Fan Fiction

Forbidden Fruit
By Gulliver63

An exhausted Leela and Amy climbed the steps to the Planet Express hangar bay, and walked up to the door. Amy reached out to grab the door handle, and accidentally tore the entire door off of its hinges. “Crap monkeys,” she swore, “I did it again.” She threw the door over toward the wall where it landed with a crash.

“Damn, girl - ” Leela added, “you can’t open a door the same way you used to. Haven’t you learned that yet?”

“Oh, my,” the Professor chortled, “you two look like you’ve been hit with a truck. This Butterfly Derby thing is taking its toll on you.”

Leela rubbed her eye. “I’m tired…well, what did you call us down here for?”

“For a delivery, of course. You two might be the stars of the Lunar Derby on the weekend, but here during the week you still work for me.”

“Okay, you old putz,” Amy growled, “just tell us what you need delivered…and where.” Amy pulled a glass vile out of her hoodie pocket and downed the purple liquid inside of it.

Farnsworth scowled. “Gadzooks! You two need to be laying off of that stuff…you are little more than a couple of hopped up junkies anymore.” He handed Leela her paperwork as Bender loaded their cargo onto the ship with a crane. “Your package is being shipped to the planet Guamakorlon in the Goliharr sector.”

Leela gazed up at the carton, which was nearly big enough to hold a motorcycle. “Yeah, but what is it?”

“If you must know, it’s a harpoon gun.”

“Are they having a whale problem there?”

“No, an insect problem. A noted researcher needs it to kill pesky bugs.”

Amy’s eyes opened wide. “An insect problem? What kind of place has insects the size of Buicks? What makes you think we’d want to go there?”

“Oh, I bet you’d like to know. Guamakorlon is filled with over-sized flora and fauna. I need you to make the delivery, as you two are the only ones I know who are strong enough to survive the journey – as well as lift the package.”

“I still don’t want to go,” said Amy, "I've got some working out to do before next week's championship on Luna."

Leela cleared her throat, and motioned for Amy to come over. She started to whisper in her ear, and then looked back at Farnsworth. “Professor, you did say the flora was over-sized, didn’t you?”

“Oh, my, yes…ridiculously over-sized.”

"As well as the fauna..."

"You don't have a hearing problem, do you?"

As Leela whispered more in Amy’s ear, she began to gesture with her hands as she explained something to her. “Amy here has reconsidered your generous work offer. You are a kind boss, and we wouldn’t think of disappointing you.”

This drew a suspicious look from Farnsworth. “You aren’t thinking of doing something unethical, are you? I’m a sharp cookie, and I was doing unethical things before you were born.”

“Uh, no…we’re just two working girls trying to make a living,” she said with a smile.

“Oh, hogwash,” he told them, “I know when I’m being horn-swoggled. Just make sure you two don’t eat any of the native plants or animals on that world…I can’t vouch for your safety if you do.”

“Fine,” Leela told him, “we’ll be on our way then.”

Amy scowled. “Where is that wimpy boyfriend of yours?”

Leela let out a loud whistle. “Fry,” she yelled, “front and center!”

Footsteps echoed across the landing bay. “Uh, yes Leela…”

“Get on board the ship House Mouse, and don’t touch anything.”

Obediently Fry jogged up the gangway and settled down into a seat on the ship.

Amy giggled. “You’ve really got him terrified nowadays…”

Leela pulled out a vile of Nectar. “Ever since I’ve been on this stuff, normal humans are like little animals to me. They either comply with what I tell them to do, or get swept aside by my mighty hand.” She uncorked the tube and drank it down.

Farnsworth marched up to the two. “Are you hopheads just going to stand around on company time? That package won’t deliver itself, you know.” An angry Amy drew back her hand as if she were going to swat an insect, and the Professor snuck away to avoid injury.

“Come on, Amy – I’m anxious to see what’s on that planet.”

Amy growled, and walked up the gangway. “After the Crater Bowl next week,” she grumbled, “we won’t need your stinking job.”

Most of the journey to Guamakorlon was uneventful. Fry missed earlier delivery trips where he could at least count on some sort of conversation, even if he was often the butt of everyone’s jokes. Now, every time he tried to get someone to talk with him, he was silenced with the motion of a hand. The girls had become true celebrities of their sport of Butterfly Derby, and had little time or patience for him.

“Fry,” Leela said.

Fry’s ears perked up. Was he finally going to be part of a conversation? Like the old days? “Yes?”

