Fan Fiction

Penny For Your Thoughts
By Go-a-Green-a

Author's Note: Okay, I KNOW that you people know that I'm an environmentalist. I really loved Into The Wild Green Yonder because it had everything I could want! Environmentalism, nerd humour, wormholes, Leela finally telling Fry that she loved him and much more! Now, that said I decided to write down what might have been going on through the heads of the PE crew plus Kif and Lebarbara when they entered the wormhole, here's the fan fic for it! And I also have shocking news! If you don't start taking care of the planet Hypnotoad will die and he won't be able to have is own half hour show on Comedy Central! SAVE THE ENDANGERED HYPNOTOAD!


Well, it looks like he's forgiven me.... But I'd better be sure. "So, Kif, you really did miss me?"

"Oh, yes! Yes, of course I did! Why wouldn't I?"

Yes! He's forgiven me! "Well...."

"Oh," He started to stutter a bit. "r-r-right... I missed you. I did! I ju-just haven't quite gotten over that."

Her hopes fell. He hasn't forgotten... stupid Zapp. Now I know why Leela hates him so much! "But Leela did the same thing!"

Kif looked down. "Y-yes, but-" Amy turned his head so he could see Fry and Leela. This will get him to come around! "Oh, wow...."

Amy smiled. Wow, they're really going at it! About time too. But that's not important right now, well for me anyway. "He forgave her... can't you forgive me?"

Kif turned at looked at her. Jeez, I hope my make up isn't messed up. "But th-they weren't together then I don't think."

Oh, come on! "Yeah, but the romantic tension was through the roof! Come on Kiffy, I love you not anyone else. I wouldn't lie to you, I promise." Come on, Kif! Please, please, please forgive me!

"Oh, I missed you so much! Okay!"


"Come here my teeny greenie Kiffy!" Don't pull away. It'll only make it harder to leave. She smiled slyly and pulled him in for a kiss. Hey, if Leela gets apassionate andmeaningful kiss then I should too!


Oh, I missed her so much! But does she love me or... Zapp. He shuddered.

"So, Kif, you really did miss me?"

Ooh! It sounds like she missed me too! Better be sure... so nervous.... "Oh, yes! Yes, of course I did! Why wouldn't I?" Oh, goody! I didn't stutter this time!


Oh, no! She's still thinking about Zapp. "Oh," He started to stutter a bit. "r-r-right... I missed you. I did! I ju-just haven't quite gotten over that." Should I have said that? Oh, and why can't I stop stuttering?

"But Leela did the same thing!"

Oh, right. I forgot about her and the orange-haired guy-Fry. Yes, well he did forgive her. "Y-yes, but-" Amy turned his head so he could see Fry and Leela. They both had a look of utter pleasure on their faces. All that loving and longing. "Oh, wow...."

Amy smiled. "He forgave her... can't you forgive me?"

Oh-oh-oh! I know I can but.... "But th-they weren't together then I don't think."

"Yeah, but the romantic tension was through the roof! Come on Kiffy, I love you not anyone else. I wouldn't lie to you, I promise."

Ooh! She loves me! Horray! "Oh, I missed you so much! Okay!"

"Come here my teeny greenie Kiffy!" She smiled slyly and pulled him in for a kiss.

Oh my!


Well, al least LeBarbara isn't with some dumb limbo champion this time! Wait... dat didn't sound right.He looked at her then found that she was looking at something behind them. "Wife, what are you-" He turned around and saw Kif and Amy kissing like there was no tomorrow. "Oh, wow! Who knew dat Kif had it in 'im!"

Lebarbara continued looking at something past them. "Dat's not'ing, husband, look over dere!" She pointed at the captain's chair.

Hermes gasped. Woah! So dat's what years of romantic tension finally being released looks like. Well at least it wasn't released during work hours or I'd have to 'ave their pay cut for the time wasted wit' romantic shenanigans! "Sweet- holy- Dere's no ryhm for dat!" He noticed Lebarbara looking at him. I know dat look! "It sure gives you an idea don't it?"

Lebarbara chuckled. "It sure does, husband." Hermes leaned closer. He liked where this was going. Who says a bureaucrat can't have non-work related fun? Well I did... till now....


Well, he's not Barbados Slim but he's still my man! I just hope he doesn't start treating me like an object. She took a quick glance at him. Hm, probably not. Wow, look at those two kids over dere!

