Fan Fiction

Green Fry, part 3
By Michael-John Derges

Green Fry PT3

American Fry uh Idiot PT3 + High school Fry PT1

Crossover story

Mike Dirnt: Oh God this aint good. We’ve lost Billie and Tre. We need a new bass player or were busted man

Fry: Yeah, we need to start some auditions

Zapp: Oh stuff this Kif activate the ships auto sniper and lock onto that Fry person

Kif: Yes captain

The auto sniper takes the shot. It hits Fry through the right side of his rib cage

Fry: Aw, oh man that hurt. Uhhhhhhh

Fry passes out and is taken to hospital

Leela: Come on Fry wake up damn you

Leela starts to cry

Fry comes a round and Leela hugs him half to death (literally)

Fry: Ow watch the chest watch the chest

Leela: Sorry

Mike: Hey Fry good to see you’re alive uhh awake, but I’m gonna have to kick you out, sorry. But it’ll probably just be temporary and when back to normal you can rejoin

Fry: Thanks but I think I’m gonna quit the band, but thanks anyway

Mike: That’s cool. Hey also here’s my video phone number. When we gotta concert coming up give me a call and I can get you and your friends some tickets

Fry: Thanks

Mike: K see ya later

Mike steps out and suddenly their is a giant flash

Fry: Wha...what the hell just happened

Leela: Fry why are you 14?

Fry: Why are you 14?

Amy: Why are we all 14?

Zoidberg: Yay I’m a teenage dropout again

The Professor: Why am I still 160?

Leela: I guess we must have got younger or something

The Professor: Yes well I’m sorry all of you after the last this happened I’m going to have to sack all of you and send you to High School

The Gang: Gasp!!!!!

Ok so Fry has left Green Day and the gang par The Professor have become 14 and have to go to High School. This outta be interesting, LOL.