Fan Fiction

When Futurama Meets Starcraft
By Desmond

(Scene: In the Planet Express Meeting Room, everyone is there, Professor Farnsworth came in.)

Farnsworth: Good news everyone.

Bender: Oh crap, just let me enjoy my last moment of robothood. (Bender opens his cavity and drank all the beer within.)

Farnsworth: You will be making a delivery to the Planet Korhal, located in Koprulu Sector.

(Fry looked shock and confused.)

Amy: You mean that dangerous sector where the now dissolved UED sent all its criminals to die and ended up encountering the Protoss and Zerg?

Fry: Hold on a minute, Korhal, Koprulu, UED, Protoss and Zerg, these are all the things you can find in Starcraft! I though Starcraft is just a video game? Did Blizzard Entertainment build a theme park for Starcraft? Holy cow, I love Starcraft, and StarTrek.

Leela: What craft?

Fry: It is the most popular video game in the 20th century, Leela, made by Blizzard Entertainment. Starcraft is a phenomenon across the world. There are three races you can play as in the game, Zerg, Terran, and Protoss. Zerg are monster like alien that kill anything they saw, Protoss are genius alien that have psychic energy, and Terran are just human.

Farnsworth: Actually Fry in year 2499, UED scientists found out that Starcraft is real when they are observing their prisoners in exile. Fearing that the Protoss and the Zerg might invade Earth, they sent their whole fleet to pacify Koprulu Sector. And in the end they were defeated and the UED eventually dissolved itself due to unpopularity amongst its subjects and President of Earth instead of the UED now rules the Earth.

Leela: Why would they want to observe some people they wanted to get rid of?

Farnsworth: Scientific research…

(Professor Farnsworth have a flash back to his teens year. It showed the 14-year-old Farnsworth stealing videotape from the XXX section of the UED video archive when he left his classmates in a field trip. The video showed a medic taking off her battle suit and revealing the tight underneath. Farnsworth is drooling.)

Fry: The UED was defeated, so did the Zerg ever came to Earth and enslaved us?

Leela: (Whispering to Fry) Keep asking questions Fry while me and Bender run for our lives.

Farnsworth: (Heard Leela) Way you go, Leela, Fry, and Bender. I will answer all your questions once you return. (Whisper Hermes) Call the newspaper, and repost our ad that we need a crew.


(Scene: Inside the Planet Express Ship)

Fry: So, where is the cryogenic chamber? After all, I can't sit around the ship doing nothing for 23 years.

Leela: Don't worry Fry, a warp speed engine was installed on this ship, so it will only take us about 2 months to get there.

Bender: Well, have fun BORING losers. (Bender shuts down)

Leela: (Hitting Bender) You still need to cook, Bender. By the way, Professor tells me to give you this. (Handing Bender a CD) It is a Detection Program, and we will have some detection device of our own after we installed it.

Bender: Hey, I am nobody's watchdog, and you know that! (Crossing his hand and walked away.)

Leela: Then you don't need to expect me to give you the anti-EM Pulse shield.

Bender: Oh god, not EMP! (Bender quickly installed the detection program CD) Now the anti-EM Pulse shield?

Fry: Fool you Bender, the EMP in Koprulu Sector is so weak that it only drains your energy and shield. It won't totally make you malfunction, you will lose all your energy and you can revive by drinking beer.

Bender: Damn primitive skin tube!

(Planet Express Ship blasted off and flown into space.)

(Caption: 2 weeks later…)

(Cut to: Planet Express Ship flying in Space and closing in on the cockpit. Inside the cockpit are Leela, Fry, and Bender.)

Fry: Are we there yet?

Leela: No.

Fry: Are we there yet?

Leela: No.

Fry: Are we there yet?

Leela: No.

Fry: Are we there yet?

Leela: No.

Fry: Are we there yet?

Leela: No, no, no. Fry if you have nothing to do, why don't you go and check on the package we are delivering. Professor told us to be careful with it and make sure not to damage it.

