Fan Fiction

Green Fry, part 1
By Michael-John Derges

American Fry uh Idiot Pt1

PE Building, Crew watching TV, Fry and Leela enter holding hands on the account they are going out and start listening to an ad

Billie Joe: Hey I’m Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of Green Day and hear to tell you we’ll be appearing at ‘The Madison Cube Garden’ this Saturday and giving one lucky fan the chance to join us on our tour of America and we’ve got a special surprise for everyone. Bye...

Fry: Wow Green Day, they were my 3.14567326th favourite rock band during my time.

Leela: That doesn’t make sense. How can be your 3.14567326th favourite band?

Fry: I was about to make my 3rd favourite band but then I got frozen. We have to get tickets.

The Professor: Good news everyone! About ten seconds after that ad I won eight tickets to Green Day. Oh my yes eight tickets blue hay

Fry: How did you do that?

The Professor: Well the easy part was getting the free tickets. The hard part was getting the free tickets.

The Madison Cube Garden

Green Day start to finish Blvd of Broken Dreams

My shadow’s only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart’s the only things that beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find
Till then I walk alone

Billie Joe: Thank you everyone, now before we carry on were gonna choose whose gonna come on tour with us and for any one who was to busy watching us rock out we are the first heads to get their bodies remade.

Tre Cool: It is the lucky fan sitting in seat number 37961467 on row pentdectuple Z or Z 50 times

Fry stares at his ticket

Fry: Yahoo!!!!! I won, oh yeah. Hail to the Fry hahahaha.....

Mike Dirnt: Ok apparently we have a winner. Come up here, also can you the guitar?

Fry: Yeah

Green Day carry on with concert

After the show at the PE building

Leela: Since when can you play the guitar?

Fry: It’s a long story so settle down... After realising I couldn’t play the holophoner without the devils although it did get me going out with Leela...

The Professor: After that I gave him an implant so he could play the holophoner hehehe.

Fry: He means electric guitar

Outside the PE building

GD tour bus and bus for PE crew behind

Billie Joe: Hurry up Fry!

Fry: That’s my ride and that’s yours behind.

Billie Joe: You lot get on!

Fry: Yeah come on

Some street in Washington outside the White House

Billie Joe: This song was a big **** you to all the politicians, this songs called Holiday

Voice on walkie: I’m in position...

Other voice on walkie: Good and don’t miss

Yet another voice on walkie: Oh

Other voice on walkie: Kiph shut up

Yet another voice on walkie: Oh

Voice on walkie: Can I kill him now?

Other voice on walkie: Yes, yes you can

Billie Joe: Zieg Hal to the president gasman
     Bombs away is your punishment
     Pulverize the Eiffel Towers who criticize your Government
     Bang Bang goes the brok...en... glass...and kill
     all the fags...who don’t agreeeee...

Mike Dirnt: Oh my God someone just assassinated Billie Joe Armstrong

Other voice on walkie: You missed you idiot, you were supposed to get the red haired one.

Voice on walkie: Um sorry sir

Yet another voice on walkie: Ahhh

So Billie Joe Armstrong has been shot and someone’s got in for Fry and I really hope I don’t have to tell you. Stay tuned for next part