Fan Fiction

Guardian Angel
By Mattybwoy

Uh... hi. This is Mattybwoy. I guess you already guessed that. Anyway, if you have any direct comments, suggestions, and that kind of stuff, then write to me at mattybwoy@aol.com. Oh, and start subject name with TLZ. Thanx go to Graham, as usual. Well, uh... enjoy!

Chapter one - The Hooliganz first strike

The Planet Express ship zoomed thorugh space. They were delivering a package to Dog Doo 2, a planet just before Dog Doo 3. They weren't sure what was in the package, they were just told to 'shut up and deliver the damn thing'.

And, of course, Fry was thinking of new ways to get Leela to love him.

"We've been travelling for hours, I didn't think it was this far away from Earth!" Leela moaned.

"Well, it isn't far from Dog Doo 7, and that's at the end of the universe!" Bender pointed out.

"Well, it better not take a week," Leela hoped.

"Yeah, I've got better things to do," Bender said.

"Like what?"

"All My Circuits! I don't wanna miss All My Circuits!"

"But Bender, you have a TV in your compartment!"

"I do?" Bender asked. He opened his compartment door. "I can't see it. Oh, wait." He took his eyebulbs out and put them inside. "Oh, I see it now," he said, putting his eyebulbs back in. "Hey, Fry, why you so quiet?"

Fry woke up from his fantasies. "Nothin'. Just bored, I guess."

"Yeah, this is kinda boring," Bender agreed. "But my excitement unit'll fix that."

He opened his compartment and flicked a switch. He started laughing. "Oh, no... ha ha ha ha!!!" Bender laughed. "That was my... hee hee hee ha ha... hilarity unit!" And ran off, laughing maniacally.

There was no more talking for a few minutes, only the rumbling engines and Benders laughing. Then, a ship zoomed to the side of them and bashed into them.

"WHAT THE HELL!!!??" Leela yelled, as another ship appeared on the other side of them. This ship bashed into them twice. Fry flew across the room and Leela was almost knocked off her chair.

"What the hell do they..." Leela started, before yet another ship crashed into them.

"Fry, get to the lasers and attack!" Leela ordered.

Fry got up, a little dazed, and ran out. Bender was in the corridor, still laughing like a maniac. Fry climbed the ladder, donned on a helmet and started firing at the ships - there were six of them now.

Leela was trying to turn back, but a ship kept on preventing her. They constantly bashed on the sides. Then, one of them was hit by Fry's lasers and blew up.

"Well done, Fry," she said over the intercom. "One down, five to go... no, seven... what the..."

Even more ships were pursuit of them. It was then Leela noticed the logo on the ships - Space Hooliganz. These guys were just a bunch of idiots who bash into other ships for fun!

"Leela!" Fry said over the intercom. "There are about twenty of them behind us!"

"Oh, s**t!" Leela replied. "Aim at the windows! You might hit the pilot!"


Fry did as he was told. He shot at the window of the closest ship. No big change, apart from a smashed window. He continued to fire, and it exploded.

Suddenly, the PE ship span out of control. Bender was no longer laughing, but screaming. Fry was yelling, "They've blown out both our engines!!!" and Leela replied with, "Those b*****ds!" as they plummeted to what was possibly a firey death.

Fry's life flashed before his eyes - the day he found the seven leafed clover, the day he was frozen, the first time he saw Leela, the Titanic, the parasites, the day he was stung by a space bee, all the times that were important to him.

The PE ship hit the ground with extreme force, destroying everything in its path. The impact shook the earth around them, and the shaking didn't stop for at least ten minutes. Two of the PE crew onboard made it. One, however, did not.