Fan Fiction

A Hole Lot of Trouble Going On
By Chug a Bug

This is my first attempt at Futurama fan fiction so I submit it for your derision and ridicule appraisal. It's told mainly from Leela's POV partly because I find her the most interesting character and also because, well, I tend to see Futurama principally from her POV. It's set soon after TDHAIP although it's not overtly shippy. Others can do that better than I can I think.

Any rip offs homages to classic scenes and/or jokes from Futurama or any other classic sci-fi in any of my fiction is purely unintentional. Catch them if you can.

Act 1 Scene 1
Its a cold early morning in New New York. Leela is walking to the Planet Express building for another days work. The other day had been her first proper date with Fry which followed shortly after his Orphan of the Stars opera which he'd written. Especially. For her. For me she thought. A warm glow came over her and she smiled inside. There it was again, that strange feeling.. what was it, it was that feeling of loneliness.... which had gone. She sighed. All her life she'd been alone, abandoned by her parents when she was a baby, forced to put up the jeers and catcalls of her fellow children at the orphanrium, always the one in cootietown. She looked down at her feet. Well, she thought, I wasn't going to let that stop me. I worked hard, took exams, and learnt to defend myself and found an outlet for my frustration in learning Arcturan Kung Fu. She wondered if she'd perhaps overcompensated for her hard upbringing, but then thought well, it's served me in good stead 'til now. If someone gives me grief then I can always kick their butt. It may not always solve the problem but it sure makes me feel better. She sighed again. It didn't make her feel any less lonely though. She'd even asked her boss at the Cryogenics Facility for a date once although she didn't know he was married at the time. She felt like there were times when out of sheer desperation she'd have asked the next man walking down the street for a date. At just that moment Dr Zoidberg came around the corner. He looked like he'd been sleeping in a dumpster and flies were buzzing around his head. "Helloooo", he said. "I'm starting work with friends!"

Leela reached the door of the building which opened hurriedly and the door ka-shunked shut in his face just as Zoidberg reached it. His whole body dropped dejectedly and he looked at the ground.

"Ohhhh!" he cried aloud. Leela frowned as she walked into the building.

"I'm not that desperate!" She said firmly to herself.

Scene Two
In the lounge there was a copy of The Simpsons comic lying on a table. There was the words from an interview with Matt Groening's head visible saying that Fox had commissioned yet another season of The Simpsons, it's 3005th. The Simpsons season 1 was now showing on Masterpiece Theater, apparently. There was a picture of an x-ray of the inside of Homer Simpson's head on the front showing a brain the size of a peanut inside. Fry and Bender were playing at a videogame. Bender was winning, as usual. Bender said

"Ok meatbag. Thats 3 crates of booze you owe me."

"No fair! How come you always win?"

Leela observed them for a second. She said:

"Fry, you know that Bender had that new Intel Xanthentium processor fitted last week. He can outprocess your moves faster than you can move your fingers."

Fry: "Clever kid huh! I'll show him!" and furiously moved the pad faster than ever but with absolutely no effect on the outcome.

Leela sighed. She knew better than to interfere. What was it with boys and their toys anyhow? It was probably some kind of instinctive male bonding ritual she thought to herself. She went into the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. She wondered about Fry, ever since their date, well even before in fact he'd been making a real effort to make it to work on time, since she gave them that ticking off all those weeks ago in fact. She was postively astonished that Bender had made it on time and suspected an ulterior motive. Just then she heard shouts from the lounge and Fry saying "I won, I won!"

As she walked into the lounge she was confronted with the sight of Fry with a cloth and bottle of polish furiously polishing Bender's butt.

"No fair", he said. "How come I always win the cruddy prize! And how come it's always the same one!"

Bender just stood there with that half cool, half evil expression on his face that he had and just continued smoking his stogie. Leela turned and surprisingly, to herself at least, stopped herself from stating the obvious and merely rolled her eye upwards and mouthed the word instead: "Idiot!"

Scene Three

Fry is exchanging words with Leela. Leela is saying, insistantly, "Fry, we need to leave now. The Professor wants us to go to planet Oxfam 7 the charity planet. We have a load of old castoff clothes to deliver." "What do you mean Leela? That pile of clothes in the corner is my washing!" "No I mean the stuff in the crates over there! Although you might as well add yours to the rest."

