillow.

"Doc, what's wrong with him?" Leela asked.

"He's just passed out from the pain. He'll come around soon."

"Why did he sound like there were two personalities in his body?"

"Karen had succeeded in cultivating a new man in Fry. Your forcing him to confront the issues allowed the Fry you know to come out. Clearly the other one did not want to leave and we have no way of knowing who he will wake up as."

Shortly, Fry began to stir. "Fry, is that you, the real you?" Leela asked hopefully, Fry moved to raise himself to a sitting position. He turned to look into Leela's eye.

"Who do you think it is?" he asked.

Leela looked into Fry's eyes and studied them carefully. The warmth and kindness had returned to Fry's eyes. He was back! Leela was overjoyed and hugged him tightly. "I'm so sorry Fry," she sobbed.

Fry ran his hand through Leela's hair and smiled. "I heard you the first time." He looked over at Karen and got up. Then he helped Leela to her feet. He began walking over to Karen. "Karen, your perfect man is gone. I know why you did what you did, but that still doesn't make it right."

"I'm sorry all right, leave me alone."

"Karen, you created a man you thought would be your perfect mate. You would have gotten bored with him because he was predictable. You would never learn something new about him because you created him."

"I'd know he wouldn't leave me."

"That's part of a relationship Karen. Sometimes people fall out of love."

"I made him to love me. That would have never happened to us."

"He might love you, but ten years from now, you'd feel differently. You can't force people to love you and if you did, it wouldn't be real. A relationship is about taking chances. That's what makes a relationship worthwhile."

Karen looked up at Fry. "Thank you for helping me see the error of my ways."

"No prob. Now, Leela has a trial to go to and I think it would be appropriate if the real culprit came too."

Everybody all walked out to the ship and boarded. Fry woke up the driver. "Excuse me, naptime is over and we have a trial to attend." The driver looked confused, but he started the ship and headed for Pluto.

Meanwhile on Pluto

A group of Plutonians and other planetary allies sat at a large meeting table. The Plutonian sitting at the head of the table stands to speak. "My friends, we have given the Earthlings fair warning and the fugitive has yet to show. In their failure to respond, I declare. . ."

Just then the door burst open and Leela, Fry, Karen, and Dr. Xavier entered the room. "Your honor," Leela said addressing the Head Plutonian, "I've come to stand trial."

"You finally decided to show? Well, it's too late. Earth is the first on our list of planets to destroy."

Karen stepped forward. "You can't hold the entire planet at fault for the actions of one person!"

"The actions of one person can reflect upon the planet as a whole, as stated in our peace treaty," one member of the council explained.

The Head Plutonian held up his hand for silence. "They come without escorts, which means they came of their own free will. Such an action gives them the right to request a trial." The council members saw this and agreed. "However, this trial will determine the fate of the planet. If the accused can prove her innocence, we will release Earth from its doom. If not, the accused will suffer by watching her planet be destroyed and afterwards be submitted to a slow and painful death. Do you accept these terms?"

Leela nodded and replied, "Yes, I accept the terms."

"Then let the trial begin! Do you have someone to represent you?"

"I choose Mr. Philip J. Fry."

Fry looked surprised. "Leela, are you sure you me want to? The only things I know about law are from watching lawyer movies.

Leela smiled at his comment. "You don't need to know law Fry. This is a basic hearing. You're even dressed for it," she said, indicating his wedding clothes.

The Head Plutonian spoke again. "Mr. Fry, do you accept Miss Leela's nomination of you as her representative?"

Fry tried to look as calm as he could while he replied, "Yes, I accept."

The Council moved Leela and Fry to the court room and sat them behind a desk. They asked that everybody else take their seats. The Head Plutonian entered the court and took his seat behind the judge bench. " Miss Leela, you are accused of jewel theft and breach of the Plutonian-Earthling peace treaty. How do you plead?"

Fry stood up. "The defendant wishes to plead not guilty, your honor."

"Very well. Mr. Blog shall be the cross-examiner." A Plutonian dressed in a lawyer suit, meaning a suit and tie, stood up and accepted the nomination. "The defense shall now call their first witness to the stand."

"The defense calls Dr. Alex Xavier to the stand," Fry replied. Dr. Xavier rose to walk down the aisle to the stand. He was sworn in and Fry rose to question him. "Dr. Xavier, what is your relationship to Miss Leela?"

