Fan Fiction

You Know You're Obsessed With Futurama When...
By Go-a-Green-a

Special thanks to my friends (you know who you are)

1) You start or end every sentence with a line from the show (Yep, I'm back, baby)

2) When you're friends ask why you're drinking so much Coke you reply:"I'm not drinking Coke, you idiot! It's Slurm, I'm looking for the golden bottle cap so I can party on the planet Wormulon!"

3) Your friends don't question you because they're used to that sort of thing.

4) You can draw all the characters with out looking at a picture or tracing.

5) Even if you couldn't draw them well, you wouldn't need a picture because your T.V always has Futurama related topics playing on it.

6) You signed, wrote and publisheda petition to bring the show back.

7) When the show DID come back you jumped up and down screaming: "YEAH, BABY! YEAH!!!!!!!!" While running up and down the street, wearing whatever it was you were wearing when you found out.

8) Your neighbors take no notice because to them, that's normal.

9) There is adent in the couch near your T.V

10) You HATE the FOX Network with all your heart.

11) You wonder why your single.

12) You own all the DVD box sets and movies.

13) You have them in a dimondillium case behind a painting of you next to a safe.

14) You jump up and become very exited when someone says "Matt Greoning"

15) You area nerd.

16) You read the end credits. (Man, that's dedication)

17) When someone says that they don't like Futurama you jump up, call 911 and report a homicidal maniac loose in your house.

18) You are instantly friends with anyone that knows what Futurama is.

19) You force them to love the show.

20) You become exited when you pass by a sign that says: Torgo.

21) You become mad when you find out the add is a hoax.

22) You are then bailed out of jail by a fellow Futurama freak.

23) You have a dog named Seymour.

24) You tryed to mutate a poodle and a monkey so you could have a Niblonian.

25) You are bailed out of jail by a fellow Futurama Freak.

26) You sued the company that makes Phillips screwdrivers because they refused to change their name to Phillip Fry screwdrivers.

27) You are bailed out of jail by a fellow Futurama Freak.

28) You are a shipper. (You're not a fan unless your a shipper! That is the law of the Futurama nerd)

29) You must kill every bee you see for fear that they will grow and kill your best friend.

30) You "get" all the jokes and laugh at every single one.

40) You decide to advertise Futurama at a football game.

41) You are bailed out of jail by a fellow Futurama freak.

42) You don't use toothpaste anymore.

43) You know what #42 is referring too.

44) You can ony draw people with four fingers and overbites.

45) You screamed with joy when you saw the end of Into The Wild Green Yonder, then you jumped up, ran around your neighborhood and screamed: "FINALLY! FINALLLLLLYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAHHHHHH- HOOOOOOO!"

46) You know who does what voice. (I know that one person does a voice on King of The Hill and another does Homer Simpson's voice but he's a rarely used voice... do you know who I mean? Well... DO YOU!?)

47) You believe that the world would be a better place if we all watched Futurama... imagine if there was a war and no one showed up because they were all watching the show? Yeah... think about it.

48) You have tried every measure to contact Matt Greoning except one.

49) You try that one. (I'll let you decide what I mean...)

50) You are bailed out of jail by Matt Groening. When this happens you suffer from six heart-attacks at once, you spaz out then refuse to be taken to an ambulance and insist on repaying M.G by working it off (as a guest star).

Author's note: Yeah this is a rather diferent submission... but I just had to list all the ways you could be a fan.... There is more to come!!!!!!!!! Oh, and if you want to give me suggestions you can reach me at izefire@live.ca (no spam or I'll block you and sue you! I'm not kidding! I've done it before!