"Leela, I have to play one more round with Bender. I'm sure I can win a better prize this time!"

Leela merely folded her arms narrowed her eye and glowered at him. An earlier Fry would simply have ignored her and gone back to playing with Bender, or at least until Leela physically pushed him out the door. This time though alarm bells were ringing in the back of what passed for Fry's mind. Fry didn't know much but if he had learnt one thing in his years with Leela, when Leela looked annoyed that wasn't good. Annoyed Leela = bad, Happy Leela = good. In the past he wouldn't ordinarily have cared but now it was different. Over the last 4 years or so Fry had fallen deeply in love with Leela. Completely, hopelessly and desperately. For Fry Leela was the most beautiful woman he'd ever met. He loved everything about her, her shapelyness, her voice, even her anger was music to his ears. When he'd seen her in that superhero outfit Bender made for her when they'd all played at being Captain Yesterday and Clobberella (and Superking, don't forget Superking! As Bender might have said) and she'd worn her hair loose she'd taken his breath away. All he knew was he wanted to do anything to please her, and if that meant jumping to it right now then jump to it he would. He hurried out the door.

Act 2 Scene One

The scene: Inside the PE ship travelling home after the delivery to the charity planet.

Fry: "Phew I'm glad to get out of there. Any longer and the collectorbots would have had the shirt off my back!"

Looks down: He has his jacket, pants and shoes but his shirt is missing.

Fry, startled and annoyed: "Hey!"

Leela, slightly irritated: "Fry, you shouldn't have fallen asleep in that corner. It's time you got off your heiney and bought a new set of clothes and replaced the ones you wore a thousand years ago!"

Inside the ship there are empty slurm cans, beer bottles and assorted empty fast food boxes littering the floor, the results of a long trip with Bender and Fry lounging around on the trip home. In other words, a typical bachelor pad.

Leela looks around, irritated: "Fry, look at the state of this place! You know the professor likes a clean ship, what are the customers going to think? We're coming into Earth orbit, get it cleaned up before we land, hey?"

Fry: "Ah man, how come I always have to do this!"

Starts picking up the rubbish.

Bender: "Because I won the right not to do it for the next month in our last videogame, skintube."

Bender lounges in the chair, cool and disdainful.

Fry bags up the rubbish, resentfully. He starts to take the rubbish down to the waste ejection unit.

He's about to press the eject button but hears a noise: it's Nibbler squeaking and squawking excitedly from Leela's room.

Fry: "Oh great, thats Nibbler's "I've dropped a steamer!" sound!"

Fry sighed. Dejectedly he presses the button for admittance to Leela's room and there, sure enough, Nibbler has dropped a deposit of ultra dense dark matter. He takes it to the ejection unit and drops it in along with the other rubbish, and presses the button. Fry knew that it was useful as starship fuel but Nibbler dropped far more poopers than they could ever use. The professor didn't like it hanging around, it was expensive to dispose of and besides, it ponged. Big time. There was a brief flash of light as the material was ejected into space.

Scene Two
The crew are assembled at the Planet Express building, the following morning. Fry, Leela, Bender Zoidberg and Amy are assembled at the conferance table. Hermes comes in.

Amy: "Whats up?"

Hermes: "People sometin' strange is happening, dis was on de news earlier." Switches on the large screen on the wall. It's a news broadcast. Morbo and news anchorwoman Linda are talking.

Linda, cheerfully: ".... scientists have discovered a new and potentially deadly object in near Earth orbit: a small black hole has mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. If this object grows it could potentially destroy the earth. Scientists are baffled as to where this object came from, although blurred photos showing a small green ship are being studied." A blurred, but distinctive outline of a ship looking remarkably like the Planet Express ship appears onscreen.

Linda, still cheerful: "Morbo, you must be delighted to hear of the Earth's immiment destruction."

Morbo, beligerent, as usual, but facing Linda with arms folded: "Morbo is not happy. Morbo already had plans for Earth's imminent destruction!" Turns to camera: "Pathetic humans! Prepare to die! Mwahaha!" Linda laughing, inanely: "Ha ha ha! And now, in other news...."

Hermes switched it off.

Amy: "Spluh! That ship could be anybody! What makes you think it's anything to do with us?"