“Leave us…we have some girl talk to get out of the way.”

Fry had learned long ago that it was useless to protest. He quietly walked back to the galley without argument.

“Amy, is it just me, or is the Nectar having less effect on us.”

“Shmeesh…and I feel so burned out when I come down off of it.”

“The Professor sending us on this mission gave me an idea,” Leela continued. “I figure that any planet that has giant flowers must have supercharged pollen and nectar. The old Nectar from Kif’s planet just isn’t doing it anymore.”

“I still don’t want to mess with a planet of airplane-sized insects…”

“Amy, this Super-nectar could give us the edge to win the Crater Bowl – then we really could be financially independent. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of doing the Derby for peanuts.”

The landing on Guamakorlon was a real adventure in itself. It was difficult to find a clear patch in the rainforest to land in, and they hit something big and heavy on the way in. They dropped the gangway, and got ready to haul their cargo off the ship.

Fry read the writing on top of the container. “Guys, this thing weighs nearly 500 kilos…are you sure we won’t need an anti-grav floater for it?”

Leela and Amy casually lifted the box and put it across their shoulders. “Nope,” Leela told him, “won’t need it.” Fry gasped in amazement. “Come on, little man…let’s get going.”

The three looked on in wonder as the carcass of a dead bug the size of a Volkswagen clung to the side of the Planet Express ship; Leela shot it with her laser pistol, and it hit the ground with a 'thump.' She then looked at Amy. “Supercharged nectar?”

"Like ick!" acknowledged Amy as she crunched up her face.

The crew went about walking through the jungle until they made it to a clearing. Fry clumsily fell into a large, elongated hole. When he climbed out of it, he was stunned to see what it was. "Hey guys!" he shouted, "this is a..."

"Quiet Fry," said Leela, "no time to talk."

The two girls reached the coordinates where the package was to be delivered. Leela looked at the paperwork again. "It says here that a Dr. Livingston is supposed to pick it up, and that we can just drop it off. Everything is already paid for." With that they lowered the package, and started walking away. As the three of them left the clearing, they didn't see the enormous hand reach down and pick up the package. Fry turned around as he heard leaves rustle; he noticed that the package was already gone. "Holy cow," he said to himself, "that was quick - they've picked it up already."

"Come on Fry," Leela told him, "you're the cow's tail again...let's get rolling."

The three nearly made it to the ship when they stumbled upon the most incredible thing they'd ever seen. Not only was the planet carpeted with huge plants and flowers, but they discovered a lush garden of monstrous fruit. They saw clusters of giant green berries, blue bananas the size of small boats, yellow and red oranges the size of medicine balls. Lost in the wonder of it all, they couldn't help but explore the gigantic grove. Fry soon made his own discovery, as he looked up at a huge sign the size of a billboard. It read:

Pearapple, Giant Blue

Malus Caeruleas Giganticae

His jaw dropped open as he leaned on a gigantic yellow strawberry. "Oh my God," he mumbled, "this isn't just an orchard...it's a planted garden!" The sunlight that covered the garden suddenly turned into darkness. He turned to find the yellow strawberry gone. "Holy crap - guys! Guys!!" The darkness gave way to sunlight again.

"Not now, Fry...we'll talk later." Leela saw Amy walking by an enormous golden pineapple fruit munching on some of the green tangerine-sized berries. "Amy, you aren't supposed to eat those - remember what the Professor told us."

"They're not poisonous."

"We know that now...it would have been a shame if I'd have had to call your parents to tell them that you'd died."

"Oh, come on you...they're good. Try one," she said with a full mouth.

Shrugging her shoulders, Leela tried one of the huge berries. "Hey, they are good."

"Told ya."

"You know," Leela added, "we could use a huge fruit like this one over here and distill all the Super-nectar we need from it. It would save us the time of getting it from the flowers. We could use Bender's still."

"It's a Giant Blue Pearapple," said Fry.

The two girls turned to him. "How would you know?" asked Leela.

"Uh, it just seemed like a good name."

"Well, let's haul some of these back to the ship."

As they made their way back to the ship with several of the monstrous fruits, they walked by what looked like a gigantic dragonfly with a harpoon sticking out of its back; the beast's body was a good 15 feet in length, and its eyes were the size of basketballs.