"I'm a friend."

"Do you believe Miss Leela is innocent?"

"Yes, I do"

"How did you arrive at this conclusion?"

"I had a feeling someone else committed those crimes."

"I see, is that person with us today?"


"Will you please point out this person?"

"Yes. Karen Michaels. In the audience."

"Let the record show that Dr. Xavier has pointed out Miss Michaels. The defense has no further questions, your honor."

Mr. Blog rose to interrogate Dr. Xavier. "Dr. Xavier, did you see Miss Michaels commit the crimes that you have fingered her for?"

"No, I did not."

"I see, other than your feelings that Miss Leela did not commit these crimes, do you have any solid proof?"

"No, I don't."

"I see, no further questions your honor."

"The defense calls Toronga Leela to the stand." After Leela was sworn in, Fry spoke again. "Miss Leela, what were you doing on the night of the Pluto Diamond theft?"

"I was at work, talking to you, when the news of the theft came on. I have a friend who is known for stealing and I went to see him to demand he give it back."

"Did he say he was responsible for the theft?"

"He claimed he was innocent. I couldn't drag a confession out of him."

"What else did you do that night?"

"I ran for my life from an angry mob, out to get me. I found out I had been framed and then I was arrested."

"Were you informed of your rights?"

"No, I was told I didn't have any."

"Let the record show Miss Leela's claim of an improper arrest. No further questions, your honor."

"Miss Leela, the diamond was discovered in the couch of the PE lounge. How do you account for it being there?" Mr. Blog asked.

"I can't."

"I see. Your honor, I ask for an end to this trial. It's obvious that Mr. Fry has no credible witnesses or evidence. Therefore, this trial is a waste of time."

"Wait, your honor. The defense has one more witness. The defense calls Karen Michaels to the stand." Karen took her place on the witness stand and was sworn in. "Now, Miss Michaels, earlier today, you were pointed out as the perpetrator to the crime. Did you do it?"

Karen looked straight faced as she answered. "No, I did not. It was Miss Leela."

Everyone in the defense was shocked. Fry leaned over and whispered, "What the hell are you doing Karen?"

"If I can't have you, she won't either," she whispered back.

"Have you gone mad? They'll blow up Earth if Leela is found guilty."

"I'll just find some where else to live. You're stuck now. Without my testimony, you have no other proof. No one will believe an amnesic patient."

Fry buried his head in his hands. He had no other options. All those lawyer movies he had watched had been for nothing. He dug his hands in his pockets as he was about to announce the defense's rest. He felt something in his pocket and pulled out a small tape. He was overjoyed. He held in his hand the one thing that could possibly save Leela. "Your honor, I would like to present this security tape of the museum as Exhibit A May we have a TV to view this?"

The judge granted permission and someone wheeled in a television and set it up. Fry inserted the tape. The whole room watched as a figure came on screen. Fry paused it and zoomed in. There, clear as a bell, was Karen's face. The minute Karen saw this, she broke into sobs. Fry spoke to Karen again. "In light of this new evidence, do you still claim innocence?"

Karen lost it. "All right, I did it. I wanted to get Miss Leela out of the way. I took the tape and altered it with my computer. It was the only one I found. I also made those home movies I showed you." She stared hatefully at Leela. "I won't let you have him!" she screamed. She pulled out a laser gun and fired at Leela. Fry had seen this coming and threw himself into the beam's path. It hit him, knocking him down. He was bleeding heavily.

Leela ran to him. "Fry, are you okay?" she cried. Dr. Xavier rushed to examine Fry.

"We need to get him to a hospital fast."

The Head Plutonian stood and said, "There's an operating room down the hall doctor." The doctor thanked him and with another Plutonian helping him, they moved Fry to the operating room.

Karen was in shock. "He. . .wasn't. . .supposed to do that! He ruined everything! What have I done?" she screamed.

Leela stared at her coldly. "If anything happens to Fry, I'll kill you. I swear to God, I'll throw the switch on your electric chair myself after beating you senseless." She ran out of the room to check on Fry's condition.

The Head Plutonian looked down at the sobbing Karen. "To be perfectly honest, Miss Michaels, there isn't a jury in the universe that would convict her." He motioned for one of the men to put her in solitary confinement. Then he went to see Mr. Fry.