The Professor, walking in at that moment, said:

"Bad news everyone! I've been pointing the smelloscope in the direction of the 'hole and what I found was very bad, it smells just like something that little ratbag keeps dropping!"

His last words were increasingly angry. He was pointing in the direction of Nibbler who Leela had left in the corner.

Leela, turned towards him with a quizzical and slightly annoyed expression: "Professor, how could Nibbler possibly have anything to do with this?"

Professor with his hand on chin, thinking: "Thats what I was wondering, unless..."

Leela, thoughtfully: "What happened with Nibbler yesterday..."

Fry, resentful: "I dunno. I just took out the rubbish and cleaned up his poop, as usual..."

Leela, suddenly curious: "You cleaned up his poop? What did you do with it?" Professor: "Sweet Zombie Jesus! Did you put it out with the trash? In the trash compactor?"

Fry: "Well, yeah, I..."

Professor, suddenly angry: "You moron! Do you know what you've done?!"

Fry, placid: "Saved myself from cleaning out the toilet pan instead? Because, man, I hate that job!"

Professor: "No, don't you realise that dark matter is an extremely dense form of matter, do you know what happens if you put it through the trash compactor?"

Fry shook his head dumbly.

Professor, annoyed and raises fists: "You've compressed it beyond what it's molecular density can withstand! You've forced it to collapse in on itself! You've created the Black Hole! Oh lordy lou!"

The assembled crew collectively gasp.

Hermes: "Sweet manta ray of montego bay!"

Scene Three
The scene is the conference table. There is a babble of collective voices, all talking excitedly and concernedly.

Suddenly, Leela speaks out aloud and above the other voices:

"Ok everyone, listen up. Professor, do you still have that gravity pump that we used to move the stars when we stopped the time jumps?"

Professor: "Huh wha....? Oh my, yes! Oh I've been as dumb as Fry. We can use the pump to drag the black hole someplace safe."

Fry: "No I'm... doesn't!"

Leela, suddenly decisive and aggresive, smacks her fist into the palm of her other hand.

"Alright, if everyone's finished being stupid we've got work to do! We better get our asses into gear on this one because if the authorities find out it's us we're going to be in trouble and it's probably going to cost us!"

Hermes: "Yes. De professor is already in trouble for countless violations of minimum wage regulations!" Narrows eyes: "Or it could cost just one person a years wages, instead."

All eyes turn to Zoidberg.

Zoidberg, exultantly: "Hurrah! Finally I'm popular!"

Hermes: "I must requisition some forms #23404 "potential fine for careless creation of a black hole" just in case."

He rubs his hands, looks pleased with himself, and exits the room.


Professor: "Leela the gravity pump is at my faculty on Mars University. You'll have to collect it from there. I'll get you the necessary clearances and get on to it right away."

He shuffled away.

Leela: "Ok professor. Fry, Bender, lets go!"

The trip to Mars took a little time, traffic was heavy and while at the uni they had to wait for the gravity pump to be loaded. While they were waiting Fry was in the cabin he shared with Bender. He had his Holophoner with him and he was practising. He wasn't terribly good at it but at least he was trying. Bender had already left the ship looking for Blackjack and hookers. Leela was walking down to her quarters. While doing so she heard the sound of the holophoner playing. She stopped. She looked around and smiled. It reminded her of his Opera. Written for her. She suddenly felt sad, sad that she hadn't heard it in it's entirity as Fry had wished her too. She sighed. Fry, she thought, what am I going to do about you? Later after they'd loaded the pump they headed back to Earth. Leela was at the controls of the ship. Fry is alert but relaxed, Bender is lounging back in his seat as usual, arms behind his head, unconcerned.

Leela is concentrating and looking determined: "Fry would you get ready to control the pump. We're coming up to the black hole very soon and I want to get this right first time. I don't want any screw-ups."

Fry, smiling: "Aye aye captain."

He walks to the console and takes control. On the way he trips over some beer bottles.

Fry, annoyed: "Bender!"

Bender: "Bite my shiny metal.... you know the rest, meatbag."

Leela, irritated: "Enough you two! We have a job to do! Like saving the Earth!"