Fry: What is in that package we are delivering anyway?

Leela: I don't know Fry, but if we want to find out we should deliver the package and look at it once it is opened.


(Cut to: Planet Express cargo base)

Fry: Puff, yak, yak, yak, oh Fry don't open it, yak, yak, yak. Well I am going to open it!

(Fry opened the box and a spinning machine was inside)

Bender: Hey skintube, what are you doing?

Fry: Hey Bender, come check it out, we are delivering a satellite dish.

Bender: Hey, that is not a satellite dish, that is eh-what is that anyway?

(Entered Leela)

Leela: What is going on?

(Bender and Fry pushed the package behind some cargo crate with their legs)

Fry and Bender: Nothing… Hey Leela, don't you need to drive the ship.

Leela: I have it in autopilot.

(Cut to: Outside the Planet Express Ship showing the it flying through space)

(Caption: 2 months later…)

(Scene: Showing Leela, Fry, and Bender in the cockpit)

Fry (Seemed Intoxicated): Are we there yet?

Leela (Seemed very tired and stressed out): No…

Fry: Are we there yet?

Leela: No

Fry: Are we there yet?

Leela: No, No, N-Hold on Fry…

(The map chart is beeping and a red light is flashing)

Leela (Cheerfully): Fry, Bender, we are in Koprulu Sector.

(Fry and Bender high five and they started drinking)

(The Planet Express Ship slowed down and it flew past a white planet)

(Fry walked to a window.)

Fry: That must be Braxis, wow, I never imagine about being in a video game before.

Bender: Wake up PC nerd, you are in the real world right now.

Fry: Ok, Ok, but I just can't believe that Starcraft is real. (A part of Braxis blurred) Hey, what the…


(Cut to: Outside the Planet Express Ship, and something exploded beside it and the ship shook)

Leela: That won't be Zapp Brannigan, oh no, not space pilot! Fry, get to the gun port, Bender, the engine room and get the engine burning. Leela, let's rock!

(Planet Express ship is speeding through space and explosions are all around Planet Express ship.)

(Cut to: The Cockpit)

Leela (Spotting blurs): Blurs, not cloaking, Bender, activate your Detection Program.

Bender: Yes Leela. (The antenna on Bender's head starts spinning and detected a couple of T-Shaped planes outside the ship)

(Cut to: Fry in the gun port)

Fry: Wow, I never imagine about seeing a Wraith, but now I am going to shot one down. (Fry opened fired on one of the Wraith and the Wraith exploded.)

Fry: Fry shoots, Fry scores. (Seeing more Wraiths) Oh crap.

(The left side of the engine exploded and the Planet Express Ship are spinning above a broken space platform. Then the ship stopped completely, everything was shut down, including lights.)

Fry: Leela, I think we just got "Locked Down".

Leela: In other words, we are doomed.

(Just as a ship with a similar size as the Planet Ship landed and unloaded its soldiers within, a couple of the unloaded soldiers broke into two pieces and the ship exploded after a Red Beam struck it)

Fry: Leela, that Dropship was destroyed by what I think is a Yamato Gun, maybe help is coming.

Leela: Why would anyone want to help us?

Fry: I don't know, but- (Fry saw a gigantic ship flying above them with a couple of slim, golden ship shooting down the Wraiths which just attacked the Planet Express Crew. Fry looked in awe.) Holy crap, it is a Battle Cruiser, I never imagine that they are so big before. No way, those golden ships are Scouts, and there are 10 of them. (Seeing the Battle Cruiser's name, it is called Hyperion.)

Leela: Fry, are you ok, Fry?

Fry: Leela, we are saved, Captain Jim Raynor and his Protoss allies have come and saved us.

Hyperion: I don't know who you are, but if you want to stay alive, I suggest you to prepare your ship for dimensional recall.

Leela: Dimensional recalled, ok, all prepared.