"Boy," Fry said, "they didn't waste any time making use of that gadget we brought them." Fry then realized that the shadow that blanketed the place where they were standing moved and sunlight began pouring in. They were being watched...by something huge. "Let's get into the ship and get out of here," he said nervously. "I've seen this shadow thingee before." As the ship lifted off through the canopy of the rainforest, the three were unable to hear the loud chuckle that shook the trees.

Professor Farnsworth wasn't very thrilled by the girls landing over at Floyd Bennett Field, but they convinced him that the ship needed parts from the warehouse over there. The abandoned airfield had once been old New York's premier airport, and then became a nature preserve until the mutated landsharks had made bird watching on the property very hazardous. The city of New New York was only too happy to sell Farnsworth most of the property to warehouse freight. Ever since the Butterfly Derby craze hit, the girls maintained a makeshift gym in one of the warehouses. After they unloaded the gigantic fruit into a large cooler in an adjacent building, they had a monster workout and settled into army cots in the warehouse. Fry wanted to sleep with them, but they shooed him off to his apartment. Again, he knew better than to argue with them in their bulked up state.

The next morning Leela heard Amy mumbling about something. With her eye closed she asked, "What are you mumbling about?"

"You keep taking the blankets," she said in a sleepy voice.

"We're not sleeping in the same bed, dummy." Leela suddenly opened her eye. She realized that the two of them were in fact sleeping together, and that they were both naked. On top of that, the enormous warehouse that they were in didn't seem so big anymore. "Amy, wake up," she told her. "Wake up...something is wrong."

"What?" Amy rolled over and put her fist through the corrugated metal of the warehouse as if it were paper. "What the..." She turned over to Leela. "What are you doing here?"

"That's what I'm trying to tell you...we got bigger during the night."

"Yeah, but where is the warehouse?"

"This is the warehouse...you're in it." She picked up a small piece of canvas, and a tiny piece of wood fell off of it. "This was one of our cots that we slept on."

"No way..." Amy stood up in the warehouse, and bumped her head on the ceiling. "Ouch. Hey, we're both..."

"I know. I think I've got that figured out for now. The Professor keeps advertising banners over in the other warehouse for St. Asimov's Day; we could use some of those for clothing." Leela slid open the warehouse door, and snuck over to the other warehouse. She tore the banners to form a rudimentary bikini-style outfit, and brought some over for Amy to use.

"Gleesh," Amy chuckled as she made her own outfit, "you look like a walking billboard ad for Slurm Zero. Now Fry won't be able to keep his hands off of you."

"Fry is the least of my worries right now...it looks like we're out of both of our jobs unless that vegetable company needs two Jolly Green Giantesses for their TV ads."

"Hey, Leela...don't look now, but I think an aircar is coming."

"Oh, nuts...it's our promoter. I wish I could hide somewhere, but we've got to tell him sometime. The worst he can do is to tell us we're finished."

Abner Doubledeal walked with Fry into the warehouse where the girls slept, nervously chewing on his cigar. "You said they slept here, kid...where are they? Everything is damaged in here. Get a load of that hole in the wall...looks like a truck drove through it."

Fry picked up Leela's wrist thingee. "Oh, no...what I thought was going to happen must have happened!" He stepped through the hole onto the cement, looking around for the girls. "Leela? Amy?"

As Fry looked around and Doubledeal stepped through the hole, the two were suddenly bathed in shadow as if a cloud had covered the sun. Fry looked at Doubledeal. "Oh, no...I've seen it go dark like that before, and it wasn't good."

Leela cleared her throat. The two looked up in amazement at the girls, who now stood over 50 feet tall; the men barely came up past their ankles. "Mr. Doubledeal, we were just going to contact you..."

"Heinlein, Asimov and Bradbury, what in the hell happened to you two?"

"Just what I tried to tell them would happen," Fry shot in, "but they kept telling me to be quiet. Well I'm not going to be quiet anymore. I tried to tell you guys - that researcher needed that big gun because he was huge! Now you guys ate the food he ate! You were too busy trying to get your Nectar fix..."

Amy slumped down and got a pouty look on her face. "If you tell us that we're through, we'll understand. It was fun while it lasted."

Abner puffed on his cigar. "Who said anything about it being over, kitten? Stand back up there." As she stood back up to her enormous height, Doubleday examined her outfit. "You do realize that Stokely Van Damme vegetables and Slurm are two of our main product endorsements; you're walking around with their product logos all over your, uh, selves. Oh, I've got plans for you two girls!" Doubledeal ran the palm of his hand across the sky. "Ladies, do you know what I'm seeing? I'm seeing dollar signs!"