"Wife, what are you- Oh, wow! Who knew dat Kif had it in 'im!"

"Dat's not'ing, husband, look over dere!" She pointed at the captain's chair.

Fry and Leela who were sharing the most passionate kiss she had ever seen. Well, I may not knowFry dat well but from what Leela tells me he must be te only guy who hasn't treated her like an object. Good, then. She looked over at Kif and Amy. What is it? Kiss the guy next to you day? Well don't want to stand out....

Professor Farnsworth

Doesn't anyone care that we might die? He looked around. Fry and Leela were kissing, then out of nowhere Kif and Amy began kissing. Oh my. Well at least Hermes- Suddenly Hermes and Lebarbara began kissing. No love for the senile old man? "Everyone! Don't you realize that we are flying through a wormhole right now? We could die!" They all continued to ignore him. Ah, whatever. At least now I can be openly senile! The professor began running around the room screaming: "I am the king of sky! Bow before me! Hoohahaha!" He began waving his arms wildly then stopped, panting. Being senile is so tiring sometimes. "I'm taking my nap dammit!" He tipped his head back and began snoring, still standing up.


Ah, soon the female will lay her eggs then they will hatch and all will be well. He glanced around at Hermes and Lebarbara, Kif and Amy, then back at Fry and Leela. There's going to be many eggs around here soon. So much love is here! It looks like no one will end up old and lonely like ZOIDBERG! "Oh... no love for Zoidberg." He looked downcast. Just once I want to die mating with someone! I never get any love I don't! If only I wasn't so poor, if I were rich I could get anyone I wanted I could! Then Zoidberg would be the one with the fancy house and the many friends and the foooood! Aw, now I remembered that I was hungry. If I were rich I'd rule the universe with an iron claw I would! And then who would be the poor doctor with the gland that stinks when they're boring? Not Zoidberg! Hahaha! "I can have a raise, maybe?" He asked the professor, who shot up from his sleep.

"No!" He immediately fell asleep once more.



Oh, jeez. What's wit all the love all of a sudden? It sickens me! This display of human emotion is making me wish I could barf! Why don't they all just do it already and stop all the lovey dovey kissing!?

Oh their God! I've never needed a drink more in my life! He pushed a button on his chest compartment and beer began pouring into a cup. He took the cup and gulped it down, then poured himself another. I wish I could get drunk, that would help alot! Woah! Looky over here! He swung his head around as Fry and Leela fell to the floor.

"Go, meatbag! It's about time!" Leela must have heard him because she quickly nudged Fry to get up. Aw, man! They broke the kiss, then gazed into each other's eye[s]. Ten seconds passed then they were kissing again, ignoring Bender. Aw, yeah! His eyes zoomedout so he could see better (not realizing that Leela would never do that in public) he ended up zooming his eyes too far out again and they tumbled to the ground. Grr, stupid eyes! Desperately he began searching for them on the floor.


It was all he ever wanted. It was perfect, it was his dream, it was Leela. Leela, the one who said exactly this would never happen. But it did. She loved him.

Who knew that just four words could have so much meaning? He opened his eyes just a little to see her face. It was a picture of utter bliss. Yes! She really does love me! I can't believe this is happening! I never thought my life would have such a perfect moment! All those years of chasing her I've finally caught up. I just hope I can keep her, that this won't end like it did when I had those worms. He closed his eyes again. That doesn't matter now, she said it, I don't think she'll take it back.

I wish I knew what she was thinking.... If only I could still read minds. Then I could tell if this was real and not just pity. Fry never thought he could be so happy, witch lead him to think that this kiss was by no means pity. I'll never have a happier moment in my life. I'm finally with the one I love.


He was going to kill himself because he thought it would save the universe. No not the universe. Me.

He's done that before, he took a sting from a gigantic bee for me, I can only imagine how painful that must have been! But this.... He really does love me, it wasn't just the worms that made him say that. It was all him. I should have returned the favour sooner, but there was always doubt in my mind. Doubt that he would just turn out to be another jerk like Alcazar, Chaz, Adalai or... Zapp. I guess that was stupid. He was always different from the other men I've been with. He would never turn out like Zapp or the rest. He isn't just another Zapp.

He is the one I've always loved.

He is Fry.

That was all she needed to know.