Fan Fiction

Why? part 1
By Go-a-Green-a

Grow Up.


Beginning cartoon: an old-fashioned looking Family Guy style show.

Announcer: Futurama is brought to you by...

Woman: New Torgo's! Now with more executives crammed in! (Sings Torgo's powder song)

Scene: The PE lounge

(Fry and Leela are sitting on the couch next to Bender who is laughing loudly at something on the TV)

Bender: Aaahahaha! You strangle that kid good, Homer! Aaahahaha!

Fry: (ignoring Bender) So, Leela... I was wondering if you and I could... um... go see a movie?

Leela: Uhh, sorry but I, er, have to meet the Ghost of Xmas Past.

Fry: (believing her) Oh, okay then... maybe next week, then.

Leela: (sighs) Look, Fry, I'm not going to go out with you- ever. So just stop asking okay? (She gets up and leaves Fry on the couch looking extremely downcast)

(Leela passes by Amy, who was looking strangely at her)

Leela: What? You think I was too hard on him?

Amy: Spleesh, Leela! How much harder could you be without spitting on him? (Leela glares at her) Just give him a chance! When I went out with him he actually was sorta sweet.

(Leela gives her another glare)

Amy: Okay, I shouldn't have said that but, still you should give him a chance.

Leela: I know... but he's just so immature. If only he would just grow up.

(Cut to Fry standing just outside the door)

Fry's Mind: Why doesn't she just tell me that? Is she afraid of hurting me? 'Cause it's too late for that.

Leela's voice echoes in his head: If only he would just grow up... grow up... grow up.

(Fry turns around and walks off screen)

Time Lapse.


(Fry is in bed at his and Bender's apartment, he is obviously having a hard time sleeping and is writhing in his sheets)

Fry is hearing echoes from the past in his dreams.

Fry's voice: Leela, will you go out with me for valentine's day?

Leela's voice: Sorry, but I have plans, so no.

Fry's Voice: Leela, how about we go out for some coffee?

Leela's voice: Sorry, but no.

Fry's voice: Please, Leela, will you go out with me?

Leela's voice: No.

Fry's voice: How about dinner?

Leela's Voice: No.

Fry's voice: A movie?

Leela's voice: No.

Fry's voice: Please....

Leela's voice: No.

(The word echoes over and over)

Leela's voice: No...(echo) No... No.....

(Fry wakes up with a start)

Fry: I can't get her out of my head! Why won't she love me? Just once I'd like her to tell me that she loves me.... just once.

(Suddenly he gets an idea, Fry pulls out a piece of paper and a pen then begins to write something down)

Time Lapse

Scene: Leela is sitting next to Amy in the PE lounge when a golden mailbot speeds up to her and hands her a letter.

Leela: (surprised) Wha's this?

Mailbot: A letter from an unknown sender. Do you accept to take this mail?

Leela: Sure.

Mailbot: Sign here.

(She signs then tears open the letter)

Leela: (Reading) I have always admired you. You are like the single flower growing through a crack in this dreary existence we call life. I love you so much that I would die for you. I cannot tell you who I am now but you will find out soon enough.
Yours always,
Your admirer from a far.

Amy: Ooo! How romantic! I wish I would get an anonymous note in the mail! And I'm cuter then you! He must be someone special!

Leela: (taking no notice of Amy's comment) I wonder who it could be... (She scanned the room, not noticing the absence of a certain Phillip Fry)