"You're not seriously saying we could still make it to the Crater Bowl," asked Leela. "We couldn't possibly fight anyone like the Murderflies...we'd crush them. The only ones we could fight would be...ourselves." Leela looked over at Amy.

"Make it? You'll be the headline event! I can just see it now...the battle of the two titans - you could do commercials as the Jolly Green Giantesses!" He started pumping Fry's hand. "Fry, my boy, you're a genius! You could be...oh, I don't know...their trainer, kid."

"Guh, even if we could still be in the event, how would we possibly get to the moon like this?"

"I know a way," Leela added, "in the new Super Grouper freightliner."

"But how would we fit into the arena?" said Amy, shrugging her shoulders.

Abner puffed on his cigar again. "Amy, honey...do you have any idea how big Kepler Arena is? It was built for the really huge grav ball games. You'd get lost in there. Now, get ready for the match of your lives...and don't tell anyone what happened to you in the meantime."

As Fry and Doubledeal walked back to his Hawker Bentley aircar, he pulled his cigar case out. "Fry," he told him, "have a cigar, kid. You made all this possible. You're going to be a wealthy young man indeed."

Fry walked along, shoulders slumped. "I don't smoke those things...and I didn't want what happened to happen...if you know what I mean. I just want the girls that I used to know to come back - I miss 'em."

He put his hand on Fry's shoulder. "So tell me again, kid...how did they grow to be that size?"

The girls were picked up that afternoon by the Super Grouper ship, which was plenty big enough for the two of them. The ride was still uncomfortable, as they had to sit among dozens of boxes of freight. Abner Doubledeal wished them well, and the enormous freight doors were closed. As soon as the ship was away, he returned to his call on his eyephone.

"Hey...is this Fishy Joe? I need your help babe. I'm going to need a blue whale...yeah, you heard me right. Money I got. I'm also going to need a herd of beef cattle. Can you make that happen? Good! We'll be in touch." As he finished up his call, a smaller freight ship landed and the crew began to step onto the tarmac. "You guys see that refrigeration unit? I need everything in it taken to Kepler Arena. Make sure none of it is damaged." He smiled as he puffed on another cigar. "You girls will have no idea what's gonna hit you..."

Leela's one eyeball swung over to Amy. "How come we always end up the same way...heads slumped down, looking at each other?"

"There's just not much to do around here. Look at this place - it's kind of like a dressing room, but it's more like an animal cage."

"And we're the animals. Gigantic, well-paid animals. We might as well give them a show," said Leela.

Amy reached over and picked up a forklift like it was a light paperweight. She tossed it up in the air, and caught it again. "It is nice only having one-sixth of Earth's gravity." She placed it back down in the corner. "We've got a lot more dead weight to drag around."

The two turned as the large garage-type door began to open up. More than a dozen men carried a huge covered container into the room on an anti-grav pad. Doubledeal himself walked in behind it.

"Ladies! I come bearing food, courtesy of Fishy Joe's. You've got to keep your strength up." Leela's gigantic hand hovered over the container and lifted the lid off. "Oh, heck...I forgot the silverware." As Doubledeal snapped his fingers, the workers began bringing in forks and knives; each one took two men to carry.

"I don't know about you, Leela, but I'm starving."

"It sure looks good, Amy."

The men instinctively backed away as the huge silverware came in after the food. Amy frowned at the tiny men. "Smeesh-maneesh," she told them, "I'm not going to eat you."

"I don't know Amy...this little guy looks awful tasty..." Just for fun Leela moved the points of the giant fork toward a worker's belly, and he quickly sprinted out of the way. Amy giggled.

A small container truck filled with Slurm was then backed in. The workmen then left the ladies in peace, and closed the door behind them.

As they enjoyed their meal, Leela looked sad. "This is going to sound funny...but I do miss Fry...even if he was a noisy little thing. It would be nice to at least have him cheer me on."

As Abner Doubledeal wandered around the floor of Kepler Arena, he was amazed at how much construction had gone on in a matter of hours. One of his underlings wandered over to chat with him. He shook the man's hand, and told him: "Vinny - everything is looking great."

"Yeah, but that was a really unusual request so close to the Crater Bowl. The whole place looks like a small city, just like you wanted. We even added the store dummies like you asked for. But what's with all these old cars? Half of them don't even run anymore."