Outside the ship far in the distance a curious sight can be seen. A swirling mass can be seen, and at it's centre can be seen... nothing. A hole, a emptyness, a nothingness sitting there in space. Common sense said it shouldn't exist, yet there it sat, defiantly. Around it matter was circling around before vanishing into it, forever. Closer inspection showed it to be a mass of old beer bottles, slurm cans and leftover fast food boxes... damn the trash collection robots and their constant strikes, Fry thought to himself. Can't a guy just throw his trash out the window any time like any normal person!

Leela: "Ok here we go, lets rock and roll people! Fry, get that that pump pumping!"

Fry switched on the machine. A strange hum filled the ship and a faint vibration throbbed through the deck under their feet.

Fry: "Here goes...."

He pulled on the controls. The hum grew louder and a beam shot out from above the ship. It stretched out into the distance and in the direction of the Black Hole. The hum grew louder to a deep throb. Fry grappled with the controls. The ship began to shake from side to side...

Fry, gritting teeth: "It's heavy. Heavier than the stars I moved before.. hold on.. uhhhh..."

Leela: "Ok lets try pulling away..."

She gritted her teeth and turned the wheel. The ship screeched in protest at the manouvre. The vibration was getting very strong.

Leela: "I can't... it's too heavy! Dammit Fry increase the power on that pump! We've got to get this thing out of here!"

Fry, concerned and concentrating hard: "I'm trying.... it's at maximum now... it's not working! Leela, we're boned!"

Leela: "It's.. it's pulling us in! The engines are on full reverse and we're still falling in! Slowly but surely. It's growing too fast it's....it's gravity is increasing exponentially!"

Fry: "Expowhatally?"

Bender was extremely concerned, he looked like he was biting his fingernails, which is odd because robots don't have them. He said: "Ah crap. We're doomed!" and looked angrily at Fry. "This is your fault, Fry!" Fry looked down: "I know..."

At that moment Nibbler came onto the flight deck, Leela barely had time to register the fact and wonder how he had gotten there when she had left him secure in her cabin. Nibbler was squeeking and jumping up and down excitedly, although what was on his mind was known only to him.

Suddenly Fry's face lit up. A smile beamed across his face, he was having one of those headaches with pictures. You could see it coming in slowly across his face like a long wave breaking on a beach. He got out his seat and walked over to Leela.

Fry: "Leela, I've had one of those things, you know, an idea! Maybe we can slingshot around the Black Hole and the gravitational whatshamacallit will shoot us out the other side and escape the pull of the Black Hole!" Bender suddenly looked cynical: "Whatcha talkin' about, Meatbag?"

Fry: "Try it! I know this can work!"

Leela: "Fry, where in the name of Zombie Jesus did you get this crazy idea?" Fry: "Navigating Old New Jersey's one way traffic system on my pizza delivery bicycle, it was second nature back then!"

Leela: "Well.... this idea sounds just about as crackpot as any other, and I have nothing... so unless anyone else has any better ideas?"

They all remained silent.

Leela: "Alright! Lets go for it. Bender, Fry, strap yourselves in! We're going for the ride of our lives!"

Hurredly Bender and Fry jumped into their seats. "Seatbelts to maximum buckling!" Fry said.

Leela narrowed her eye with a fierce determination and pushed the accelerator lever hard forward. Bender and Fry just looked terrified. The ship lurched forward and hurtled towards the black nothingness that loomed in the forward viewscreen, closer and closer....

From space the ship seemed to scream as it hurtled toward the periphery of the Black Hole. It suddenly looked very large indeed and the ship pitifully small as was silouetted against it's ominous bulk. The ship vanished as it reached the limb of the ' Hole....

Onboard It was so close it seemed to fill the entire viewscreen. The speedometer gauge on Leela's console was going nuts and vibration felt like it was going to shake the ship to bits. It clearly wasn't built to withstand this kind of stress. A huge flash light up the screen and light flooded inside the ship and then all went dark. It felt to Fry like he disappearing down a long dark tunnel which seemed like it was collapsing in around him.... he screamed.






It was quiet onboard the PE ship. Leela was at the controls and Fry and Bender were in their seats relaxing. It was a routine trip home after a routine delivery to a charity planet...

Fry: "Phew I'm glad to get out of there. Any longer and the collectorbots would have had the shirt off my back!"

Looks down: He has his jacket, pants and shoes but his shirt is missing.

Fry, startled and annoyed: "Hey!"