(Many wormholes are opened besides and above the Planet Express ship, and seconds later the Planet Express Ship is in a Jungle)

(Leela and Fry exited the ship through an emergency door, and saw the ship in total ruin)

Fry: I am surprise that we didn't die.

Leela: Where is Bender?


(Cut to: In the engine room, Fry and Leela saw Bender lying on the ground, motionless.)

Fry (Crying): No Bender, no you can just go like this, NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Leela (Also Crying): I am sorry Fry, I shouldn't have sent Bender unprotected to the Engine Room alone.

(They exited the ship again, and the Hyperion landed beside the Planet Express ship, and a figure wearing a huge armor exited.)

Jim Raynor: Hi, I am Jim Raynor, the Captain of the forces Raynor's Raynor, and these are my tro-(Seeing the upset Fry and Leela) what is the matter, something's wrong?

Leela (Raising her head): Captain Raynor, I am Captain Turanga Leela of the Planet Express Ship and one of my me - no one of my friend, Bender died.

Jim Raynor: (Surprised when he saw Leela's eye) Oh, there, there.


(Cut to: The Engine Room)

Jim Raynor: Oh my, that is a weird armor, oh wait, Bender is a robot. (Laughing) Oh Bender is not dead, he was just "Locked Down". Didn't you remember that your ship got "Locked Down" on the broken space platform, every single electronic appliance and machinery in the ship will shut down, including your robotic friend Bender.

Fry: So Bender is just off, right?

Jim Raynor: Exactly, Medic, we got a situation here.

(Moments later, a Medic entered the Engine Room and restored Bender.)

Bender: Oh crap, what just happened?

Fry (hugging Bender): Oh Bender, I miss you so much, we thought that you are dead.

Bender: Really, I came back from Robot Hell! Kiss my shiny metal ass, Robot Devil.

(Bender opened his chest cavity and drink some beer)

(Scene: Inside Hyperion)

(Jim Raynor raised his visor of his battle armor and revealed to be a head in a jar.)

Jim Raynor: Captain Leela, we don't really know about your motive of delivering a Psi Emmiter into Dominion Space, but one thing for sure is those damn machines are responsible for the annialation of all the lives on three planets, giving a wild woman back the power she don't deserves, and almost cost you your life.

Fry: That thing is a Psi Emmiter?

Jim Raynor: If you are delivering a Psi Emmiter, you have to know what it is, right?

Leela: Captain Raynor, we really don't know that "Psi Emmiter" is, honest.

Jim Raynor: Then why is it opened?

Leela: Opened? PHILIP. J. FRY!

Fry: Yea, I opened the box a two months ago to take a look at what it is, andd Bender looked at it as well.

Bender: Hey, stop blaming the innocent.

Jim Raynor: You opened that box for two months and you didn't get attacked by Zerg, you guys are lucky! By the way, where are you from anyway?

Fry: We are from Earth.

Jim Raynor: Earth? Is this another part of UED's evil scheme?

Leela: No, the UED dissolved itself sometime after the Galatic War for Domination, now instead of UED, the earth is ruled by the President of Earth.

Fry: And his name is Richard Nixon, he became President because Leela forgot to vote.

Radio: Captain Raynor, we are about to destory the Psi Emmiter. Awaiting your order.

Jim Raynor: Blow it.


(Cut to: Outside the Planet Express Ship, after a small explsion, smoke came out of it.)

Leela: Well, so much for the two months we wasted. Let's go home.

Jim Raynor: Actually, your ship damaged so much that it will take a months just to figure out where to fix first, and three more months for the exterior, and six for months for the engine to be fixed. Totally, you guys will be stranded for ten months.

(Leela and Bender's jaw dropped while Fry dances in the background.)

Fry: So can we stay with you guys?


To be continued

Note: Though I wrote this whole story, Blizzard Entertainment creates all the stuff about Starcraft. So…

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