Fan Fiction

The Fu-trix, Part 2
By Mattybwoy

"What the hell..." said Leela, "this dimension looks so... old fasioned!"

"Cool!" Fry said. "Just like the graphics on my Dreamcast!" "What's a Dreamcast?" Bender asked.

"It was the first 128 bit console made!" Fry replied.

"WHAT!!??" Leela exclaimed. "128 bits! Oh dear God!!! I'm stuck in the era of dumbass graphics!" "How are you gonna get outta this one, meatbag?" Bender asked Leela, sniggering.

"How the hell am I supposed to know?" Leela yelled. "I guess someone's gonna have to play me out... if that makes sense..."

"Sure it does!" Bender said. "I'd do it, but the dorky graphics put me off. Damn those 20th century assholes!" "Hey, don't diss the 20th century!" Fry snapped.

"Bite my shiny metal ass!" Bender snapped back.

"FRY! BENDER!" Leela yelled, making both of them jump. "A little help here would be very helpful indeed!"

"Well, I could play you out, seeing as I'm the master..." Fry said with a cocky look on his face. "After all, I did whup your butt at Death Factory III." And with this, he picked up the manual and started to read. "You can't start a game without looking at what you have to do first..."

Leela had the feeling that it was going to be a long time before she was free from this game. It was true, Fry had defeated them at Death Factory III, but then, he had got Leela while she had her mind on Alkazar, someone who she thought was a Cyclops. Otherwise, she most probably would've got Fry instead.

She waited for about 15 minutes before Fry put down the manual and said, "Alright, Leela, I'm gonna bust you outta there!"

And all of a sudden, Leela started walking forward, though not of her own free will. This made her feel kinda sick - but she had to get outta here.

"O.K..." she heard Fry mumble, "Oh, hell, there's over 50 levels!"

"How many more levels?" Leela asked.

"There's 51 levels in total!" Fry gasped, "OHMiGOSH!"

"There's only one way to do this quickly!" Bender said.

"Let me guess..." Fry said.

"Cheat!" Fry and Bender said in unison.

So they left for the mall, leaving Leela standing there, alone in a 128 bit game.

They looked in GAME, no luck. They looked in EBR. No luck. Hell, they looked in every shop they could think of, and no walkthrough. As they began their long walk home, cursing, they spotted a grubby looking corner shop. They hadn't spotted it before. They went in for a look.

The shop looked pretty beat up. There were alot of strange items and posters around - the only thing that really interested Fry was the porno calender at the back of the shop. At the counter was Sal, a lazy fat guy who loves smoking - he was smoking a cigar.

"O.K, let's look for that guide," Fry said. "Bender... Bender, where are you?" Bender was at the other side of the shop, looking in a book, 'How to operate on a robot', which had tons of circuit diagrams... and Bender saw this as porno. Fry called him over and they started to look around. After about 10 minutes, Bender found it. "Well Done, Bender!" Fry said, "I wonder why it's only in this shop, though..." He rummaged around in his pocket, searching for his wallet. All he felt was candy wrappers. "Ah, hell... I don't have my wallet!"

Bender looked both ways, then gave Fry back his wallet. "Sorry," he mumbled.

"I've really gotta get a zip for my pockets," Fry said. Unfortunatly, it seemed that Bender had spent all the money on beer, porno and ingrediants for his various (and awful) dinners. The guide cost $12.45.

"Now what are we gonna do?" Fry asked.

"Well... you know what I do when I don't have enough money to get something...?" Bender whispered. "Or when I can't be assed?" "I know perfectly well..." Fry replied.

"Then take the guide, hide it, and just walk out," Bender said in a low tone. "And don't look back..."

Leela wasn't a patient person. She had been waiting three hours for the guys to get back. The worst thing was, she couldn't move of her own free will. Her hopes went up when she saw the professor walk past, but when he reached for the controller, he looked down at himself and muttered, "But I am already in my pyjamas," and fell asleep.

Then, Fry and Bender ran in. "Why did it take you so long?" Leela asked.

"No questions..." Fry gasped. "Let's get this over with!"

But as he picked up the controller, there were knocks on the door.


"I've heard that before..." said Fry.

"We're boned!" Bender mumbled.