Personal log of Lord Nibbler

Today something unforseen occured in the plan of unfolding events. The Mighty One has opened a Black Hole of his own creation and nearly destroyed himself and the planet he calls Earth. Only a fortunate occurance prevented disaster. A slingshot manouvre was initiated around the 'Hole and the speed and gravity combined to warp a hole in the space time continuum. We dropped through backwards in time approximately 48 hours. We the Nibblonians with our deep and ancient knowledge have the power to transcend temporal anolomies. The ape beings however do not possess this ablity and it falls on me to...

The transmission faded out.


Leela, slightly irritated: "Fry, you shouldn't have fallen asleep in that corner. It's time you got off your heiney and bought a new set of clothes and replaced the ones you wore a thousand years ago!"

She stopped.

Fry: "Did everything just taste purple for a second?"

Leela paused, curious. She was aware that something had just happened, but she wasn't sure what. She failed to notice that Nibbler was standing in the corner behind them, unseen. She shrugged.

Two days later the PE ship hurtled towards the Black Hole, engines screaming as it disappeared behind it's limb.....


Personal log of Lord Nibbler

How long this time loop has been repeating I do not know. Even our knowledge has limits. I have resolved to limit my interference to refreshing the memories of those aboard ship as to what went before. I cannot allow my primary mission to risk discovery, the threat from the Giant Brains remains paramount. My only hope remains that they will realise the solution before we're trapped forever in a temporal paradox.

Log ends.


All was quiet onboard the PE ship. Leela was at the controls and Fry and Bender were in their seats relaxing. It was a routine trip home after a routine delivery to a charity planet...

Fry: "Phew I'm glad to get out of there. Any longer and the collectorbots would have had the shirt off my back!" He stopped.

Leela: "Fry, are you getting a feeling of deja vu about this? Like we've done all this before?

Fry: "Deja - what" He looked around. "Uh... now you mention it... yeah I am."

Two days later the ship..... well, you get the idea.


All was quiet onboard the PE ship. Leela was at the controls and Fry and Bender were in their seats relaxing. It was a routine trip home after a routine delivery to a charity planet...

Fry: "Phew I'm glad to get out of there. Any longer and the collectorbots would have had the shirt off my back! Wait.... I've said all this before!" Fry and Leela looked at each other.

"You were going to say I needed new clothes..."

"And you were going to take out the trash..."

Fry: "This is just like the film, y'know, Groundhog Day"

Bender: "What are you talkin' 'bout, skintube?"

Fry: "Aren't you getting the feeling you've done this before? Sometime, someplace?"

Bender: "Nope, but then when you've had a few beers...."

Leela : "I think you're on to something, Fry. I can remember... a Black Hole! We end up falling into a Black Hole and then we end up back here again and..."

Fry: "We repeat it over and over again! I was right! It is Groundhog Day!"

Leela: "Fry, quiet. We need to think."

Fry: "Do what?"

Leela: "Now what was it we... Fry what were you going to do? What were [i]we[/i] going to do next....?"

Fry: "I dunno. I was just going to take out the trash and then Nibbler pooped and.... hey I remember!" Fry was annoyed. "That damn pooping machine!""

Leela: ".. and then you put it through the trash compactor and.... Fry, thats it! What if the compactor compresses dark matter to an infinite density?"

Fry said, clueless: "We won't have to pay to have the septic tank emptied so often?"

Leela: "No! Fry, thats it! We have to avoid putting the trash in the compactor!"

Bender: "Thats what Fry avoids doing all the time. You should see the state of our apartment."


Later, everyone is back at the Planet Express building. Fry and Leela look around, wondering. They both turn and look at each other.

Leela: "Fry...."

Fry: "...have we done this before?"

Leela: "Yes.... I mean, no... No! We havn't! This is new! Fry, we've done it! We've broken the loop! I'm not getting that feeling of deja vu anymore!"

Fry: "Wooooohoooooo!" He grabs Leela in a bearhug and whirls her around. They're both ecstatic.

Leela: "I never thought we'd get out of the loop! I thought we were going to repeat ourselves forever!"

Amy walks in, and looks at them, amazed: "G'uh! It was just an routine delivery of old clothes! What on Mars are you two looking so happy about! Spleesh!" She turned around and walked out.

Later they're together in one of the spare rooms of the Planet Express building, alone. Fry is sitting with his Holophonor in his hand, looking down at it. Leela is sitting by him, also looking at it.

