Fan Fiction

The Fry-trix Still Has You, Part 3
By Max Bellamy, Soulkid2000, Mattybwoy and Rye Guy

The Meeting Gone Wrong
By Max Bellamy

Scene: Park

Fry and Seraph walk out of the door.

Fry: So, what do you do?

Seraph: I protect that which matters most.

Fry: Which is?

Seraph: My money. The Oracle keeps mooching off of me.

Fry: Right.

Seraph: Oh, by the way, we're here.

Seraph leads Fry to the Oracle. He finds her sitting on a park bench.

Oracle: Well sit down. I ain't gonna bite you.

Fry: That's what I'm afraid of.

Oracle: Let me take another look at you.

Oracle looks at Fry.

Oracle: My goodness look at you. You've done alright for your self.

Fry: Oracle, it's only been a week.

Oracle: I know. Why don't you have a sit.

Fry: I think I'll stand. (Waits a bit) Aw, I tired of standing!

Fry sits down.

Fry: Okay. Why did you call me?

Oracle: Because zions in danger.

Fry: Well, duh. Neo called me about it. But I couldn't hear him right because there was some loud music playing in the backround! Then he had to quickly go for some reason. Do you know anything about that?

Oracle: What am I psychic? I mean, yes...yes I do. Um. they were having a party.

Fry: And I didn't get invited. Bastard!

Oracle: Anyway. You need to save Zion.

Fry: How?

Oracle: By duking it out with the sentinals.

Fry: The squids? Aw man!

Seraph walks up.

Seraph: We must go. I don't want to miss my soap operas.

Oracle: Oh, fine. Listen Fry, you can save Zion.

Fry: What if I can't? What happens on I decide to watch T.V instead?

Oracle: Then Zion will fall. Just go do it.

Fry: Okay.

Oracle pats Fry on the stomach. Fry makes a girlish giggle. The Oracle and Seraph walk through a door leading to the men's bathroom.

Man: Do you mind?

They walk back out and go throught the right one. Fry suddenly turns around and sees Smith walking towards him.

Smith: Mr. Fry.

Fry: Oh, great. What?

Smith: Surprised to see me?

Fry: Um....no.

Smith: Oh. Okay then.

Fry: Anyway. What do you want?

Smith: I want to be your friend Fry.

Fry: Really?

Smith: No! Get him boys!

100 Smiths come out of nowhere and tackle Fry.

Fry: Gaaaa!!!! No fair!

Fry pushes them off and fight them. More keep showing up. A bus stops in front of them and a bunch of Smiths come out. The a Taxi shows up. More smiths come out.

Taxi Driver: Hey what about my fare?

Smith: Here.

Smith gives him $100.

Driver: Thanks I-----GAAAA!!!!!

Smith turns the driver into another Smith. Fry keeps on fighting them. He Fights them with one fist and starts to check his nails on the other hand.

Fry: Hmm....these nails are dirty.

A Smith grabs Fry and throws him into a wall.

Fry: Ow! That's it!

Fry rips a pole out of the ground. The Smiths freak out and try to run.

Fry: Don't run!(Hits a Smith) Don't run!(Hit another Smith) Freaks! All you all freaks!

Fry knocks a Smith in the air.

Scene: Dodger stadium.

Annoucer: And the ball is hit. The ball is going, going and... oh look a Smith is flying into the stadium. What a show!

Smith flies in and lands in front of Marc Miguire.

Marc: Hey, what are you GAAA!!!!!!

Marc is turned into a Smith.

Smith: Thank you.

Smith: My pleasure.

Scene: Now wrecked park.

The Smiths are defeated. Fry drops the pole.

Fry: There. That was easy.

A rumbling sound is heard. A bunch of Smiths in baseball uniforms come in.

Smith: Let's play ball.

Fry: Oh screw this!

Fry flies away. The Smiths stand there.

Smith: Sorry guys. We'll try again next season.

Smiths: NOOOO!!!!!!!!