Fan Fiction

Oh My! part 2
By Futuregirl223

Fry and Rose were sitting in the breakroom watching the news like they always did together.

"Today a local condom company reported a recall on the condom brand trogon man." said Linda

"So humans stop reproduction by using condoms, My people will find this very interesting " Morbo said and Linda laughed like she always did.

"Man I feel sorry for how ever uses that brand, right Rose?" He asked her not noticing the worried look on her face

"Oh, ya I guess." she said trying to hide how she was really feeling " so are you and Leela still coming to dinner tonight?"

"Ya I guess, I don't get why you are dating him anyway. he said " What do you see in him anyway?" Rose looked at him and as about to say something when Amy walked in with a book in her hand and looked stressed as hell.

"Rose, need your help." she said to her, rose looked at fry and before fry knew it both rose and amy were gone and he was alone.

in the conference room rose and amy were sitting drinking coffee , Rose looked uneasy as she ever had. Amy was going threw her guest list for the wedding and noticed she looked nerves and sighed like Kiff did witch she found funny for some reason.

"Rose, are you ok, you look uneasy." Amy asked

" I think I mite be pregnant." Rose said with a straight face

"Oh, is this because of the condom recall, or because of you missing your cycle?" Amy asked

"Will that is the reason why?" Rose said " Maybe I need to talk to Leela about this."

Rose walked out the door and saw Bender smiling at her in a evil way.

"Bender you can't say anything to Fry about this, he would kill me , will he would kill Zapp for getting me preganat but you gwt my point." she said to Bender

"Why should I?" says Bender " Give me a good reason why?"

"If you do this for me I will by you a six pack."

"Ok, I won't tell, but only if you don't tell Amy I ordered striper for the..... she behind me isn't she? He asked Rose

"Hi Kiff, how is everything going?" Rose asked in a nervous tone

Bender turns and sees Kiff how looks unhappy with him.

"You were saying Bender, and no striper." Kiff told him "Sorry about that Rose."

"It is ok Kiff and can I talk to you about something?" asked Rose, Kif looked confused then he felt it had something to do with Zapp so he frowned in while agreeing to listen to what she was going to say.

"Ok, what did he do , uhhh" He said unhappily

"I think I mite be Preganat and don't know if I should tell him know or after I am sure." Rose said, Kiff looked at her like he wanted to hug her because he felt bad for her knowing if she was Zapp would be a dad which was a bad idea.

"Rose, I think you should tell him , it is what is best." He told her " It might show him there is more to sex than the pleaser. "

"You know you mite be right I need to tell him, thank you Kiff." Rose said as she left the room.

Kiff heard Amy calling for rose but when she say him she looked worried, he looked confused and then put his hand on Amy's shoulder.

"Amy, why do you look so worried my love?" he asked his fon fon ru

"Oh, just that Rose mite be pregnant and was going to talk to Leela about it." Amy explained " Why do you ask?"

"Oh My, I told her to talk to Zapp about it and that I mite teach him something."

Amy worried look turned into a smile.

"Kiff, that was so nice of you to help her." she said to him " But we both know no part of Zapp should be a parent."

"I know but how knows, maybe he mite be a good father." Kiff said smiling at his fon fon ru.

"I can't wait until our honeymoon, maybe I can get some much needed rest." he said then Amy smiled and started to giggle.

"What did I say?" Kiff said looking at Amy laughing

"We will both getting some sleep." She said to him "Besides I think we are way past the long, passionate sex." Amy said then they both looked ate each other and left the room.

Rose was about to knock on Zapps door then stopped herself and started walking away when Zapp opens the door and sees Rose and smiled at her then frowned worried something was wrong.

"Rose, is there something wrong?" he said as he moved closer to her.

"Will kind of, but it is important." She said walking away until her grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him.

"Rose, if their is something wrong you can tell me." He said as he held her close " you can tell me I won't be mad."

She tried to keep it in but then decided to tell him even when she knew it would test their love for one another.