"Oh, you'll see the day of the Bowl."

"Oh, I knew this would end badly," the Professor told Fry. "The girls saw the bright lights of show business, and just went catterwonkers."

"And that's not a good thing...I suppose. What's a catterwonker?"

"Fry, a colleague of mine once wrote a paper on a similar form of nectar; I think that if I tinker around in the lab a bit, I might be able to come up with a serum that can reverse the girls' growth spurt."

"I sure hope so...we can get things back to where they were before this Butterfly Derby thingee."

Kepler Arena was one of the biggest stadiums in the Sol system; it seated 200,000 people in comfort. The roads leading from Copernicus City were jammed with traffic the day of the Crater Bowl. Rednecks from as far away as Mare Crisium and Dark Side travelled to see this event. An obnoxious group of people from Crater Tycho with t-shirts saying, "The South's Gonna Do It Again" marched into the arena with their bottles of beer. The crowds settled in their seats, and began ordering beer and popplers. In their segregated "cage" Leela and Amy got dressed up in their outfits; as expected, their clothing was covered with product endorsements. The noisy, cheering crowds could now be heard outside the walls.

"Wow," said Leela, "they even got the boots right. Size 355 is a good fit for me."

"340 Extra Wide here - you were always hard to fit." Amy adjusted her knee guards. "How do I look?"

"Like a winner, kid. Let's go out there and give them a show."

The garage door opened and a technician stepped in. "You gals are on in two minutes."

"Are you sure this will do the trick, Professor?"

"If I can get a good shot with the syringe, we've got a good chance. Keep loading that bag with more serum, boy." Fry loaded another syringe the length of two beer cans into the Professor's backpack.

Leela and Amy marched out into the arena amidst the chants of "Wingnuts! Wingnuts!"; the jubilant rednecks cheered as the Blue Oyster Cult song "Godzilla" blared out over the loudspeakers. Amy was just nervous, but Leela played to the crowd with things like waving her fist and flexing her biceps; the crowds loved it. The two giants walked through what looked like a normal town with buildings, streets, signs and cars. Leela accidentally stepped on one of the store mannequins standing on the street, which made a horrible crunching sound under her boot. Realizing the effect this had on the crowd, Leela reached down and picked up one of the cars.

"Is this what you want? Is this what you want to see?" Leela tossed the car and it landed into the roof of one of the buildings; the crowd went wild. She wiped her hands in satisfaction.

"Oh, yeah?" asked Amy. She put her fist into a building, scattering bricks and drywall dust everywhere. Again, the crowd reacted with a loud cheer.

Leela looked at Amy. "Okay, kiddo, it's showtime. We gotta make this look real." She grabbed Amy in a headlock and slammed her to the ground, destroying a small building.

"Ouch, damn it - that hurt! Amy got back up and kicked Leela in the stomach, sending her flying into another building. "How do you like me now?"

Leela got up, brushing the construction dust off of her. "That tore it, Amy - you'd better get ready for the ass-whooping of your life!" The crowd went wild as she tore a large radio antenna off of a building and held it back like a weapon.

Amy reached down and picked up a passenger bus; she held it back and prepared to smash it into Leela.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Bender sat glued to the TV screen with a bottle of liquor in his hand. "Now, this is what I'm talkin' about," he said.

"It's the brutality of the sport," Zoidberg added, "it's a necessity."

As Amy got ready to throw the bus, the music suddenly changed to AC/DC's "Back In Black." Leela's facial expression of anger melted away to one of shock and surprise as her jaw flopped open. This confused Amy, who held back with the bus. Leela pointed at something behind Amy, who turned around to see what it was.

Marching in behind them through the mock town were Roxanne and Tiffany, the two Murderflies - and they had eaten the Super-nectar fruit, and now stood over 50 feet tall as well. Roxanne, the one with the spiky red hair, was still munching on a fruit. "You girls miss us?" she said in a sarcastic tone as she tossed the fruit aside.

"This is a set-up," Leela railed. "What the hell is this all about? And why is this heifer eating our fruit?"

"Who said it was your fruit?" she asked. "The way I see it, you were trying to get an unfair advantage over us, you one-eyed giant freak. Now you don't have that advantage."

"That's it, you punk-looking tramp - you're gonna be a Nectar spot on the floor!"

