Fan Fiction

It Never Lasts, part 4
By Go-a-Green-a

Dooped again.

Leela's hand clenched tightly around a splintering wine glass as she watched Fry and Michelle from across the restaurant. They had been dating for quite a while now, three months, two weeks and a day, not that she'd been counting....

Fry leaned over and kissed Michelle on her cheek, Leela clenched her glass tighter and it shattered in her hand, forcing everyone's gaze on her. "Uh," she began, fighting for an explanation," I have a hard grip." She laughed nervously then looked away.

Fry looked up. "What was that?"

Michelle scooched her chair closer to him. "Oh, I'm sure it's nothing, now shut up and kiss me!"

"Uh... okay." Fry leaned over and Leela ground her teeth.


Zapp Brannigen paced back and forth aboard the Nimbus. "So, Kif, exactly how many wars are we fighting right now?"

Kif sighed. "Six, sir."

"And how many armies each."

Again, Kif sighed. "Four."

"Four what?"

What an idiot. "Four armies."

"Right, I knew that. We'll just have to send wave after wave of men into battle and see what happens. How many men do we have again, Kif?"

"Including us, two."

"Well then we'll need recruits! No time to train them, we'll just send them in and see what happens."

"Is that your take on everything?" Kif muttered.

"Why yes it is! Well done! Now, set course for the velor marble known as Earth." Zapp sat down and kicked up his feet. "I feel the Captains' Itch!"

"Would that be the itch for adventure?" Kif asked hopefully.

"No, er, get the powder." Kif got up reluctantly and groaned.

Back on Earth

Fry sneaked around the corner of Michelle's apartment and tried to leave quietly but his foot snagged on the night stand, causing it to tumble to the ground, resulting in a sickening crash. Michelle was instantly awake. "Fry? Jeez! Thesecond you get up, you start breaking everything in sight and another thing...." Fry didn't stick around to hear the end of her complaints.

Fry Confesses to the Wrong Guy.

"Jeez! She's driving me nuts and I just can't get rid of her! You've gotten rid of lots of girls, how do you do it?"

Bender leaned back in his chair. "I got rid of fembots, I know nothing about human females but what always works on T.V is if you ask to marry 'em. That'll get rid of her before you can say divorce! Heheh, I gotta write this stuff down." He picks up a pad of paper and began to write.

"Ask her to marry me, eh? Sure, I guess it's worth a shot!"


Amy and Leela sat in the PE lounge. "Gleesh, Leela! You gotta tell him how you feel!"

"I know, but he just seems so happy with Michelle."

"He may seem happy but that doesn't mean he is. You know how bossy Michelle can be."

"Your right, I suppose she is. I'll go talk to him tomorrow."

The Next Day.

Leela stood outside Michelle's apartment door but something stopped her from entering. She decided she'd betterlisten to some of their conversation, just to find out how Fry really feels.

Fry nervously clenched his sweating hand over a box in his jacket pocket. "Uh, hey, Michelle. Do you have a second?"

"Ugh, this better be important."

There's no way she'll say yes, I've got nothing to worry about. He pulled out the box and leant down on his knee. "Michelle," his voice quivered, "Will you marry me?" He opened the box, revealing a moderately priced diamond ring. Both Michelle and Leela, on the other side of the door, gasped.

"Oh of course I will!" She ran up and hugged him. Leela shut the door and rushed away, her eye wide and clouded with pain.

Fry glanced outside. "Leela?"

Just then, a letter slipped through the door. He picked it up and began reading aloud. "To: Mr Phillip J Fry. You have been selected by the DOOP force to fight in a war three weeks from today. Attendance is mandatory." Fry was shaking all over, everything was going wrong.

"Well, then," Michelle spoke up, "we'll have to have our wedding within those three weeks in case you get killed. Oh, this is great, Fry! I have a lot of money from my previous boyfriends, we could use that to pay for all this and if this wedding doesn't go just right then you'll have me to deal with for the rest of your life. Uh, Fry? Hello!? LISTEN TO ME ALREADY!"

Fry was petrified. He gazed at noting, carrying a vacant expression on the outside but inside he was screaming. Oh, God! What have I done? I've made Leela miserable, I have to fight in a suicidal war and I can't get rid of Michelle! Stupid DOOP, stupid Bender, stupid me! He looked back outside to where Leela was standing. She was gone now, of course but she seemed to have dropped a note she was going to give him.

He picked it up, there were few words on the sheet but the meaning was clear.

Dear, Fry

I have never been able to admit this, perhaps I was just to proud. I cannot say it aloud because of Michelle but in a note the words are just as strong. I love you, Fry and I always have.

Yours, always

Now Fry didn't know what to feel, he felt nothing. Just an empty void. "What have I done?" He whispered the words quietly so Michelle couldn't hear.