Fan Fiction

Futurama Coronation Street
By AmZ Future


Futurama Coronation Street

1 Hour Episode - Friday 17th October

By AmZ Future


Fry: Liam Connors
Leela: Maria Connors
Amy: Michelle
Michelle: Carla
Zapp: Tony
Lisa S: Fizz (Amy's friend)
Cubert F: Ryan
Kiff: Steve
Hermes: Lloyd
Bender: Kirk
Zoidberg: Shaun
Leanne: Leanne

Author's Note: This is a Futurama version of Coronation Street 17-10-08. This highlights Liam's dramatic leave in Coronation Street. A what if scenario. 50% shipper content.

Opening Titles:

Coronation Street theme playing "Sponsored by Cadbury 1000th Anniversary". Different Clips of Maria and Liam

Fry, Leela and Bender are watching 'All My Circuits'. Suddenly a News Flash comes on.

Morbo: Hello puny earthlings. Tremble as we announce stuff. Aaaah.

Linda: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Iron prices have gone up.

Bender: Aw crap.

Fry: What up with you?

Bender: I'm 40% Iron.

Fry: Oh.

Morbo: Also Earths precious soap Coronation Street has a tribute for Rob James-Collier's Head's 1035th Birthday.

Linda: Ha Ha Ha. Coronation Street will be showing his final episode of Coronation Street.

Fry: Aw I missed that he's one of my favourite characters out of my favourite soap.

Leela: It's my favourite soap too.

Fry: Cool hun.

Leela and Fry share a passionate kiss. Suddenly the Professor walks in.

Prof: Good news everyone. I fine tuned the what if machine…yet again.

Fry: Cool. HEY! Maybe we could ask it (turns to Leela) WHAT IF THE CORANATION STREET EPISODE WERE REAL.

The what if machine explodes causing a catastrophic bang that sends certain P E members into the what if machine.

Narrator: (gasp) What a mouthful lets just call the what if machine from here on out the W I machine.

Back to the P E Crew.

Coronation Street Theme playing.

Int: Bar- 9.00pm

Fry: Let's get this stag night a going.

Zapp: Yes. (Thinking) I hope you have a nice spot in hell.

Int: Rovers Return- 9.00pm

Leela: Help me put the decorations up.

Zoidberg: OKAY!

Lisa/Amy: We hired the stripper.

Leela: Okay everything's set.

Couple of hours later.

All: Michelle! HIP HIP HOORAY!

Carla: Oh thanks everyone.

Int: Bar- 11.00pm

Cubert: So who would you get off with?

Bender: I'd have to go with Lisa.

Hermes: Probably Leela. Maybe Amy.

Kiff: I'd go with Amy.

Zapp: (slyly) How about you Fry.

All: YEAH!

Fry: Who me? I'd go with Bender.

Tony: I'm insulted.

Hermes: Hey if it makes you feel better I'll sleep with your wife.

Everyone except Fry laugh. Zapp glares at Fry.

Int: Girls Bathroom 11.30pm

Michelle is crying.

Leanne: Hi you know you shouldn't be crying.

Michelle: I know.

Leanne: If you love him go after him.

Michelle: I cant they don't deserve it.

Leanne: Well you love Zapp right?

Michelle: (less attention) Yeah.

Ext: outside Rovers Return- 12.00pm

Michelle and Leela are talking about Fry.

Michelle: Hey

Leela: Hey

Michelle: Go tell him.

Leela: Huh?

Michelle: go on.

Leela: … Thanks.

Michelle and Leela hug.

Ext: Streets-12.00pm

Leela phones Fry. She is in a cab.

Leela: I'm just coming Ok. I got to tell you something.

Fry: Ok babes see you in a few.

Cubert leaves in a taxi.

Zapp: So off we go.


Fry: Oh crap.

All: Wha?

Fry: I think I left my wallet at the pub.

All: Aw come on.


Kiff: I'll go too.

Zapp: No No. He no's where it is.

Fry steps out in the road a car approaches fast. I will always love you plays.

Fry: Okay. And if Leela comes tell her…

All except Zapp: FRY LOOK OUT!

Fry: Wha?

He gets ran over by Zapp's hover car.

Cut to shot of Leela in a hover cab.

Kiff: Call an ambulance.

Hermes: Gotcha.

Leela gets out of the hover cab when the ambulance arrives.

Leela: What's going on? Fry? Babe? FRY. WHAT HAPPENED!

Hermes: Leela Mon he got ran over.

Leela: Fry babes? Stop being silly? Fry? FRY!

Paramedic: I'm sorry he's…

He got cut short by Leela.

Leela: NO! NOOOO!

Paramedic: I'm sorry ma'am.

Int: Rovers Return 1.00am

Amy's phones rings everyone goes silent.

Amy: WHAT? I'll be right there.

Leanne: What is it?

Amy: Fry's been in an accident.

Michelle: No!

Amy and Michelle rush out.

Int: Hospital- 1.30am

Amy and Michelle come in.

Leela: (sobbing) FRY FRY FRY! Fry…I…love…you.

Cut to rovers Return.

Cubert: What's this all about?

Amy is sobbing.

Cubert: What's wrong?

Kiff: Its uncle Fry…he…was…in an accident.

Cubert: (worried) what kind is he ok?

Kiff: Uh…no…he's……dead!

Cubert: What he…he…he cant be he was fine.

Amy and Cubert start sobbing. Kiff tilts his head down.

Cubert: But…he…was fine.

Amy grabs Cubert in a tight hug as he sobs.

Ext: River!- 2.00am

Zapp chucks Fry's wallet in the river.

Zapp: And so you end.

Series of clips of Fry and Leela.

Cuts out to W I Machine with the professor in front.

Prof: So that's what would happen if we became Coronation Street.