In the operating room, Fry had been hooked up to numerous cords and a monitor was watching his heartbeat, which was getting lower by the minute. Dr. Xavier was doing everything he could. Leela was by Fry's side. "Fry, don't leave me! I love you!"

Fry looked up at her and whispered, "As long as you're safe, that's all that matters. I'll always be with you in here," he said pointing to her heart. At that moment, a flat-line beep was heard. Dr. Xavier looked up sadly and shook his head.

"NOOO!" Leela screamed. At that moment, the Head Plutonian entered. "Where is she?" Leela asked through gritted teeth. Surprised by her tone, the Plutonian pointed the way to solitary confinement. She ran from the room.

"All is not lost, doctor. We Plutonians have healing powers that can resurrect Mr. Fry. The downside is that I will be giving him my life force, in effect, killing me." He called for Mr. Blog. When he entered, the Head Plutonian spoke again. "Mr. Blog, I choose you as my replacement as Head Plutonian." Mr. Blog nodded.

"I will lead to the best of my abilities. We will miss you," he said.

Then the Head Plutonian put his hands on Fry's lifeless body and began to hum a strange tune. He started to glow and Fry's body began to radiate a blue light. The glow kept getting brighter and the tune was getting louder. The glow got so bright that everyone had to cover their eyes. Then, the glow disappeared and the blue light radiating from Fry's body vanished. The Head Plutonian had disappeared also. The doctor turned to Blog. "Go fetch Miss Leela, will you?" Blog nodded and left the room.

When Blog found Leela, she had just about beaten Karen to death. Karen had bruises all over the exposed parts of her body. Her ears and nose were bleeding. Her ribs were almost puncturing her skin and her wedding dress was shredded. Leela had meant business. Blog stopped Leela as she was about to snap Karen's neck. "Miss Leela, please come with me. I have good news to show you." Leela let Karen drop to the floor and after giving her one final kick, she went with Blog. Karen tried to get up, but her legs were broken and she could barely crawl. Then she saw Dr. Xavier running toward her, but he never came. Her eyes were playing tricks on her.

Leela walked into the operating room just in time to see Fry wake up. She was overjoyed. She ran over to him and hugged him, laughing and crying. Blog walked up to Fry and stuck out his hand to him. Fry accepted it and they shook hands. "Congratulations, Mr. Fry, you now have the highest regarded Plutonian essence within.

You now posses the ability to heal."

Fry looked amazed. "Won't I die if I use it though?"

Blog laughed. "No Mr. Fry, that only happens to Plutonians."

Leela smiled. "Fry, I'm so happy you're okay. In fact, you could use your new ability on Karen. Come on!" she said pulling him out the door. When Fry saw what Leela had done to Karen, he whistled.

"Remind me never to get on your bad side," he said. He knelt near the dying Karen. He looked at his hand and said, "Well let's see what you can do." He put his hand on her and the effect was almost instant. The bruises started to disappear, the bleeding cuts closed, and her ribs were put back in place. The process took only seconds and Karen was standing in no time. She cowered in fear when she saw Leela.

"Please, don't hurt me again," she pleaded.

Blog stood beside Leela and Fry. "What should we do with her?" he asked.

Fry looked in thought. "Well, she said she could find another planet to live on. That gives me an idea for the perfect punishment." He whispered something in Blog's ear. Blog nodded and smiled at Karen.

"What is it?" she asked.


After this adventure, Fry moved in with Leela and got married 7 months later. They adopted a son named Dave and later had one named Brad. Dave became a researcher of cures for diseases and was responsible for curing AIDS. Brad became president of The Planetary Council. Fry used his newfound healing powers to become a doctor. Leela eventually replaced Zapp as head captain for the Doop.

Blog made a good Head Plutonian and led his planet to universal greatness.

Dr. Xavier was promoted to the board of directors at the hospital he works at. Under his guidance, the hospital became well known. He also hired Fry as a doctor.

The Planet Express Delivery service flourished.

As for Karen, she got her wish about going to another planet. To this day, she is still choking down the salt-made food of the planet Aquaria.


Futurama characters belong to Fox, Matt Groening, and the Curiosity Company. Karen Michaels, Dr. Alex Xavier, Blog, and the Head Plutonian are characters of my creation. The Fry kids' names are in thanks to Dave and Brad. My thanks to Dave for his inspiring web site and to Brad for his stories that sparked my own ideas. I would love to hear comments from the readers, so drop me a line.