Fan Fiction

The Fry-trix Still Has You, Part 2
By Max Bellamy, Soulkid2000, Mattybwoy and Rye Guy

Training Minute
By Soulkid2000

Note: This is a short is about Fry learning judos and learning how to use weapons.

Matrix Tip #1: What does the word "Oracle" mean?

We see Fry and Morpheus hooked up in the Matrix.

Trinity: Right now, Leela. Fry is learning judos. Leela?

Trinity turns around and sees Leela eating ice cream.

Leela: (talking with her mouth full) wat doo u said?

Trinity: Nothing.

We see Fry wearing his underwear. We then see Morphesus vomiting in a bucket.

Morphesus: God!

Morphesus stands up and we see him wearing a black karate suit.

We see all the girls watching Fry in judos.

Leela: Damn! Glad thing I'm his girlfriend.

Trinity and Amy get mad.

Morphesus: Good. Now you must know how to defend yourself.

Fry: Okay... Hit me!!!

Morphesus kicks Fry's balls.

Fry: OWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! That hurts.

Fry then kicks Morphesus and Morphesus crashes into the walls.

Then Morphesus rushes towards Fry and then kicks Fry's butt.

Fry: My a...

Morphesus then jumps and then kicks Fry's face. Fry then lands on a table. Fry gets off the table.

Morphesus and Fry run toward each other. Fry punches Morphesus more in the face. Morphesus punches Fry more in the legs. Then they stop.

Morphesus then flies.

Fry: What the? Oh...

Fry then jumps off a pole and then flies.

Morphesus and Fry fight while flying. Fry falls down. Then Morphesus lands fast. Fry gets up and fights with Morphesus more.

Fry: When is this going to stop?

Morphesus then is about to punch Fry more but then Fry blocks him and then throws him into the garbage can.

Morphesus comes out with junk all over his body.

Morphesus: Now it's going to stop.

Fry: Good.

Morphesus first wipes his suit.

Morphesus: Now you must know how to attack.

Fry: Okay...

Fry jumps and then punches Morphesus in the face and then kicks Morphesus in the legs more. Then Fry throws Morphesus up in the air and then he kicks him into the wall then punches him. Fry jumps and then lands on Morphesus' belly. Fry puts Morphesus up and pulls his underwear. Then finally punches him in the butt. Then Morphesus flies and then lands on the floor.

Morphesus: Ouch!

Fry: I call that the FryORama Combo.

We see Morphesus with two black eyes, some of his teeth missing, and has a cast on his left leg.

Fry: See ya.

Fry then flies off.

Morphesus: I'm getting too old for this.

Fry then meets Leela in a blank space.

Fry: What is this?

Leela: The Weapon Room of course. We need... pistols!

Then a ton of pistols walk in.

D. Eagle: Hey, hey, hey!


Mac 11/9: Whoa! Don't worry. We're just holograms. If you hold me in your hands for 5 seconds, you will then get the real Mac 11/9 in your hands.

Leela: Isn't it sweet?

Fry: I think...

Fry: Okay. Now... guns!

Then a ton of walk in.

Fry: Aw, my favorite! A "G3A3".

G3A3: Yo! But me down! And don't "Aw" me ok.

Fry: (talks quitly) Ok..

G3A3: That's right you bi..

Leela then throws the G3A3 in the trash can.

Fry then picks up a M16.

M16: (happy) Yeah!

Leela: Are you hungry?

Fry: Yes. Oh wait. We need... lunch!

Then two McDonalds' Happy Meals walk in. Fry and Leela pick up theirs.

Fry: I already have a "Will Bobson" toy.

Leela: Me too. Except I have "Lisa Bobson".

Fry: Who thought up this series anyway?

Fry and Leela then looks at Charlton.

Charlton: What?

Leela: It's time, Fry.

Fry: Okay.

Fry leaves.

Fry lands on street. It's not raining but there seems to be a cloud making lightning. Then the lightning lands on Fry's location. Then what comes out of the lightning is Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith: Ah... Mr. (burps) excuse me. Mr. Fry, surprise to see me? Uh... Mr. Fry.

We see Fry sleeping.

Mr. Smith: FRY!

Fry wakes up.

Mr. Smith: Am I boring you to death?

Fry: Yes.

Mr. Smith: Great (groans). Now Mr. Smith wanna fight?

Fry: Duh. I thought you were just doing nothing but being a pussy while I was waiting to fight.

Mr. Smith: Sorry.

Fry then gets his M16 out and then shoots Mr. Smith but he is still alive.

Fry: Huh?

Fry then throws a frag grenade under Mr. Smith's legs and he is still alive.

Fry throws a flashbang at him but he's not blind, Fry is.

Fry is then looking normally.

Fry then leaves.

Mr. Smith comes in.

Mr. Smith: Hmm... since I'm going to fight Mr. Fry I should first remove my metal dummy that shields me first...

Mr. Smith then turns around and sees Fry is not there.

Mr. Smith: No! I missed him again!