Fan Fiction

How Do You Know?
By Go-a-Green-a

(Fry is sitting next to Bender and Leela in the PE lounge)

Bender: Well, meatbags I should probably get stealing- I mean going... (his eyes shift back and forth a few times)

(he gets up, scratches his back and heads for the door)

(Fry shifts nervously on the couch)

Leela: (concerned) What's wrong, Fry? (she moves closer to him)

Fry: Oh, it's nothing... just....

Leela: Just what?

Fry: There's just this girl. I like her- I mean I really like her.

Leela:(suspicious) Really? Do I know her?

Fry: You could say that....

Leela: So, what about her?

Fry: Well, (he scratches the back of his head) I, uh, wanted to talk to her about something but she doesn't think much of me.

Leela: She does.

Fry: I haven't even told you who she is!

Leela: Well... who is she?

Fry: Oh, some girl. But I know she doesn't like me.

Leela: She does.

Fry: How do you know?

Leela: Because I have the same problem.

Fry: With who?

Leela: Some guy.

Fry: (disappointed) Oh.

Leela: ... You should talk to her.

Fry: She'll ignore me.

Leela: I'm sure she won't.

Fry: ... You should talk to him.

Leela: I can't.

Fry: You can.

Leela: Then if I can, you can.

Fry: I told you, she doesn't.

Leela: How do you know?

Fry: From experience.

Leela: I see. Well, every guy I've dated always seemed to be ambitious and successful but then turned out to be jerks... every guy I've dated has turned out that way!

Fry: I'm sure this new one won't turn out that way.

Leela: You don't know that.

Fry: Well, maybe if you told me who he was-

Leela: I'm sure you know him...

Fry: *sigh* I wish she loved me.

Leela: You don't know that she doesn't-

Fry: Yes I do.

Leela: Just talk to her-

Fry: I can't. She'll say no.

Leela: Has that ever stopped you before?

Fry: No... I suppose it hasn't.

Leela: I know if I ask the guy that I like he'll say yes but I'm not sure if he really loves me.

Fry: He loves you.

Leela: (grins) And she loves you.

Fry: You should talk to him.

Leela: You should talk to her.

Fry: I'll talk to her if you talk to him.

Leela: Tell her you love her-

Fry: Tell him you love him-

Leela: Okay, we'll both go tell them. At the same time.

Fry: O-Okay. (He and Leela both stand up and take deep breaths)

Fry and Leela together: I love you. (Leela's eye goes wide and Fry gasps).

(They both lean in and share a passionate kiss)

Leela: So are you going to talk to her?

Fry: I just did.