Fan Fiction

Why? part 3
By Go-a-Green-a

The Truth Comes Out

Announcer: Now, Go-a-Green-a can't make it today- oof! (Go-a-Green-a runs in and punches him square on the nose)

Go-a-Green-a: Well then... um, SAVE THE PLANET! (She runs off and the Announcer moans)


Opening caption: Save the planet! It's the only one with candy! CANDY!

Opening cartoon: a clip from The Midnight Sun (from the Twilight Zone)

Scene: Fry, Leela and Bender are loading the ship with crates labeled: TRANSLUCENT GOO

Fry: So what is this goo for anyway?

Leela: I'm not sure but I think the creatures that live on planet Glorbonia need it to live.

Zoidberg(OS): Is it food? (runs On Screen) Creatures need food to survive. I should test it, maybe?

Leela: Unless you like translucent goo then no.

Zoidberg: I like translucent goo! Who said I didn't? Was it YOU? (Points at Scruffy in the corner of the room. Scruffy scratches his mustache, grabs a broom and leaves the room)

Leela: Uh, yeah! He did tell us that! Maybe you should go, uh, tell him off! (Zoidberg looks to Fry who nodds)

(Zoidberg runs OS)

Time Lapse

Cut to: PE ship flying through space.

Cut to ship's cockpit

(Leela is in the captain's chair while Fry and Bender are drinking cocktails near the windshield)

Bender: Ah, nothing like alcohol to make ya feel happy!

Fry: But you're a robot, don't you have a switch or something that makes you happy?

Bender: Ah, that's just science fiction crap. I have a button. (He opens his chest compartment and in the back there is a red button labeled: PUSH FOR ETERNAL HAPPIENESS)

Fry: If that thing causes eternal happiness then why don't you push it?

Bender: Nah, the only way to happiness is in here. (He points to where his heart would be if he were human. We can see a small switch labeled: BOOZE. He flicks it and beer starts pouring into a cup in his chest compartment) Ah, now THAT'S happiness!

Leela:Alright you guys. Enough of that. We're almost at the planet.

Fry: Wait. What's that thing heading for us? (he points to a ship speeding towards them in the distance)

Leela: Oh, Lord! Not the Nimbus!

Cut to: Nimbus cockpit.

(Zapp Brannigan is pacing back and forth)

Zapp: Full speed ahead!

Kif: Uh, you're flying.

Zapp: Right.... (He takes a seat at the controls)

Kif: Uh, sir maybe you should slow down just a tad.

Cut to: Ninbus speeding through space and plowing into comets and asteroids.

Zapp: Hm, maybe you're right for a change! (He slows the ship down)

Kif: (surprised) Really?

Zapp: Yes, I don't want my love to be blown to bits by my mighty ship!

(Kif glances out the window and spies the PE ship)

Zapp: Oh, yes! She's heading right for me! Perhaps The Craving has finally settled in.

Kif: I don't think-

Zapp: Of course you don't! That's why I'm the captain and you're the scrawny little lieutenant! Prepare for ship to ship intimacy!

Kif: *sigh*

Cut to: The PE ship boarding the Nimbus.

Cut to: Zapp and Kif greeting the PE crew.

Zapp: Well, well, well! It appears that the Craving is strong in you.

Leela: We only boarded your ship because you would have crashed into us if we didn't! Now just let us leave and you get to keep your face.

Zapp: Ooh! So you want my face, eh?

Leela: What? No, you idiot! That was a threat!

Zapp: A rather sensual threat.

Leela: Look, just let us leave and we let you live.

Zapp: I'll let you leave... on one condition- (he whispers something in Leela's ear).

Leela: NO! NO, NEVER!

Zapp: Then you don't get to leave.

Fry: Okay, Zapp you don't want to get on my bad side!

Zapp: Pfft! What can you possibly do? Why you barely stand a chance against Kif here, and he couldn't kill a butterfly.

Kif: I can! I just don't want to... (looks away)

(Fry clenches his teeth)

Zapp: Face it. You don't stand a chance!

(Leela pulls Fry to the side)

Leela: (whispering) What are you doing? He may be a coward and a massive jerk but he does have a laser.

Fry: Don't worry, Leela. I can handle him. It's Zapp, remember?

Zapp: (Grabs Leela's arm) Now, why don't you come join me in the velor castle called the captain's quarters? (he winks)

(Leela was about to kick him in the ribs when something shocking happened)

Fry: Don't. You. Dare! (He clenched his fist, pulled it back and struck with all his might. He manages to hit Zapp's jaw, HARD)

(Zapp spits out a tooth and falls unconscious to the ground)

Leela: Fry! How-

Fry: There'll be time for explanations later! Right now we gotta go before he wakes up!

Bender: Wow. I don't think that guy'll be up and about any time soon. (He pulls out Zapp's wallet from a pocket on his skirt, kilt, uh, whatever it is)

Leela: Hm. Yeah that hit was pretty hard but I think we should go anyway. (They start to leave but Kif stops them)

Kif: Wait! Take me with you! (Leela shrugs and signals him to follow)

Time Lapse.

Scene: PE ship's cockpit

(Bender, Leela and Kif are all gathered around Fry)

Bender: Wow, buddy! I never knew you had it in you! Someone was bound to strike that guy down someday but I'm amazed it was you!

Leela: Yeah, I still don't know how you managed to knock him out. I mean, well, you don't really look like the strong type... no offense.

Fry: None taken. I don't even know how I knocked him out! Its just- well when he started talking to you like that... I couldn't take much more of it and the only way to shut him up was to knock him out... but I didn't think I'd really be able to do it!

Kif: I don't care how you did it! You're my hero! (Kif hugs Fry, who looks unsure)

Leela: Well, I'd better get back to the controls- you can't trust that drunken autopilot for more then five minutes!

(She sits in the captain's chair while everyone else leaves the room, all except Fry, who just gazes out the window)

Leela: Fry... you wouldn't happen to know who wrote those letters to me, would you?

Fry: What? No, I've no clue who did it!

Leela: Really? That's not what Amy said.

Fry: Amy told you!? Jeez, you can't trust her for anything!

Leela: Amy didn't tell me anything, I just saw her and you talking and figured that something was up.

Fry: So... do you know who wrote the letters?

Leela: I have a hunch....

Fry: Is it that obvious?

Leela: Fry, you just knocked some guy unconscious for me! Now why would you do that if you didn't have a good reason?

Fry: uh... maybe I just wanted too, okay? Why must there be a reason for everything? Why, why, why! I axe that question all the time! But do I ever get a straight forward answer? No! Just the same crap I hear all the time! If I can't have a good answer then you can't!

Leela: Fry, you're being-

Fry: Immature? Stupid? Pfft! Yeah, I hit Zapp for you and yeah I wrote those letters for you. But you're only going to forget about everything I've done and go back to searching for the "perfect guy". (suddenly Fry looks stunned) Oh my God! I don't know what came over me, Leela. I just lost control of my words for a moment.

Leela: No, you were right. I'm so sorry I acted that way, Fry. It's not your fault.

Fry: Wow. I never thought I'd hear that!

(They gaze into each other's eye[s])

(Bender comes rushing in)

Bender: Hey, sorry to ruin the moment and all but there's a giant ship shooting at us from behind. So you might wanna put the petal to the metal so we don't die.

Leela: *sigh* Ugh, fine. I mean if living is so important to you...

Cut to: The PE ship going into hyperspeed.

Leela: Buckle your seatbelts! This is gonna be one hell of a ride!

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