Fan Fiction

Have You Seen My Kiffy
By Lottz

(Planet express hanger-Fry is Reading a magazine and is Leela Fixing the ship)

Fry: Man, Im thirsty

Leela: Me too, (shouts) BENDER

(Bender runs in holding a toothbrush and toothpaste)

Bender: What now, Im busy

Leela: Can we get some coffee

(Bender starts to run)

Leela: And um Bender why have you got a toothbrush- you dont have teeth

Bender: Oh that, Im cleaning my eyes out-Man you dont know what you find in there, Its unbelievable!

Fry: Skunk

Leela: an Orange

(Amy appears from under the ship)

Amy: Kif?

Leela: What do you mean Kif?

Amy: Well Kif hasnt been answering my calls-Im really worried Leela

Leela: Oh Im sure he hasnt gone of with another girl, Right guys?

Fry & Bender: Oh yea sure.

(Amy walks off sobbing)

(Meanwhile near the edge of the universe on an Inhabited Planet Zapp Brannigan and Kif are sitting by a pool motionless)

Zapp: I cant go on much longer, just leave me to die

Kif: Ok then goodbye

Zapp: No wait carry me on your back

Kif: *sighs* (he tries to lift him up but fails) youre to fat

Zapp: but, but Im as light as a feather

Kif: ugh, your not, I hope someone rescues us soon

Zapp: yea I hope so too, without my Leela, IM...IM SO LONELY (he bursts out in tears)

Kif: Oh please she doesnt love you

Zapp: Well... Well Amy doesnt love you

Kif: She does so

(An argument breaks out between them, the camera goes back to earth, were the crew are getting ready for a delivery)

Professor: You need to go to the edge of the universe gift shop and deliver this crate of magnets

Bender: Oh no not the magnets!

Leela: Relax Bender

Bender: how can I relax when theres a ton of magnets lurking on the ship!

Fry: Oh I know Oh whats the word oh Voodoo

Leela: Voodoo?

Fry: Yeah when you cross your legs and go hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Leela: You idiot thats meditation

Fry: Oh, same thing

Leela: No its not, Now lets get going the magnets dont deliver themselves, oh though that would be handy

Bender: maybe Ill just stay here, you know just in case anymore magnets come

Fry: Come on Bender dont be such a wimp

Bender: Oh all Right Ill go then Jeez

(They get on the ship and fly off, 2 hours later the have to make an emergency stop)

Leela: I cant believe you broke the toilets fry!

Fry: Wasnt my fault

Leela: Lets stop on this planet you can go to the toilet in a bush

(Little do they know thats the planet Kif and Zapp are on.. mwah hahahahahaha)

Bender: Um Leela the narrator has gone evil

(Meanwhile Kif and Zapp are out looking for food)

Zapp: Hey what about this (he holds up what looks like a croissant)

Kif: Try it

Zapp: (eats it) Eugghhhh it tastes like theres a party in my mouth and everyones throwing up

Kif: EW

(Going back to the crew, Leela & bender are waiting in the ship Fry is in a bush going to the toilet)

Fry: (whistles, he looks over the bush to see Zapp and Kif lying down) LEELA!!

(He runs back to the ship and tells them what he saw)

Leela: well I guess we have to save them

Amy: (who was hiding at the time) my Kiffys back!!

Leela: Amy what are you doing here

Amy: the Professor told me to help

Fry: well what are we waiting for lets rescue them

Bender: were waiting for you to move from in front of the door you idiot

(They run to Zapp and Kif, Amy hugs Kif)

Kif: Oh Ive missed you so much

Amy: me too

Zapp: My Leela I love you

Leela:*sigh* the only way were rescuing you is if you do the dishes

Fry: and fix the toilet

Zapp: Okay dokey anything for you my Leela

Leela: And Zapp, Stay away from my bedroom

(So they all lived happily ever after except one thing they forgot to deliver the magnets ... mwah hahahahahaha)

Bender: Shut up!