Fry: "Leela I don't know whats going on exactly but something wonderful has happened. Listen!"

He put the holophonor to his lips and started to play. Fry's playing had improved hugely. Music swirls around the room. He's almost as good as he was when he played for Leela at the Opera. He stopped and put the instrument down. "Its part of something I was composing. It's your birthday soon and... well, I wanted something special to... well, you know, for you." He looked up and directly into her eye, and smiled.

Leela looked at him and spoke to him with a tenderness she had previously reserved only for her pet Nibbler and latterly, to her parents. "Oh Fry....it's so beautiful!" she said.

Fry: "The time loops must have given me time to practise!" He looked down. "Leela, I'm sorry if I screwed up with the trash compactor, I wasn't, y'know, thinking...."

Leela watched him for few seconds and then she spoke tenderly, and took his hand in hers: "Fry, you weren't to know. No-one was. Well, not exactly no-one, but...." She smiled. "Fry, I'm sorry if I seemed irritated with you. Its just that...well, I'm the captain, and I'm responsible for everyone's safety, including yours, and sometimes that means I have to get tough, and sometimes that means I have to shout at times. It doesn't mean that I think any the less of you...."

Fry took both her hands with both of his. A smile broke out across his face. "Leela, I know. And I trust you implicitly with our lives, all of us. Leela... I have to say something. I love you Leela, more than life itself, and I always will. Whatever happens nothing will ever change that." Tears welled up in Leela's eye. She turned to him and held him. She put her head on his shoulder. "Fry, I..."

Fry took himself out of the embrace, held her at arms length and said, upbeat and brightly: "Leela it's saturday tomorrow and I'm taking you on a date to see a movie. Y'know, one where you actually care about what happens to the characters."

Whatever Leela thought about this profoundly dumb statement she didn't say. She smiled at him and simply said: "That sounds nice."

Leela thought to herself, you may not be the brightest light in the sky, but you have a heart thats as wide as the galaxy. She thought about all her knights in shining armour that she'd been with, Brannigan, Adlai, Chaz, they were all professional, good looking, self important people and they all turned out to be complete schmucks. Just like everyone else she'd ever placed any faith in or given her heart to. And now here comes this one guy who's none of those things but who turns out to have the biggest, indeed the only, heart out of any of them. And he loves me. Theres no doubt about that now. He doesn't find me a freak, or call me one-eye, or thinks I'm too macho. He simply loves me for who I am and what I am.... Impulsively, perhaps for the first time in her life, she suddenly pulled him towards her and gave him passionate kiss on the lips.

Fry opened his eyes with surprise: "Mmmm....!" and then relaxed "mmmm......" Later as Fry was walking home he felt like he was walking on air. He was thinking of the date he had with Leela tomorrow. The words of an upbeat, uplifting song by The Cure he had liked when he was younger came into his head and he started singing them aloud now:

"Monday you can fall apart

Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart

Thursday doesn't even start

It's Friday and I'm in love!"

He jumped, punched the air and clicked his heels at the same. "Yahoo!" he shouted.

From an upstairs window Leela watched him go down the street, unseen. She was slightly startled at first, but then relaxed as she thought, you'll always be a child at heart, Fry, but when push comes to shove you always manage to do the right thing. She smiled.

"I love you!" she said quietly to herself as she put her hand to the window.


Personal log of Lord Nibbler

All has ended well. Everything is back as it should be and no harm has been done. The timeline has been returned to it's natural state and no-one is any the wiser, except those onboard the ship and no-one will believe them anyway.

All goes well with the Mighty One. He and the Other are progressing just as our seers have foreseen. The cosmos is once again safe, until the moment comes when their combined union will determine the fate of the universe forever!

May the Eternal One bless them and keep them safe for all that is to come! Log ends.


The End.


Author's note
Reading this back I'm made aware of it's limitations. I'm also made aware of how hard it is to write for characters and dialogue and emotion, writing the plot is relatively easy by comparison I can think of all sorts of ideas and then twist them into hopefully unexpected directions. But the other stuff is... hard.

Thanks to those who took the trouble to read it. I havn't written any stories since I was at school and that was a long time ago so it's been an interesting experiance. It's been enjoyable writing for Futurama characters and exploring my thoughts about the Futurama universe in general, its been quite cathartic in fact.