Roxanne spotted something moving near her boot...a cameraman who got too close was trying to get out of the way of her footsteps. She reached down and grabbed the man by the collar of his shirt, hoisting him up to her eye level. "I wonder what it's like to eat one of these," she said, as she hovered the man near her open mouth. She took a mock bite at him as he dangled helplessly close to her massive teeth.

"You put him down," Leela barked. "This isn't about hurting anyone."

"Oh...a personal pet of yours perhaps. Okay, I'll put him down." Roxanne dropped the man, who fell nearly 40 feet and landed in a large canvas canopy. Unhurt, he rolled off and scrambled away without his camera.

"You're lucky you didn't hurt him," Leela told her.

"I didn't know that there was a canopy down there. Now, where were we...oh, yes - I was about to smash your brains in."

The two tangled in mortal combat, and Amy grabbed Tiffany in a wrestling hold. Cars were stepped on, buildings were smashed, and the crowd was delighted.

Security stopped the Professor and Fry as soon as they tried to enter the arena. Abner Doubledeal walked up to the security officers to see what was going on. One of them turned to Doubledeal. "We caught these two trying to smuggle a weapon in here."

"This isn't a weapon, you idiot - it's medicine! I'm her physician, and this is my intern. In this thin Lunar air they've got to have this...or they may pass out and die."

Doubledeal munched on his cigar. "I know these guys...they're friends of the Wingnuts. This old guy is a Professor. I'd say that they're on the level - let them in. You guys are going to keep my girls healthy, right?"

"They'll be as right as rain in no time."

As the four titans battled it out, smashing the tiny town below them, Fry and the Professor got into position to fire their serum shots. The two at one point came very close to being crushed by Amy's boot. The Professor looked through his sights and told Fry, "Load me up, boy."

Fry inserted the huge syringe into the launcher and tapped the Professor on the shoulder. "We're free and clear, Professor."

Professor Farnsworth took aim and yelled, "Fire Mission!" He squeezed the trigger and the first syringe was launched. The shot hit Roxanne in the leg, who let out a yelp. She turned to crush the two, and then stopped dead in her tracks. The others paused their battle as Roxanne began to wane in size. The more height she lost, the quicker the process happened. "Crap Nuggets," the Professor swore, "I missed!"

"No, you did great, Professor. Here is another one," Fry said as he loaded up another syringe. He tapped him again on the shoulder. "Weapon ready!"

When it was over, a naked Roxanne climbed up and peeked out from the top of her boot; she shrank back in fear as Leela came over to look down at her. "You're squirt sized," Leela chuckled.

"Get away from me, you monster," Roxanne shouted as she tried to hide in the boot.

"Professor," Fry shouted, "shoot the other one!" As Tiffany backed away with her palms up, Farnsworth fired again. Within minutes she was peeking out of her clothing, now her normal size.

Doubledeal ran over to the two. "What are you guys trying to do to me?" He turned to see the crowd, now as happy as ever, standing on their chairs and cheering. He looked back at the Professor. "Could you do this on a weekly basis? I'll give you your own show. I could call it, 'Mr. Professor.' I'm seeing dollar signs, kid..."

"I'm not for sale," the Professor replied, "I'm just a simple mad scientist...a doomsday machine here, an unethical decision there. But I won't be lured away by the bright lights of show business. Not me, no sir..."

Back on Earth at the Planet Express lounge, Leela and Amy were going through withdrawal symptoms from all that Nectar; they were shaky, sweaty, and all they could eat was soup and crackers. Not only were they their normal size, but their wonderful huge muscles were gone. They looked...normal. Amy glanced at the television set and cringed. "Oh, no...there's that stupid ad I did," she said in a tearful voice as she covered her eyes. "I looked like an idiot!"

There on the TV set was Amy done up in green grease paint, advertising Stokely Van Damme canned vegetables. "Up in the valley of the Jolly Green Giantess," the jingle happily sang as Amy proudly held up a can of green beans high above the farm field.

"Amy," Bender blurted out, "you've got natural camera presence! Do the 'Ho ho ho' bit - just for me."

"Oh, shut up Bender - " Amy moaned, "I'm sick just being reminded of that commercial. I've still got a rash where I had to wear those leaves. They probably had poison ivy in them."

Bender chuckled. "Oh yeah? You still signed the checks - you'll be crying all the way to the bank."

"Just give me more of that sports drink," Leela said, "I'm dry as a bone." Try as she might, she could not get the container open. She handed it over to Fry. "Here, Superman, open this."

Fry just smiled, as he finally felt like he was needed again.