"Zapp, I think I mite be pregnant and wanted to tell you because I love and don't want to hurt you by keeping it from you." She said as he put her head on his chest. Zapp looked at her and smiled for some reason, he was not ready to be a father but just hearing her say she loved him made him happy. He walked her inside his bay and they sat on his heart shaped bed were he had sleep with a lot of women before, Rose looked up at him and smiled.


"Rose, I love you more then anything." He said as he held her hand with his gloved hands " So I want to do the right thing for you and the baby."

"Oh Zapp, you mean..."

"Yes my sweet, so will you marry me?" Zapp said with a ring in his hand. "I was going to ask you tonight at your place but know this changes everything." he told her

Rose did love Zapp and wanted to marry him but she thought about what her brother would say.

Zapp I want to marry you, but I don't you to marry me just because of the baby." She said

"But Rose, I want to marry you because love you not because your pregnant." he told her " Why would you think that?"

"Never mind, yes I will marry you." She said as she hugged him tight.

To weeks later……….

Rose and Zapp were at the Company watching tv. Fry walks in and doesn't look very happy will with Zapp since he knocked up Rose as he puts it, Rose looked over and smiled at her brother how was dressed in his regular outfit.

"Hi Fry, where is Leela?" Rose asked

"Oh, she is in the ship fixing something that broke, again" He said " What is Zapp doing here?"

"Oh. I was just spending time with Rose Bud." while kissing her on her check

Fry was about to say something when Amy and Kiff walked in how had been gone on their honeymoon for 2 weeks.

"Hello Kiff, hows was your honeymoon." He asked seeing his first officer

"Oh wonderful, got plenty for rest." Kiff said in a flurty way while looking at Amy.

" I bet you did with Amy taking care of you and all." Rose replied

"So when will you love birds be getting married?" Amy asked Rose and Zapp

"Oh, we will be getting married in a few days." Zapp said " I can't wait to marry my little Rose bud." He said kissing Rose's forehead

"Oh Zapp, you are so sweet and I can't wait until then but don't forget about dinner with your parents tonight." She said then Zapp frowned because he had a feeling his parents would disapprove one the count Rose was pregnant and all.

"Oh right, I am sure they will be happy about me getting married and having a baby, uhh." Zapp replied

Rose knew Zapp hadn't seen his parents since he left for the doop on the account they didn't want him to go in the first because his mother was in the Doop and knew what it was like. She was nerves about meeting them because she was worried they would hate her, she was so busy thinking about what his parent were going to think she didn't hear Zapp and Fry or what they were saying to one another. After a few minutes of thought she heard fry and Zapp talking.

"Fry, why do you have to be so rude about me and your sister's love for one another?" unhappy about his comment

Fry, can I have a word with you?" Rose asked irritated

Fry walked to the deck even if was below zero, one they were out she took a deep breath and try to sound nice witch ment she waseather pissed or irritated with something he did or said.

"Fry, I know you don't like me and Zapp being together but can you try to get along with him just once." she said nicely

"sorry sis, but went to far when he said you and him were also having a....." then he say his sister's pale skin and complexion, and noticed the way she has been acting and then went from irritated to pissed.

"You are What!" he screamed and everyone looked at him pointing at Zapp then at her abdomen, thn everyone along with Kiff looked at zapp and smiled witch ment they were right about everything they knew was going to happen.

Fry walked back in after his sister explaining everything and walked into the angry dome.

"Ok, am I the only one is happy about this?" Rose asked everyone, everyone just smiled nervously

"Ya.... we just...." Everyone said except Zapp how just kept smiling the sighed

................... later that night after dinner with is parents

Rose and Zapp walked into her house she bought with the money she had saved from when she was in the army but no one knew she was because she didn't want them to she was just like her father, as they sat on the couch and looked tired and irritated at the same time witch never happened.

"I can't believe they said what they said, uhh" Zapp said has he turned to rose how looked tired

"What?, oh ya they were wrong to say that we should have eloped if I was knocked up." She replied as she yawned loudly

Rose got up and headed up stairs to get ready for bed while Zapp made himself a strong drink then he headed up the stairs to Roses room. Once he reached her room he heard her crying and got an idea how to cheer her up by doing what his parents said they should have done. He came in the room and comforted her, she looked up at him and smiled then saw that he had an idea and smiled.

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