Fan Fiction

History Repeating
By Missy

Fandom: The Simpsons/Futurama
Email: wavinguniverse@yahoo.com
Part: 1 of ?
Rating: PG
Content: Mild thematic issues
Type/Catagory: SOL
Characters: Most of the main casts of both shows
Het/Slash/Both: Gen
Pairing: None
Cannon: AU, using partial cannon from various episodes. Up to "Devil's Hands..." on Futurama and last year's season finale for Simpsons
Summary: Lisa is transported to the future in order to take care of an especially delicate diplomatic problem.
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Disclaimer: All characters owned and created by Matt Groenig. It is not meant to reflect on the sexuality of the actual involved parties. This piece of fanfiction is not intended to misrepresent actual events and bare no resemblance to any event that has ever occurred in reality, past or present. It is not meant to disparage the used character trademarks or used persons. No copyright infringement is intended, and the author is not making any money from the publication of this story.
NOTES: This is a teaser chapter for an upcoming series of about four to five parts.
For Dave

They say the next big thing is here,

that the revolution's near,

but to me it seems quite clear

that it's all just a little bit of history repeating

Shirley Bassey-History Repeating

The prayers weren't working.

As far as Marge was concerned, they weren't praying hard enough. If anything happened to Lisa, it was because no one else was helping her try to make contact with The Lord.

Homer sat, staring into space, mortified by shock. Bart was unnaturally quiet, holding Maggie, playing with her gently. Only the youngest seemed spared of any worry.

They had all heard the word 'Meningitis'. Everyone seemed to have accepted it. Except Marge.

Marge had not left the hospital chapel for hours. Her knees ached, but she considered that a penance. It made up for Homer's drinking, her gambling, Bart's incorrigibility, even what she believed to be Lisa's divergence from God.

As far as she was concerned, the longer she stayed on her knees, the more likely salvation would come to her darling daughter.

"Mrs. Simpson?"

Marge turned, her eyes liquidy. "Is she...?"

"You'll have to come with me."

Marge broke into a run. She outpaced the nurse, rushing only to find an empty bed.

"Where is she? Where did you put my baby?" she cried.

"Missus Simpson, a councilor will be down to see you in a moment..."

"How did she die?"

"She didn't die, ma'am! There is no sign of a struggle, so kidnapping is unlikely as well."

"Then where is she?"

"It would be best for the councilors to tell you..."

A fist of worry knotted itself in Marge's stomach.

Reality returned in a lime-colored fuzz. Lisa noticed that, for the first time in days, she was free of fever. She felt alive, alert, free of the languor and pain that had disturbed her life. The bright light shining on her felt wonderful, and she did not, for the first time in days, shy away from it.

And something wet was drizzling into her eyes.


"Fry! You woke her up!"

Lisa sat up, confusedly rubbing her sticky eyes. She opened them and looked around. Her eyes widened.

"Oh my! Where am I?"

The red-headed man who had apparently poured soda on her shrugged. "The future," he said, as if it were no big deal.