Fan Fiction

It Never Lasts, part 1
By Go-a-Green-a

Fry almost skipped the entire way to the theater but restrained himself. I'm finally on a date with Leela, he thought, I can't screw this up! He gazed at the one-eyed-wonder beside him and felt as though his mouth was stuffed full of peanut butter. "Guh." He managed to choke out.

Leela blinked "Fry? You didn't eat any peanut butter before we left did you?"

"No, no." He shook his head, clearing his thoughts. "I... uh, just can't believe that you went out with me...." He stopped, feeling stupider then usual. "I mean... thank you."

Leela sighed. I guess he IS trying, she thought, he's probably ecstatic. "No problem." She shrugged.

"No, it IS a problem... I mean, you could be doing ANYTHING right now and yet you're here." Fry paused. "Why are you here anyway? What did I do? What did you suddenly see in me?"

Leela chuckled. This is why I'm here.... "You amuse me."

Fry looked up, as though he was thinking. Then said optimistically, "Oh, Okay." They took their seats in the theater and Fry looked as if he would suddenly burst with pleasure at finally being with Leela. Finally, the thought raced in his mind, FINALY Leela likes me. At least I think she does. He glanced at her and noticed that she had returned his gaze. Yeah, she does....

Her eye was full of pleasure and her lip curled in a smile.

Fry nearly shouted aloud. Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes! Woo-hooooo!

He bit his lip and only a faint sound came out. "Guh."

Leela smiled and turned her head to face the movie screen. I guess I do like him, She thought. Then turned to face the pointy-haired goofbag she always had a "thing" for, as Fry had once said himself. "Fry, I-" Her jaw dropped as she spotted a tall, brown-haired man with a jumbo popcorn bag in his hands. She nearly fell over in her seat as she gazed. "I-it can't be! No, its not, no, no, no! Oh, God! It is!" At this Fry turned his head and looked at her suspiciously, then turned and glanced at the man.

"Leela... what's the matter? Did you eat some rancid popcorn or something?" Fry stared at her intently. "Leela? Are you there? Hello!? Do you have an invisible Brain Slug on your head? What's wrong?"

Leela gaped at the sight of the brown-haired, muscular, popcorn-eating man. "It-it's-"

Fry could take no more. "WHO!?"

Leela clenched her fist. "Sean!"


Leela ignored him and darted over to Sean. He dropped his popcorn along with his jaw. "Leela... is it really you?"

"Of course it's me you dingbat! How many one-eyed aliens are on this planet?" She wasn't about to tell him that she was actually a mutant for fear that he would tell everyone. "You broke my heart!"

"Look, Leela I truly am sorry for hurting you. I was a jerk then but I've changed! You can trust me now." He looked so serious that Leela decided not to knock him out. "Please, let me escort you to your apartment."

Oh great, Leela thought, he's hitting on me after he broke my heart! She almost felt sorry for the guy but she remembered another guy she felt sorry for- Zapp. She clenched her fist tighter "Sorry. I'm on a date." She turned back to face Fry, leaving Sean with his fallen popcorn.

Fry looked at her. She's not over Sean, he sighed, she's gone out with me before, he remembered when he had the worms that made him smart. But it never lasts....

Leela glanced at Fry who was looking sorrowfully down at his feet. His face turned into that of Sean and he talked with Sean's voice.

"What's wrong, Leela?"

She blinked and Fry's face returned to normal. "What?"

"I said, what's wrong?" He looked worried.

"Oh, nothing...." Her voice quivered. Fry looked on, suspiciously then turned his head back to the movie screen.